Viviscal Gorgeous Growth

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth

Ok, so I have to say from the word go that I was blessed with lots of hair. My hair, although there is lots of it, is pretty fine and it can take a fair while to grow. Because I have curly hair if I get a bad cut or my hair decides to “spring”...
Cocoa Brown's Latest Launches: Tanning Wipes and new "Kind" range

Cocoa Brown’s Latest Launches: Tanning Wipes and new “Kind” range

Cocoa Brown have taken the tanning world by storm time and time again so when they announced a launch of four brand new products I was so on it! The “Ultimate Travel┬áSet” contains four travel friendly┬ásizes of the new products to help us keep our tan and tresses looking their best all summer long. Included...
Anita's Picks: Products I can't live without!

Anita’s Picks: Products I can’t live without!

OK OK I know not being able to live without makeup and beauty products is a little OTT but let’s be real the majority of us have some products that we buy time and time again and simply feel lost or not complete unless we are wearing them. Recently, we were featured as Bloggers of... has something for EVERYONE...Even men!! has something for EVERYONE…Even men!!

I have something super exciting to share with you all today. This is something that is going to change the beauty world in Ireland and I am so excited to have found it and to be able to share it with you all! is the newest craze in the hair and beauty industry in...