First off, I just want to say I am so sorry for being missing in action for the past week or so. I celebrated my 30th birthday on the 20th of October and in the run up to it I was away for a week in Lanzarote. I am back in full swing now and really excited to see what being 30 is all about and what new adventures I will encounter!

30th Lanzarote

To say I was spoilt rotten for my birthday is a complete understatement. I have so many wonderful and generous people around me and I feel truly blessed. I really did not expect so much fuss so I was extremely overwhelmed by it all.

I asked you all would you like to see a birthday Haul of all the nice presents I got and it got a great response so this is what I am going to do today. I did get alot of stuff so please bare with me and I hope you enjoy.

30th Luminous Silk

So I did buy myself some makeup/skincare items as an early birthday pressie while I was shopping in the Airport and in Lanzarote. I wanted to try the Georgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation for a very long time so I decided to take advantage of the duty free and treat myself. I have used this over the past week or so and I am truly obsessed. I love the look it gives to my skin…..I will have a full review soon.

30th Estee Lauder

Another beauty item I got was the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Recovery Complex. I am really conscious of the fine lines I have around my eyes and one day on holidays I had a realisation that I am in the 30’s age bracket now and had a little freak out and bought this hoping it would keep me in my twenties…..that didn’t happen but I did get a really lovely eye cream. Let’s see how it tackles my fine lines!

30th lancome

I ran out of mascara on holidays…..well kind of…I would have had enough mascara with me but it just wasn’t appealing to me once I spotted the new Lancome Grandoise Mascara. I just fell in love with the bottle alone and when I read that it is designed to give you long, seperated , fanned out lashes I had to have it. I will do a review of this soon for you because I am amazed by the results it has given me.

30th Lorac Pro 2

Keeping with the makeup theme I have to share for you what the lovely Gemma got me for my birthday. We are both massive fans of the Lorac Pro palette which I reviewed here so Gemma only went and got me the second palette in the collection, the Lorac Pro 2!! It is absolutely stunning and has much cooler tones than the original which is great for creating some sexy smoky eyes or even for just wearing everyday. This palette also has 8 matte and 8 shimmer shades just like the original palette. I cannot wait to try this and no doubt there will be a review very soon because I know you are all going to want this.

30th Perfumes

I got spoilt with perfumes aswell. I have an addiction to scents and so was only delighted to add some new ones to my collection. Firstly I got Valentina Eau De Parfum. This for me smells of pure class and sophistication. I have loved this scent from the day I laid my smellers on it so was delighted to have received this.

I also got the new Michael Kors perfume, there are three scents in this range and I had smelt them all on holidays and the Glam version was my favourite by far and this is the one I received as a pressie. Yayyy!!! This scent is based around the Jasmine scent which is one my favourites so I knew I would definitely love this even before I smelt it.

I also got another perfume which I never tried before. Beckham Signature. I am really looking forward to trying this out because I tried a perfume from the Beckham range before and I loved it so I am sure this one will be the same. I know I am spoilt rotten.

30th Body Shop

I also got some lovely body pampering gifts. I go through bottles of body creams so these will definitely be well loved! I got this gorgeous Nivea set that contained some lovely treats. I love the bag this comes in. This will come in very handy indeed. I also got some of my favourite Body Shop products all in one lovely basket. This contains the Pink Grapefruit (seriously obsessed) body butter and shower gel and some yummy bath bombs! I cannot wait to pamper myself with this lot.

That is all the makeup and beauty related stuff I received. Now on to some accessories. I was in shock with how much gorgeous stuff  I got and as I round them up to write this post I am still amazed at how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.

30th Jacket

I got this stunning jacket from my work mates before I left for my holidays. They did ask me what I wanted and I did push them in the direction of this coat because I seen it and knew I wanted it so bad. It is from River Island. No doubt I will get tonnes of wear out of it this winter in Ireland.

