I have a list as long as my arm of products that have disappointed me over the last while and I do plan to do a blog post with the deets but for fear of sounding completely negative straight off I want to give you all some products I have been loving first. But do stay tuned for the disappointing products post, lots of juicy goss on crappy products coming soon…


Starting off the positive vibes with my absolute favourite. The MegaGlo Contouring Palette in the Shade Dulce De Leche from Wet n Wild is simply amazing. I can honestly say this is my favourite contour product I have tried to date. It comes with a matte creamy/white highlight shade which I use to set my under eye area and also to sharpen under my contour to make it pop even more.


There is also a matte contour shade. The colour of this powder is absolutely perfect for my skin and for any other skin I have tried it on to be honest. It is not too cool but not too warm, the perfect contour shade. It blends effortlessly and never looks cakey or muddy looking. Pure perfection! The quality of this product blew me away. I cannot say enough good things about it. At only €5.95 you need this in your life. It is also available in a dark shade if you feel this palette is too light but I have used this on tan and pale skin and it looks equally as beautiful. This is available in Wet n Wild stockists nationwide, including Penneys.


Lately I have paired this contour palette with a mix of two blushes. Mac Melba is a favourite of mine for many years. It’s warm undertone makes this a perfect pick me up for any cheeks. If you have cool or warm undertones this will still suit you. It is a warm, browny, peach, matte shade and one I would highly recommend. This is available at any Mac counter and costs €24.


Although Melba doesn’t look matte on the skin I still like to top it off with a little more glow to make my skin look fresh. The best blush for this is another old favourite which is Milani’s Luminoso Blush. This is most definitely a cult classic and it has earned it’s crown. It gives a heavenly glow to all skins without looking shimmery or glittery. I bought mine on eBay as Milani isn’t available in Ireland. It cost me around €10.


I crave highlighted, glowy skin on myself. I love to have radiant skin at all times. However, I also love heavy coverage so often my foundation can look more on the demi-matte side once applied. To counteract that I always add a highlighting primer to my skin and often mix a liquid highlighter in with my foundation to really up the glow. I have wanted the Buff Makeup Sheer Glo Lotion for a long time and when I seen that it was €22 (instead of the normal €32) on board with Aer Lingus I had to grab it.


It is available in three shades and I got the Movie Star one which is the most universal it seems. This is absolutely beautiful. It has a serious glow factor which is exactly what I was lusting after. This can be used on it’s own, under foundation, mixed with foundation or over foundation on the face’s high points to add that beautiful radiance. I have to tell you though. I cannot wear this on it’s own as it gives a silver cast to my face which I do not like. Maybe this is only because I am tanned at the moment. I will try it again when my tan fades. It is stunning under foundation though. I have really noticed a difference in my makeup when using this. You can buy direct from Buff Makeup here or next time you travel with Aer Lingus be sure to pick this up with a €10 discount.

OK….so is it just me or is everyone obsessed with fuller lips?! I absolutely LOVE the look of the rounded, fuller lips but I am not brave enough to get them done so I have decided I just need to fake it and I have found a lovely lip combo that allows me to do that.


Inglot’s Soft Precision Lipliner in the shade 56 is the perfect liner for me to overdraw my lips. It does have a brown tone off it but for the most part it is mauve which is the perfect shade to match my lips. To overdraw my lips I only slightly go above my natural lip line.


When you look at your lips you will have a natural white line around your lip line, this is the line you should draw on to make your lips look most naturally over drawn. These lipliners are only €10 at any Inglot counter or online here.


I pair this liner with Mac Faux and I have to say it is stunning. It is so understated but really works at giving the illusion of fuller lips. It is a satin finish that is described as a muted mauve pink. Again my perfect natural lip shade.


This is a lot more pink than the liner but I love the look of a darker liner. I just smudge the liner and then blend the lipstick in to make sure there are no harsh lines. Mac lipsticks cost €20 a pop and in my opinion are well worth the cash! Especially this one.

