Highlighter is most definitely my thing! I love nothing more than the look of fresh, glowing skin. I feel any makeup look is not complete without that radiance.

The highlighter game was most definitely slayed over the last while by the Becca Cosmetics and Jacyln Hill colab! I was a little late jumping on this bandwagon but I do have my reasons! I have to admit when I saw the reviews, swatches and videos showing Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed I was pretty much underwhelmed. I felt it was a tad bit too orange for a highlighter. I prefer a brighter highlight, something that has some white or champagne to it. I just find that suits my skin tone better.


Anyways, I bit the bullet and decided to try it. When I received it I have to say I wasn’t wrong. The reviews I read online showed the product as it was. It is described on the Cult Beauty website as an “apricot-gold” and for me this describes it well!

Don’t get me wrong, this most definitely doesn’t look orange on the skin but I do think people with porcelain and fairer skin tones need to be super light handed with this in order for it to suit them.

The powder is extremely pigmented. This is down to the formulation. It is so buttery soft that it almost feels like a cream product. With this in mind you need to be conscious that you do not go too heavy with it as it will pick up very easy on a brush and it will pack onto the skin with no pressure needed. Not a good look if you are opting for something more subtle. If you want a strong, highly pigmented and long lasting highlighter then this most definitely will not fail you! There is no doubt it can be used on paler skins, just make sure to sheer it out with a fluffy brush to get the best finish on the skin.

The texture of this is so luxurious and like no other highlighting product I have tried before. It is so soft that I find the product can crack and come away from the packaging easily. The outer packaging is in the typical Becca style which is very sturdy and durable. However, I would still leave this behind when travelling for fear of it smashing to pieces while in transit!

I also found that the powder contains a tad too much sparkle than I would like. When comparing it to other highlighting powders I love I feel this one has some glitter particles which don’t do the skin justice. I don’t have texture on my cheeks (most of the time) but this product makes me look like I do! I constantly examine my skin when using this because I actually feel that although the glow is out of this world my skin doesn’t look as perfected as it can when I use other products!


It sounds like I am not a fan of this product. That’s not the case. I do think this product brings something very unique to the market but I do wish that the colour was more champagne like than apricot! I think this would suit a larger variety of skin tones better. I also would prefer that the glitter was kept to a minimal. Other than that I think the product is great quality, intensely pigmented and very long lasting (approx. 8 hours on my normal/combo skin type).

Who would I suggest this product to? Anyone can benefit from this product but I would follow the above advice if your skin is paler in colour. All skin types, even oily will be fine with this product as it does last on the skin. However, I do feel that people with lots of large pores, texture, acne or lumps near the cheek area may not be happy with this highlighter as it will emphasise the problem and sit in the texture as opposed to disguising it.

One last note before I leave you all. I love to use this product on my eyes too. Applied on a brush with some Mac Fix+ it applies like a foiled shadow and looks simply stunning. It also works great as a brow bone and inner corner highlight. And it lasts really good used this way too.

This is a tad bit pricey at around €38 for 8 grams but it is very high quality and because it so pigmented you literally need a smidgen.

I would give this product a 3.5/5 rating.

This is available in Space NK on Grafton Street. I bought mine from Cult Beauty.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts on it?

I would love to hear your feedback and how it suited your skin tone and type! Leave your comments below.

Thanks for listening to me waffle on. Have a great day!

Anita XX