So I really didn’t need another eyeshadow palette but I have to tell you I simply could not resist the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Modern Renaissance palette. It looked like everything I could ever want (a tad bit dramatic may I add). Reds, browns and warm tones in general are my thing PLUS I had to buy it so I could review it for you all right?!

Enough of the excuses, on with the review….

This palette is the brain child of Anastasia’s daughter Norvina who is a complete legend by the way. Just incase you didn’t already know it. She took inspiration from the Renaissance period for this palette hence the reason for a lot of earthy and brick tones. Some of the names also have a Renaissancesque sound to them I think. A nice little touch!


There is no doubt that this beauty is very pleasing on the awl eyes. It’s soft, yet sturdy packaging screams high end. As much of a pain as the velvet-like exterior may be I cannot help but love the look of it. The dusky rose colour really compliments the overall theme of the palette.

There are fourteen shadows ranging from a soft peach shimmer to a dark matte warm tone brown. The majority of the palette are matte warm tones with one or two neutrals thrown in for good measure.


However, the clever people at ABH have added some little extra treats to make it much more than the average neutral palette that floods the market at the moment. The pinkish, red shades allow any eye look to go from samsey to oh so special with the dab of a brush. These colours still have a neutral base to them so they compliment the other shadows in the palette very well. Often in palettes if there are pops of colour thrown in they don’t necessarily work well with the other shadows but this most definitely isn’t the case with these!

Below is a quick overview of each shadow. For the most part all the shadows were on point when it comes to pigmentation, wear time and blendability. To reduce the amount of repetition I will only comment below if there were any anomalies in the shadows.


Tempera:  Light, warm beige with a matte finish.

Golden Ochre: Matte,medium, olive based yellow with warm undertones.

Vermeer: Frosted , light peach shade.

Buon Fresco: Dusky mauve shade with neutral undertones

Antiqued Bronze: A pearly warm brown with reddish undertones.

Love Letter: A cool matte medium to dark raspberry shade.

Cyprus Umber: Deep matte coffee brown with lots of warmth.


Raw Sienna: Matte,light caramel brown with golden undertones.

Burnt Orange: Similar to the above but with more of an orange undertone.

Primavera: A frosted light but warm golden champagne shade.

Red Ochre: Medium,warm, red brown with warm undertones.Needs extra work to build it up.

Venetian Red: Matte Medium burnt red with warm undertones.Very dry and difficult enough to blend.

Warm Taupe: A medium matte grey taupe brown with some warmth.

Realgar: A demi matte warm toned brick orange shade.

You will probably agree that this palette offers us highly pigmented, easy to work with and unique shades. Well unique enough to justify a purchase that is!


However, there is some serious fall out when picking up the product from the pans. Not only does this cause a big mess in the palette but if you don’t tap off your brush you are sure to have fall out on your face when you apply these. The key is to clean off the palette after each use to eliminate mixing of shadows and be sure to tap off your brush before applying. This absolutely isn’t ideal but the shadows are pretty fab so this to me is a work around instead of something that would stop me from purchasing or using this palette.

However, I do feel, like most palettes, that this one is missing a darker shadow. Cyprus Umber is the darkest in the palette and although this is a really beautiful deep shade I do think this palette would benefit from a matte black or super dark brown shade. For me the palette slightly falls down here.

I bought mine from BeautyBay and it set me back €51.20.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on it?

My final rating would be 4/5, loosing half a mark for the powdery finish of some of the shadows and another half for the lack of deeper tones.

Thank you for popping by. I will see you all again very soon

Anita XX