I have something super exciting to share with you all today. This is something that is going to change the beauty world in Ireland and I am so excited to have found it and to be able to share it with you all!

beutif logo

BEUTiFi.com is the newest craze in the hair and beauty industry in Ireland and it won’t be long before it goes global, so get on board quick!

So what exactly is BEUTiFi.com??

Well in simple terms it is a website and platform where salons and beauty and hair professionals set up a profile about their salon and the services they offer and then clients looking to book a service can go on to the website and search for the treatment they would like or for a salon in a particular area. Genius Right? Yep, I agree.

There are two sides to the BEUTiFi.com website, one is from a salon point of view and the other side is for the consumer.

From the salon side it is website designed to help salons and beauty and hair professionals to promote and grow their business online. So many salons have no website and do not realise the importance of the internet in building their business and their client base and so that is where this website comes in. There is so many opporunities for salons and professionals that register with BEUTiFi.com!

For example:

  • It allows you to promote your salon, your staff and the services offered to a huge audience
  • It attracts new clients that may have never heard of your business before
  • It gives the younger generation who use the internet to book EVERYTHING a chance to see your business and become regular customers
  • Promote special offers to a very wide audience
  • Get up to date with the internet and social media craze that has taken the world by storm

Remember the more forms of contact you have with the customer, the more customers that sit their bums on your chairs!!

BEUTiFi.com are running a special offer at the moment where your first month is Free when salons and professionals register. To get started you can contact the Commercial director Paul McGaley at Paul@BEUTiFi.com.  I will definitely be registering with the site!!

beutif logo 2

So now on to the best bit! How can we, as consumers and beauty lovers book ourselves some fabulous treatments?? Well its quiet simple actually!! BEUTiFi.com is a haven for anyone wanting to instantly find hair and/or beauty services at any time and in any location. This website is build to make finding salons and freelance professionals in your area or in different areas so quick and user friendly.

Each salon and professional has their own profile which you can view and see pictures of their work, prices and some general information about the salon. There is also a section where you can link to their social media profiles which takes the hassle out of trying to search for them on all the individual sites and takes the pain out of booking a service! My favourite bit is that people can leave feedback and comments about the salon or an individual which allows you to see what others thought of the treatment and service before contacting the person. This is a big bonus for me!! There are also lots of special offers to be had online so be sure to check them out while you are browsing the site.

Personally, I am so excited about the site. I love having hair and beauty treatments done and love looking at different sites of salons to see what new treatments they have to offer. Now I only have to visit one site for all my beauty needs which makes me a very happy beauty lover!!

This is going to come in so handy for people that are getting married in a different county or are attending a wedding and want to find beauty professionals to make them look their best for the big day. You can book everything in advance and make your experience as stress free as possible. Some of the salons and professionals offer call out services so you can just sit back and relax and let them do all the hard work.

I also love it from a professional point of view as it allows you to get your name out to more people and potentially grow your business to the level that you want it to be at!

Sound good so far?? Wait for this………………………

BEUTiFi.com offers Gift Cards that can be used in most of the salons registered on the site (some freelance professionals may not be able to accept these so double check before booking). So you can buy a gift card for an amount and it can be used in the salons registered. It is like a Beauty ONE FOR ALL voucher, how cool is that????

These cards are like a prepaid mastercard so they can be topped up by yourself or your loved one and it can be used partially or fully when you are paying for your service.

All the men out there who thought BEUTiFi.com had nothing to offer you, well you are wrong. Buy one of these gift cards for your Girlfriend, Wife, Mam, Sister, or whoever else you would like to impress and you will be the flavor of the month for sure! Happy wife makes Happy husband…..get the idea!!! That’s Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries sorted lads!!! You can thank the owner and creator of BEUTiFi.com Richard for making your shopping trips so much easier from now on.

beutif logo 3

When browsing the site there are some amazing salons and professionals already registered and this is bound to grow in the future and I have no doubt it will be across the pond in no time. Soon we will have a widely comprehensive catalogue containing the best of the best beauty professionals at our finger tips and best of all it all started here on Irish soil!

So are you as impressed as I am? I am very excited to get using this site and could happily spend hours looking at all the different profiles and seeing how they look and what they have to offer! Pop on over to BEUTiFi.com and see what tickles your fancy.

Just a quick word on the name, I personally love it and think it is very catchy. Just be aware when searching for it online that there is no A in the name. This will just allow you to find the website much easier.

Good Luck to Richie and Paul and their team for the future, there is no doubt BEUTiFi.com will be a massive hit and we will all be using it in the future!!

Now, I am off to book myself some nice treatments 🙂

Anita XXX