Are you a sucker for face wipes? You know how awful they are for your skin right? Well I have an alternative for you that is not only so much better for your skin but also easier on the bank balance too.

The Cleanse Off Mitt was created by Jennifer Rock a.k.a The Skin Nerd. If you don’t know Jennifer you seriously need to check her out. Not only is she a skincare guru, she is also a really down to earth and honest person. You can check out her new website here.

So the Cleanse Off Mitt is very simply a reusable microfibre mitt that allows you to remove makeup, even waterproof mascara with only this mitt! Yep, that’s right you don’t need any cleanser with this, just the mitt and water.

It is hard to believe this works until you try it for yourself but honestly this removes everything!! Take my word!

I love the fact that this is so effective yet so easy on the skin. This mitt was made with the skin in mind so it is super gentle and not abrasive on the skin . It also contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives so even the most sensitive of skins can benefit from this.

The best thing is this is reusable so after using it you can wash it with warm water and soap and leave it to air dry. It does have a little tag on it which is handy for hanging while drying! I do find that a bar of soap as opposed to a liquid soap works much better for cleaning this! And I would pop in it in the washing machine every few days just to give it a deeper clean.

Although this does remove all makeup I still like to use a cleanser afterwards on my skin. I use this mitt as a makeup remover and then I cleanse my face and again remove it with the mitt. I have used muslin cloths and face cloths for years and now I try to use this mitt as a replacement for these.

I find my skin is very fresh looking after using this. Why? Well I think the texture of the mitt gives my skin a gentle exfoliation leaving my skin brighter after removing some of the dead surface skin. A huge added bonus for me.

Can you imagine how handy this is for travelling too? Especially if you have only carry on luggage. These mitts should be in every airport for last minute supplies before a flight. They are most definitely a travel essential!

I honestly have nothing negative to say about this product. It does exactly what it says and more, it is not harsh on the skin, it makes your skin look amazing and at only €5/€6 you really cannot go wrong! This is cheaper than some wipes and it is reusable!! It is no wonder this gets a huge 5/5 Adorn rating!

So, have you tried this amazing product? I bet you want to now right?!

If you fancy checking it out for yourself then you can go to the Cleanse Off Mitt website for a full list of stockists. I tend to buy mine from Cloud10Beauty or Meagher’s Pharmacy.

Thanks for stopping by and to Jennifer for bringing us such a brilliant tool. This has totally changed my skincare routine!!

Anita XXX