On to eyes now and I have two favourites. One new and one old. I recently got semi permanent eyelash extensions and for some reason this time my eyes got very irritated and of course because they were irritated I was at my eyes a lot which made the lashes fall out prematurely taking my own lashes with them. I now have some half lashes and also gaps in my lashes, boohoo! Fear not though, I recently got a sample of my favourite ever mascara and this has definitely helped make my lashes look fuller while they grow back.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara has to be one of the best mascaras on the market! It gives huge volume, lots of length and makes your lashes look like falsies all day long. The shape of the wand allows for every single lash, even the half broken ones to be coated. This gets a huge thumbs up from me everytime I use it. This is available online through Debenhams.ie and costs €23. It is also now available in a waterproof version if you would prefer.


Liquid liner is definitely the Bain of every makeup wearers life. It can be so tricky to get right. The right product and tools can make all the difference though. I heard all the hype on the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper and when it hit Debenhams in the last few months I knew I had to try it. It is definitely one of the best liners I have ever tried.


The brush is soooo fine that it makes it very easy to do a wing. I also love that the brush is flexible but not too flexible so it allows it to move freely without getting messy. The colour is coal black and it lasts all day without budging. I am still testing this and once I have a final verdict I will be sure to do a full blog post. But for now know that I am impressed and would definitely recommend it if you are in the market for a new, high quality liquid liner. This is €20 and available here.


To take all of this fab makeup away, including the liquid liner I have been using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This is a cream hot cloth cleanser that surprising removes even the most stubborn makeup. I use this all over my face, including my eyes and I then wipe it off with either a muslin cloth or my Nima cleansing Mitt and it works a treat. I love the smell of this product. I also love the fact that it gently exfoliates the skin when used with a muslin cloth so you are getting a daily exfoliation which leaves you with a brighter complexion allowing any product you apply on top to penetrate deeper. This product is available in Boots. I tend to buy mine directly from the Liz Earle Website here.


I am still using all my Image Skincare products which are just amazing. However, I have found a new facial oil which I use at night or when I feel my skin needs an extra boost and I am loving it. The Pure Marula Facial Oil is just pure luxury skincare. This is a really lightweight, hydrating facial oil. It sinks straight into my skin but I can still see the glow on my skin after applying it. It smells divine which must be down to the 99% Marula oil content.


My favourite thing about this oil is that it actual tackles my dehydration so it would be perfect for oily skin that is suffering from dehydration too. It doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin so will not clog pores or cause an increase in oil production. I have genuinely seen a difference in my skin with this product and love using it.

The website states that this oil “is the only doctor endorsed, scientifically validated facial oil, with 60% more antioxidants than the leading Argan Oil”. Sounds impressive right? It actually really is that good!! This comes highly recommended from me. I often mix this to a face mask too to give my facemask a boost, it works wonders. This is sold in Holland and Barrett stores nationwide or available online and costs  €50.69 for 30ml.

It has also been mentioned in Marie Claire Magazine and Cosmo Magazine. Need I say anymore?!!


Moving away from makeup and skincare and on to a long term favourite fragrance of mine. I recently was reunited with Elie Saab Le Parfum after finishing a bottle over a year ago. I forgot how much I adored this scent. No wonder I love this perfume as it has Jasmine Absolute and Orange Blossom in it. Two of my absolute favourites. This does have a very alluring, almost mature scent to it but yet is still radiant and youthful. You need to smell this, seriously!! This is around €53 for a 30ml bottle. A tiny bit goes a very long way as its a perfume!


To finish off this post I want to just make reference to one non beauty item. I read Niall Breslin’s Book Me and My Mate Jeffrey while on holidays recently. This book details Bressie’s struggle with his own mental health and his efforts to make Ireland more aware of the mental health issues people face. This struck a cord with me, not only because I could relate to certain aspects personally but also because it shows the lack of understanding and ignorance to the issue in this country and although we are getting better, we still have a way to go. If you have suffered with mental health, know someone that does or if you feel you are a little nieve as to the extend and impact of the illness please pick up a copy of this book! He makes the reader feel like it is ok to have bad days and to let them be bad days and not fight them which is so important. I wish more people had his attitude.

So there we go, my current favourites. As you can see some of these are products I am using for a very long time and are still part of my daily routine! That must say something right?! Will you be buying any of the above mentioned products? There are some gems here that’s for sure!

Thanks for stopping buy and I hope you found this post informative. PS. I am sorry for initiating a spending spree. Whooppps.

Anita XX