OK OK I know not being able to live without makeup and beauty products is a little OTT but let’s be real the majority of us have some products that we buy time and time again and simply feel lost or not complete unless we are wearing them.

Recently, we were featured as Bloggers of the Week on the SHEmazing website (see the article here) and one of the questions we were asked was “You are only allowed use three products for the rest of your life….what are they?. Obviously it was almost impossible to pick three but it definitely got me thinking. What products are my all time favourites and what ones do I replace time and time again and feel that my makeup and beauty routine would not be complete without.

Products I cannot live without mainI just need to warn you in advance. I am going to talk about ALOT of products but they are genuinely my favourite products ever and ones that I use time and time again both on myself and professionally.

Products I cannot live without mac prolongwearLet’s start with base products. My all time favourite concealer would have to be the Mac Prolongwear concealer. This concealer is a miracle worker. It covers everything, stays put all day long and a tiny bit goes a very long way. I often use this as a foundation on days when I don’t want a full on face of makeup but only want to even out my skintone. It works wonders. You can read my full review of this product here.

Products I cannot live without main mac studio fix

Another Mac base product which I am absolutely mad about is the Studio Fix Powder Foundation. This is a powder foundation, as the name suggests but I actually use it to set my foundation. It gives me extra coverage but without looking cakey. I sometimes get dry skin in areas and even at those times the powder doesn’t cling to them. This is equally as amazing for oily skin and really helps your foundation stay in place for the whole day. I would recommend this for all skin types but not for those who like a very natural coverage.

Products I cannot live without daniel sandlerI love cream blushes and Daniel Sandler’s watercolour liquid blushes are like nothing I have ever seen before. They are a liquid blush as opposed to a cream or gel and they apply effortlessly to the cheeks and looks like a natural flush of colour. They contain Vitamin E and Jojoba which makes application a doddle while at the same time helps hydrate the skin and make it look even better. These are oil free so perfect for all skin types. They are also silcone based which really helps keep the product on the skin . I have a variety of these in my kit but my favourite shades would have to be Flush which gives you that healthy flushed youthful look and Angel which is my go to blush when doing a smoky as the subtle pinky peach shades compliments the darkness in the eyes without looking too overdone. I mentioned these blushes here in my Top Cream blush post.

Products I cannot live without mary loumainzerMary Loumanizer highlighter from The Balm Cosmetics is by far the nicest highlight shade I have ever used. I would literally cry if this was taken from me. This is the perfect golden champagne highlight that gives your skin radiance and just the right amount of glow without looking too disco ballesque. I use this to highlight the tops of my cheeks, the inner corner of my eye and my brow bone. I feel like any makeup look is not complete without this product and it is one I recommend to everyone who likes that goddess glow.

Products I cannot live without hourglass

Another highlighting product that I only tried this year but love are the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder’s especially the trio palette. I use  a mix of the shades Dim Light and  Incandescent light to highlight my undereye area and set my concealer. They create a really luminous effect to the skin and the light reflecting particles are so tiny that you don’t look like a shimmery mess. I also use the shade Incandescent light to highlight my cheekbones if I am having a natural makeup day and I want to look glowy as oppossed to highlighted. The last shade in the palette is Radiant light which is a darker shade than the rest and it is gorgeous applied all over the cheeks on top of blush for a very glowing look. I only use this on nights out as it can be a tad bit too much for during the day but looks super in photos especially when you are creating a bronzed look. These powders are designed to mimic different lighting effects on your ski. They really change the look of your makeup while still looking very natural. These are available from Space NK and are around €69 for the palette.

Products I cannot live without inglot blush

My final base product spot has to go to Inglot’s Blush No 29. This is my perfect blush shade. It is a medium peach blush with no sparkle or glitter. It suits so many different skintones and goes just as well with a dark lip as it does with a smoked out eye or even a natural daytime look. You can see my top five Inglot blushes here if you want to see what others I love.

Products I cannot live without anastasia

Moving away from base products and on to eyes. I used eyeshadow on my brows for years and was happy enough with them but then I decided to try Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade and the way I do my brows changed forever. This is a gel like finish so it stays put all day long and keeps whispy brows at bay. My full review of this product is here. If you are a fan of perfect brows you need to get your mitts on this!!!

Products I cannot live without inglot

Inglot gel liners are an absolute must for me. They come in a variety of colours from the usual browns and blacks to bright blues and turquoise greens. These last on me all day long, even in my waterline. A little tip for you is to apply one layer in the waterline, let it dry and then apply another layer and you will get a very strong colour that will last you all day. I use these both to add colour to a look by adding them in my waterline and I also use it to create that feline flick that we all want. I find this liner very easy to work with as it doesn’t dry instantly so you have time to mess about with it. I also love that it dries matte which is so much nicer than having a shiny line across your eyes. Some people may like the shiny look and that’s perfect but I just think it looks so much more professional when your liner is matte.

Products I cannot live without makeup geek

Last of the eye products doesn’t come as a surprise I am sure. Makeup Geek eyeshadows have taken over the beauty world of late and after using them for many many months I can definitely see why. They are sooo pigmented, blend effortlessly and are so inexpensive. These definitely give other brands on the market a run for the top spot. The variety of colours is also something that keeps me going back for more. I have a lovely collection of them at the moment which is growing by the minute. My favourite shades were mentioned in my October favourites post if you would like to take a look. These are all basic shades that everyone will get a lot of use from.

Products I cannot live without nyx buttergloss

To finish off the makeup section I have to give my good friends the NYX Butterglosses some love. They are the most amazing lip product ever. They are glossy like a gloss but are not sticky in any way. They are sooo pigmented and best of all as the name suggests they feel like butter on the lips. You can read my full review on these here. I love all the colours in the range but my favourite two would have to be Apple Strudle and Creme Brulee,

That is all for my makeup favourites, I know it is alot. I have issues!! I have a couple more products that I want to share with you all that are more hair and body items.August Faves Bodyshop

First up is The Body Shops Body Butters. I think everyone knows how gorgeous these are. They are so hydrating and smell divine. The best thing is after one use you are left with super soft skin that smells unreal. The scent is not overpowering but it definitely lasts a long time on the skin…..just what I like. My favourite is the Pink Grapefruit for summer and the Shea one for the winter time.

Products I cannot live without lady million

If I had to choose one fragrance it would have to be Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million. This is my ultimate fragrance. It is sweet enough to wear during the day but it has a sexy hint to it which makes it night time friendly too. It’s main notes are Neroli, Orange Flower and Jasmine which are all my favourites. No wonder I love it. I also think this is great for most ages so a great pressie for a special lady in your life.

Products I cannot live without umberto gianni

Last on today’s list is for all us curly haired gals. I know the struggle we all have to find a product we can use everyday that keeps frizz under control but without weighing your curls down. Believe me when I say I have tried a rake load of products to find one that suits me and the Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly is the best I have found. It says to use this on wet hair which I do along with a small amount of the mousse from the same range but I also use the Jelly in the morning on dry hair to tame frizz and define my curls. Curly haired ladies you need to try this. It is only available from Boots though which can be a pain if you are not close to one but you can now order online which is great.

So there you go, the products I cannot live without. These are all my absolute favourites that I cannot get enough of. I did not include makeup brushes and tools in this post because I have so many that I will have to do seperate post for those bad boys!

What are your must have beauty products? I would love to hear in the comments below or tweet me @Adorn_ie.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you found some inspiration for your makeup lust lists. Boyfriends credit cards I apologise in advance!!

Anita XXX