Ever since Inglot first hit Irish shore I have been a massive fan. I love their Gel liners and Eyeshadows but my absolute favourite product from their line has to be the blushes. They have a huge selection that are super quality and really affordable so definitely one for you to take a look at if you want to expand your blush collection or are just a blush fanatic like me.

The best thing about Inglot is that they do a Freedom Palette System where you buy a palette and you can choose what products go into it. They do an amazing Four blush palette which is only around €42. You can also buy each blush individually in a separate container (these cost around €12) or you can do what I did and buy a Z Palette and place the freedom system blushes into that. I just prefer the Z Palettes as they are easier for my kit.

So anyway, enough chit chat and let’s get into the good stuff.

top 5 inglot blushes adornie

I will start off with my all time favourite blush and one that I have repurchased four times since Inglot came to Ireland. It’s the shade 29. I think this would be my all time favourite blush colour ever if I had to choose one. It’s a beautiful medium toned peach blush that gives off a subtle pinkness to it depending on the skin it is applied to. It has no shimmer or glitter to it but yet doesn’t look flat on the skin. It just gives such a stunning glow to the skin.


This is makeup I did on a friend of mine and used Inglot blush number 29.

Staying with the peachy tones Number 68 AMC Blush is an amazing orange toned blush. It is very pigmented so be careful to only apply a small amount. This colour is perfect for spring and summer and goes especially nice with a glowing tan. Again this is a matte shade so great for everyone. I love matte shades for people with bad skin as it sits flat on the skin whereas anything with glitter in it will only emphasise the problem area.

You can probably tell that I love orange toned blushes, well actually I love the colour orange in general and think it looks so good on almost every skin tone.

However, if you are more of a pink lady then my top Inglot blush picks would have to be:

Number 38 is a medium cool toned pink that does have some sparkle in it. This colour is absolutely beautiful for waking up tired skin and looks fab on a lot of skin tones. If you are lucky enough to have porcelain skin then this should be used sparingly but looks absolutely stunning as it adds a pinched look to the cheeks. It is more subtle but just as beautiful on darker skin tones. I am a massive fan of this colour.

Shade Number 32 is definitely one that everyone should have in their collection. It is a rosey pink shade that again has some sparkle in it but nothing that is overly obvious on the skin. This colour is great for wearing in the winter time with a berry lip as the colours compliment eachother so well.

Smokey Black eye face of the day chaterbox.ie

I am wearing shade 34 with a tiny amount of 29 in this photo. Love how understated it is.

And finally another love of mine from this range and one I have repurchased time and time again is Number 34. This is a pale rosey beige shade that is my go to blush if I am wearing a smokey eye or a really dark lip as it only adds a touch of colour to the cheeks without looking over done or too rosey. This does on first inspection have a lot of glitter particles but it isn’t obvious on the skin at all.

Inglot blushes

So that is all, a quick post on my go to Inglot blushes. I use these so often and rely on them a lot in my makeup kit. In general the Inglot blushes are overlooked I think but they are of fantastic quality and as I said before soooo reasonably priced. I have almost all of the blushes in the range but the ones mentioned above are my top 5 and the ones I use regularly and feel suit most skintones so definitely ones to check out when you next visit an inglot shop.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this post and hopefully it makes your next visit to Inglot a little less daunting as I know choosing products there can be a task because firstly there is so much and secondly they all look so damn pretty.

Have you tried Inglot blushes? What us your favourite shade?

Have a lovely day everyone and Happy Shopping

Anita XXX