I can honestly say Nima Brush is one of my favourite brush brands. Niamh the owner is also a really lovely, down to earth girl with lots of knowledge. When I heard that herself and the fab Terrie McEvoy, who is Nima Brush’s brand ambassador were teaming up for a fun girly day I knew I needed to be there.

Nima Brush launched a Build It Up Eye Kit late last year which consisted of all the brushes we need to create any eye look. The names of the brushes symbolise the different stages in Niamh’s career which built her up, step by step to the amazing lady that she is today.

I managed to get two tickets for the event and I decided it would be a good idea to bring my friends 13 year old daughter along, simply to see it from a teenage perspective. I also wanted to encourage her to be confident, creative and learn at a young age that being an individual is ok, we don’t have to follow the crowd, even when we are 13.

The day was not only about makeup and beauty but also about building and developing yourself to be the best version of you, no matter what your life aspirations are.

This post will be divided into two, my perspective and Holly’s perspective. Let’s get onto it…

It was the first time Holly ever attended anything like this. She was totally unsure what to expect and I am sure she was a little apprehensive too. When discussing it later with her she told me it was much better than she thought it would be. She loved the layout of the room and how everything was easy to see and understand.

She was totally blown away by Terrie (weren’t we all!!!). Not only did she think she was stunning but she loved the fact that Terrie followed her goals and didn’t let anything or anyone get in her way. This type of inspiration is invaluable to a teen.

She was also so impressed by how much Terrie travelled and said she would love to do the same. I genuinely wish I had a glimpse of that when I was Holly’s age because it is something that I should have done years ago. Travelling the world is an amazing way to spend your life!

Holly also loved the demos, in particular she seemed most impressed with Lauren Cleare’s makeup demo. How to apply eyelashes is difficult for the best of us and Lauren explained it so well. If anyone knows lashes it’s Lauren, she is the owner and creator of the amazing Rebeluna Lash brand. She also loved the hair demo from Denise from Pelo Hairdressing and was totally amazed with the tip that you should always shampoo your hair twice!! Who’d of thought to explain this to a child!

Obviously, she was totally chuffed with her goodie bag too and in particular the Prae Silicone Blender from TRNDbeauty and our mugs from Love the Mug.

When I asked Holly how she felt after it she said “inspired to set a goal and keep that goal, if you believe in something stick with it”. Forget the makeup and hair advice, you honestly cannot buy this type of guidance, wouldn’t you agree?

So what did I take from it? I took similar to Holly to be honest. Although Terrie is so inspiring I took lots of inspiration from Niamh’s story. Niamh has no shame in saying she had some knocks in her career and felt like giving up a few times but the main thing is she didn’t and look at her now!!! That is my inspiration right there.

I have said time and time again that I struggled with my blog for the last two years, wondering why I am doing it and would anyone notice if I stopped but I never gave up and seeing Niamh makes me realise that I was right to do that. Maybe someday I will be just where I want to be and to be honest I can feel it getting there.

I guess you could say I was at a crossroads. Do I give up or do I keep going? Niamh inspired me to keep it up. The day also inspired me not to just keep going but to constantly build myself up and try make the best of who I am. If you fall, get back up. The only way to truly learn is to make mistakes!

I do like to push myself but there are certain things that scare me and I avoid doing them out of pure fear. The girls also touched on not being afraid of a challenge. Sometimes the best things can come from a challenge. I need to take this piece of advice and use it more often!

I also picked up a few tips along the way and enjoyed the overall banter of the day. In particular I learnt lots from the skincare demo with Karen from Declare and the hair demo was fab too. I now know how to backcomb properly!!!

There were some pop up shops from various sponsors there on the day too so we had lots of fun browsing the stands. I am only raging I didn’t get a skin consultation with Declare. My skin could do with a boost and I have heard great reviews about the brand. Black Magic tan was there too which is another brand Terrie is ambassador for. If Terrie’s tan is anything to go by I need to get myself some of this!!

I think it was €60 well spent and I would most definitely go to another one in the future. I am sure Holly will want to come along too, she discovered a whole new world that she didn’t know existed! If you are looking for a fun filled, girly and inspiring day then be sure to keep an eye out for any more events in the #BuildItUpTour.

I will leave you all with the mission statement from the day “Build it Up, Keep it up and if you should fall then get back up”

Thank you to all the people involved for making the #Buildituptour so enjoyable and inspiring.

Take Care

Anita XX