April Faves Nimue

I don’t know about you but April and May are two of my favourite months of the year. They always represent new beginnings for me and April did not disappoint me this year. I started on a new skincare journey to finally try get my pigmentation under control and this brought along with it a beautiful skincare range that will help me on my journey. I did try some Nimue products before and loved them but I am now using the whole range and I cannot say a bad word about it. Overall it is really helping my skin so much but there are some real stand out products that just simply couldn’t be excluded from this months favourites. Instead of a toner Nimue call it a Conditioner which sounds much more beneficial for the skin, and it is just that. It is packed with lots of fab ingredients such as Glycolic Acid and Citric Acid which help with cell turnover and skin restoration so this is bound to help those who need to regenerate their skin regularly to get rid of acne or like me stubborn pigmentation marks. You only need a tiny amount and the spray nozel allows you to only dispense a small amount so no worries about over using or wasting the product. A word of warning though you must use SPF while using this and for seven days after use. For a 140ml spray this costs €41.50 and there is also a refill available which is €32.75 so you will only need to pay the full price once which is super.

April Faves Nimue Conditioner April Faves Nimue SPF

Another Nimue product that I adore and have used all month is Sun-C SPF 40 UVA and UVB. I have started to get skin peels which will help work on reducing my pigmentation but the peels do leave my skin exposed after and so a good SPF is vital. Well actually reality is we should all be using an SPF everyday no matter what the weather. This one is definitely a new favourite of mine. It glides onto the skin and doesn’t break me out which SPF’s tend to do. I cannot say enough good things about this. You apply this over your normal daily moisturiser and under foundation. I am not surprised that it won an Image Beauty Award for best SPF in 2013. It definitely earned its place. This will set you back €26.50 for a 60ml tube which to me is seriously cheap for such a high quality, amazing product. You cannot put a price on a decent SPF, it makes all the difference to EVERYONES skin!!!

April Faves Garnier

Staying on skincare but this time moving on to the body I recently picked up the new Garnier Body Oil Beauty Nourishing Lotion on special in Boots for about €4.00 and I have loved it, so much so that I am almost out of it and am anxious to get to Boots again to pick up another bottle. I always stay away from oil based body lotions as they tend to strip my fake tan off but I had to give this a go because I fell in love with the smell when I gave it a sniff in store. And surprisingly enough it doesn’t move my fake tan at all. In fact I think it may enhance it. This beauty is infused with four different oils including the ever so popular Argan Oil aswell as Macademia, Rose and Almond Oil. This combination of oils really creates a stunning body lotion that leaves your skin not only feeling fab but looking glowing and healthy too. And the smell…Oh my Lordy the smell. It is to die for. I presume it is the blend of oils but whatever it is I would love a perfume in it because it makes me so happy anytime I use it. A little OTT?? Well maybe, but honestly it’s to die for.

April Faves Waxperts

Finally, another skincare type item that was new to me this month but am now hooked is the Waxpert’s Ingrown Hair Pads. These are designed to be used daily to exfoliate the area after waxing or shaving and to help remove and also prevent ingrown hairs. These are little miracle workers. I would have suffered very bad with ingrown hairs in the past and since using these daily after the shower I can notice most of my ingrown hairs have come to the surface. The best thing about these is that they exfoliate the skin very gently so you are left with really soft skin. I got these on my recent trip to Zinc Hair and Beauty to try out the Waxpert’s Wax (review here) and I am sure I will use these for ever more as there is nothing quiet like these on the market. And at only €7.99 a pop they deserve a place on every waxees bathroom shelf.

Enough about skincare now lets move on to the makeup goodies for April.

April Faves atelier

I bought the Makeup Atelier Waterproof foundation months ago and I wasn’t too pushed on it then but at the beginning of the month I started to try it out again and I have now fallen for it big time. I think previously I was using way too much and it was caking on me during the day but I have recently realised that the trick to getting this foundation flawless is to use a small bit at a time and build it up to the coverage you want. When it is applied correctly it lasts all day long and gives you a really decent, heavy coverage which I just love. You can also sheer this out by using a damp sponge which I like to do on days when I don’t want or need a heavy look. The website does say it is a matte finish but I think it gives a slight glow to the skin which I love.  It is a liquid foundation so it is so easy to blend and looks almost undetectable on the skin once you have picked the right shade. This is €30 and is available from the Makeup Atelier website. This brand is more of a professional makeup artist brand but it is definitely one to look out for as I love this brand and would be happy to use this foundation on any skin type, even those with oily and acne prone skin.

With the warm weather creeping up on us I have definitely seen a shift towards brighter colours in both my makeup and fashion wardrobe in April.

April Faves sleek and nyx

April Favs Lipgloss

I love lipglosses. I own way more than I wish to count or even admit to owning but I do find it very difficult to find a lipgloss that will last really well on my lips and I think I may have just found the perfect combo of lip products that will keep your lips looking glossy for a very very long time. Firstly I apply Sleek Matte Cream Lip Colour in Petal  . I allow this to dry and I then apply the NYX Buttergloss in Creme Brulee or Apple Strudle (which I reviewed here) on top and honestly this will not move. It is like the gloss sinks into the matte lip cream and it stays on for hours and hours. I was shocked at how long this lasted even after eating and drinking. I got until at least 1pm from 8am without having to touch up once and my lips looked like they did when I first applied it. If you are a fan of lipgloss but are driven insane by how fast it wears off please give this a go and honestly you won’t look back.

April Faves Necklaces

Finally, some accessories that I have loved this month are all the statement neck pieces I picked up on a trip to Penney’s this month. I went a little overboard on the accessories but I don’t feel in the slightest bit guilty (not like I ever would) because I feel like they transform any outfit and really bring your look right on trend and Spring/Summer appropriate. And best of all none of them cost more than €8 (and that was only the really heavily embellished ones) which is an absolute bargain.

So that all for my top picks of April 2014. We are into the Summer seasons now which makes everyone so much happier. I am really looking forward to this Summer and really hope to see lots of positive things happening in the coming months. I hope May is a great one for you all.

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