Another month has passed so you know what that means? It’s time for me to tell you all about my top picks from the month along with anything I wasn’t so fond of…

This month I have a few skincare items so lets start with them. . I have some really great products to share with you all.

April 2015 Favs Seozinc

First up is something that I liked…..La Roche Posay Serozinc. This hit the Irish shelves earlier this month. After hearing so much about it I knew I needed to give it a go. It is basically an aerosol toner that is designed for oilier, problematic skins. It says it will mattify and remove shine from the skin and it does just that. It has definitely helped with breakouts I have been having. Infact it got rid of my breakouts really quickly.

April 2015 Favs Seozinc instructions


I don’t have oily skin. I lean more on the combo/dehydrated side! But I had heard that this works great for all skin types but I do feel like my drier areas tend to get drier and tight the more I use this. For anyone with oily skin I would say this product is a must. If you are less than oily but have problematic skin I do think it will help clear up a breakout really well but if you have normal, combo or drier skin and no breakouts then I don’t expect this to be hydrating enough for you.

April 2015 Favs Seozinc spray


This will however remain in my stash for those nasty breakouts and for when my skin feels that little bit oily or congested. This can retail from between €10-€12 and is available in pharmacies and larger Boots stores.

April 2015 Favs Origins Drink up intensive

As you have gathered I like to hydrate my skin a lot and this next product has been a god send for me since I discovered it. The Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask is the Bomb!!!! As the name suggests it is an intensive mask that you can wear overnight.

April 2015 Favs Origins Drink up intensive 2


This is the most hydrating mask I have ever used….hands down!! When I apply this my skin instantly soaks it up and it feels like I have had pints of water. The next morning my skin looks plumper and much more hydrated. I just LOVE it! This will set you back €30 for a 100ml but it also available in a travel size for a lesser price so this might be a good option if you want to try it first. If you have dry skin this will be your new best friend.

My last skincare products are from one of my favourite brands, Image skincare. I have used both of these products in the past and loved them. At the moment I am only using sample sizes but I plan to repurchase the large sizes very soon as I don’t think I can live without them.

April 2015 Favs image skincare

I was recently at a P20 Sun event where we Jeanne Brophy, skincare guru, spoke to us about protecting our skin in the sun. She advised that to get the most from your SPF you should use a serum or cream underneath with antioxidant ingredients in them, such as Vitamin C. With this in mind I started to use the Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum. Again my skin adores this. It hydrates my skin but as the product isn’t thick it just soaks into my skin and doesn’t leave any residue. I top this with a moisturiser from Image’s Prevention+ range. At the moment I am using the Matte version but I also love the hydrating version. Again I never have an issue with these products breaking me out. They just soak nicely into the skin and do exactly what they are supposed to do. Image Skincare is only available in selected centres around the country, visit this link to find a one near you. For more deets you can read my full review of the daily matte moisturiser here. These two are definitely lifetime loves of mine.

Next up I have some really nice makeup bits to share with you……

April 2015 Favs makeupforever mat bronze

The sun was out a fair bit in April which means that the fake tan is well and truly out of the bottom drawer!! My skin is misbehaving terribly lately and so when it is like this I try to avoid applying any fake tans or highly scented creams. However, a white face and tan body just isn’t cute so to ensure I look even and bronzed I reach daily for the Makeup Forever Mat Bronze powder in the shade 40.

April 2015 Favs makeupforever mat bronze 40


I love nothing more than a matte bronzer with a lovely warmt to it so this one is right up my street. It blends effortlessly, looks so natural and gives my skin a golden glow. Definitely a love of mine this month. I do have a dark shade and I will probably invest in a lighter shade in the winter…..possibly shade 20 as I think 30 is too red but for now this does me nicely and keeps me from looking like pasty! These retail for €35 which is hefty but one bronzer will last you ages as you only use the tinniest amount each day.

April 2015 Favs no7 instant radiance highlighetr

I hate my bronzer to be shimmery but boy do I love a nice highlight. My makeup isn’t complete without a bit of a sheen on the tops of my cheek bones, on my cupids bow, under my brow and down the center of my face……practically everywhere really!!! Ah no but seriously… when highlighter is applied correctly it is just so pretty and transforms someone’s face beyond belief! My go to lately has been the No7 Instant Radiance Higlighter. It is basically a chubby crayon that packs product on to the skin to give you a glow like no other.

April 2015 Favs no7 instant radiance highlighter swatch


I don’t like applying it from the stick onto my face as it applies too much and it can be hard to blend so instead I apply a decent amount to the back of my hands and then warm it with my ring finger and gently pat it in the areas where I want it. This is a cream product and the “rules” are not to apply a cream over a powder but I do with this and it’s fine. This is my final makeup step after I have applied, powder, foundation and even blush. It gives me that finished, polished look that I have struggled to find for a while now! This costs €12.95 and again you will probably never run out of this as you use so little. Go on, give it a swatch next time you are in Boots.

April 2015 Favs sleek au naturel

Sleek Makeup is top of my budget buy list and their eyeshadow palettes are right up there with the best. The Au Naturel palette is one I looked at and admired for several months until I finally got my claws on it recently. This is a completely neutral palette that has both shimmer and matte shades. It is a perfect palette for anyone looking to expand their makeup collection as you can create very natural looks or intensify it up for a more dramatic effect.

April 2015 Favs sleek au naturel swatch

I often judge a neutral palette on if it has a transition shade. This palette does and in fact it is a pretty damn good one at that. It comes in the form of the shade “toast” and the minute I seen this shade I knew this palette would be a new love of mine. I love all the shades but my favourites would have to be toast (of course), taupe and conker. I have used these on the daily since I got this palette and I have had lots of compliments about my eye makeup. Yayyy!!!! Oh…and did I mention the Sleek MakeUp palettes are only €9.99 for a 12 shadow palette…I know, I know. They are available in pharmacies nationwide and I tend to buy mine in Boots Liffey Valley.

April 2015 Favs NYX Thalia

Last up is a lippie I have liked during the month of April and well before then actually! NYX Cosmetics Extra Creamy Round lippie in Thalia is my perfect shade. It is a lovely everyday pinkish, brown shade with mauve undertones. I would say straight off that it hasn’t got amazing staying power but I don’t really care as I love the colour so much. I am always happy to reapply lipstick anyway!

April 2015 Favs NYX Thalia swatch


I love to pair this with a nice neutral eye and pretty pinched looking cheeks for a fresh, spring/summer type makeup. It is equally as stunning with a full on intense smokey eye and bronzed skin.  This lipstick is so comfortable to wear and leaves a beautiful sheen to the lips. This is one I will repurchase time and time again I am sure. These are so inexpensive at only €5.99 and available in selected pharmacies nationwide.

April 2015 Favs Binky top coat

So that is all for the things that I have liked and loved during the month. I didn’t try too much which I wasn’t too fond of during the month thankfully but if I was to choose one thing it would have to be a Top Coat I tried from Binky London which I picked up in a local pharmacy. My nails usually last me a fair few days but they chipped within a couple of hours with this one. Not a good look at all. I love the shine it gives the nails but for me the lasting power just didn’t cut it!

There you have it…my likes, loves and loathes of April 2015. May is a very exciting month for me as I am heading to Florida. I cannot wait to share with you all my experience and of course some of my America shopping sprees.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day. Let’s hope May brings lots of sunshine and warm days.