30th Raybans

I was treated to a pair of Rayban Aviator sunglasses for my holidays and I have to say I cannot live without these now. They are so comfy to wear and look shit cool! I wore them all throughout my holiday and just hope we get lots of sun this winter so I can wear them while I drive lol!!

30th Mi Moneda

My parents gave me money and I bought a Mi Moneda gold chain out of the money as I wanted a keep sake from my birthday. I am in love with the one I choose and know I will get so much wear out of this. I love the fact that I can change up the coins in it to give me different looks depending on what outfit I am wearing. I choose this coin for my first one as it reminded me of a beautiful place I visited on my holidays and where I wish I could wake up every morning. It was so peaceful and breathtaking so now this chain will not only remind me of the people I love the most but also a wonderful holiday that I will never forget.

30th Pandora

My best friend of life Amy bought me this beautiful Pandora charm bracelet. I love the fact that it is a rope as oppossed to metal or silver chain as this is much more my style. The charms are beautiful, one is a little 30 filled with diamonds and the other is my birth stone. I will wear this with pride and again a lovely keepsake to remind me of my 30th birthday and my bestie. Thank you sweetheart you know me so well. PS. Check out Amy’s own blog here.

30th Earrings

I also got these beautiful earrings from a good friend of mine in work. They are so unique and I love that they are elegant but funky at the same time. I wear these at every opportunity I get because I am absolutely mad about them.

30th Michael Kors watch

I had seen this Michael Kors watch from the new collection and fell in love with how unique and feminine it is! I could not believe that I got this for my birthday. It is soooo me and I love how it looks on my wrist. I will wear this with pride for so many years to come! This is the Skylar Green and Gold tone watch! I already have a Rose Gold Michael Kors watch so was delighted that this was yellow gold for a change. It is so elegant and had some beautiful crystal detailing which adds a little bling but without looking OTT.

30th Michael Kors bag

So you think that was enough but nope…then I was literally blown away by my next gift. I also received a Michael Kors bag….WTF!!!!!!!! I debated if I should get one for a very long time as I am not a massive fan of the whole range so I knew if I was going to get one it would have to be something that I truly loved and I have to say I was amazed by the one I got. I received the Large Hamilton Tote in Claret which is almost like a winey shade. I knew I would love a wine bag as I think the colour is fab for all seasons so this bag was exactly what I was looking for. I still cannot believe how much stuff I got haha.

30th Sketchers

I also got a beautiful pair of the memory foam Skethchers. Another thing I have wanted for a lifetime. These are so comfortable that I almost don’t want to take them off when going to bed. I am in love with these and love how bright they are. Maybe these will make me exercise a little more…..!!!!

30th nails

Yes yes I know I got spoilt rotten but I have been told that I am always very kind to everyone so I deserve it. I am not so sure of this but I will take it as justication of how much stuff I got 🙂 I also got spoilt with chocolates, flowers, teddies, money and some beautiful champagne which I will indulge in at the weekend!! Whoop Whoop! With the money I decided to treat myself to a course I have wanted to do for a very long time. I am a nail educator and always want to advance my skills so I took this opportunity to learn lots of new, very advanced skills. The above picture is the result of the day. I learned sooo much so they money I received as a gift went to great use!

30th My Little Pony

There is one last present that I have to say topped off my birthday. It is something novelty but one that means alot to me from someone that means the world to me. I was given a beautiful gift of a My Little Pony Teddy from the Build a Bear Factory. She is the most adorable thing ever and I know she was given to me with an open heart and lots of love so this for me means everything. I will have her forever and will always remember getting her for my 30th Birthday.

I am very thankful for everything I got for my birthday but most importantly I am so grateful and happy that I got to spend so much time with the people I love and I know that all of the gifts I received were given because they know I will like them and because they all wanted to make my 30th birthday very special. I could have received nothing and would still be delighted with myself because of how much effort everybody made to make my birthday one to remember. You all know who you are and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes aswell. You made my day!

Lots of love

Anita XXX