Cocoa Brown have taken the tanning world by storm time and time again so when they announced a launch of four brand new products I was so on it!

Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set

The “Ultimate Travel Set” contains four travel friendly sizes of the new products to help us keep our tan and tresses looking their best all summer long.

Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set tanning wipes

Included in the set is of course a new tanning product. This time Marissa bring us tanning wipes. The Cocoa brown team tell us that the wipes “are an easy way to maintain your Cocoa Brown glow on the go”. I personally am not a fan of tanning wipes but I will most definitely gives these a go. Who knows maybe I will be converted!? These are €3.50 when bought separately from the kit.

Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set tanning wipes back

I did notice that when I opened the package I wasn’t hit with a fake tan smell but instead the usual Tahitian Gardenia Cocoa Brown Scent. These are said to give you a tan that lasts up to 5 days. You do have to wait for 3-6 hours before washing the tan off. This is good as I cannot stand having tan on over night!

Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set shampoo conditioner showergel

The next three goodies are from a new line of products. The “Kind” range is developed to be used daily on even the most sensitive skins and scalps. These products are designed to be kind to your tan, extensions and hair colouring too. They are only very gently fragranced. So much so that the fragrance level is so low that it doesn’t technically need to be listed as an ingredient (but they still did list it). The range is also paraben, alcohol and formaldehyde free. One thing I did notice is that there is no mention of sulphate free, I am not sure why they contain sulphates but I am sure there is a reason. I am sure Marissa will answer this on her snapchat at some stage so make sure to follow her @cartermarissa

Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set shampoo and conditioner

In the range there is a shower gel, a shampoo and a conditioner. They are all designed to gently but deeply clean without stripping the skin or hair of goodness, colour or even tan. The haircare is designed to be gentle enough even for people that suffer from psoriasis. Marissa herself suffers from it and finds it hard to get haricare that helps but doesn’t leave her hair limp. I think these products will be a huge hit, after all if Marissa uses them herself then why can’t we !!

Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set shower gel

This to me is why this range is unique. I have mentioned on my snapchat that I have used some well know brands of shampoo to wash my bath in the past if I destroyed it with spray tan and each one of them removed it. If it can do that to tan imagine what it can do to your hair and skin?! So, Marissa’s logic makes sense and I love the idea! A range of hygiene products that’s PH levels won’t work against your tan, but ensures an even fade. Marissa, you are unstoppable!!

So there you have it. The latest launches from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter. I am excited by the new concept of the “Kind” range and look forward to seeing what is next in store for the Cocoa Brown Team.

These travel sets are €7.95 and available in Cocoa Brown stockists from today (7th June). They contain 20 tanning wipes and 50ml of the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. The haircare and shower gel will be available soon in full sizes.

Happy Tanning

Anita xx

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PPS..below is Marissa’s response to the sulphates. See, this lady knows her stuff..

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