essence Cosmetics never fail to have the most up to date makeup and nail trends on the shelves at the beginning of every season. They deliver high quality, trendy and affordable products which have made this brand one of my favourite budget beauty brands.

Today I want to share with you a bunch of the latest launches for the coming Autumn/Winter months.

I do feel I should say that all of the below products were sent to me as PR samples but you will see as you read through this post that I am, as ever 100% honest and highly opinionated lol!!!

Prepare for a super long post…but you don’t want to miss this one……..


the metals eyeshadow


Claims: Baked shadows with a metallic finish and a smooth texture. They can be applied dry for a more subtle look or wet for  a more intense longlasting finish.


The Verdict: They feel super soft and blend effortlessly. When applied dry they give a lovely shimmering wash of colour (left below) but when applied damp (right below) the pigmentation is much stronger and so is the staying power. These are so simple to use so perfect for in a rush and  on the go. I like to use this type of shadow to add some vibrancy to a dark smoky eye. A pop of this shade in the centre of a dark brown smoky eye will really make your eyes pop.


They are available in nine different shades and worth checking out if you like to jazz your makeup up a bit every now and then. These are €3.10 per 4g shadow.

contouring eye pencil


Claims: These are basically dual ended eyeshadow sticks that can be used to line, contour, highlight and add colour to the eyes.


Verdict: They are very creamy, almost too much so if I am honest. I tried to use the darker shade in the socket of my eye and it just creased too bad. However, I use it as a base for shadow all over the lid and it worked well for this. I am not sure I like the concept of them as contour shades but I do like them as eyeshadow bases . The dark shade darkens any shadow you pop on top and the lighter one will brighten anything you apply after. They are available in two shades, one for darker skin and one for light.  I have the shade 01 caramel meets frosting and the brown in it reminds me of a cooler toned Groundwork from Mac which I use constantly. Be warned though, these pencils need to be set well with powder for them to last and I wouldn’t recommend them for oily eyelids.  These again are €3.10.

contouring eye shadow


Claims: This eyeshadow duo claims to offer two perfectly aligned shades for contouring the eyes. Easier than ever thanks to the step-by-step instructions.


Verdict: This is a cool concept. Available in four different duos this mini palette includes a contour and highlight eyeshadow, both matte. I have the lightest shade which is “mauve meets marshmallows”.


The shadows are very soft and easy to apply. When contouring my own eyes I like to use a warmer shade so this one is a bit cool toned for me. Leaving that aside these work really well and give a subtle but effective definition to the eyes. These palettes are a great compliment to any other eyeshadows or palettes you may have as you will always have your two most important basic shadows to hand with these duos. More great value at only €3.10.

extreme lasting eye pencil


Claims: The silky, soft texture of the eye pencil is waterproof, ultra long-lasting and offers a strong colour-dispersion.

Verdict: This gets a big thumbs up from me. I used the shade 05 rockin’ taupe (swatched below) as an eyeliner on my upper lash line and it lasted very well throughout the day. If you are quick enough after applying it you can smudge it out but it sets pretty quick and on my lids it didn’t budge once it set. I also love how highly pigmented these are. They are available in six shades including a nude for using to brighten the waterline and my favourites a lovely rich brown and dark black. At only €2.50 a pop can you really go wrong!? I will be picking up a few more of these for sure

rock’n’doll duo stylist eyeliner pen


Claims: The ball-shaped felt tip of the new eyeliner pen makes it super easy to create lines or dots for special, long-lasting eyeliner styles.


Verdict: Unfortunately this was a complete fail for me. I didn’t enjoy the ball shaped nib. I would never really wear dots on my eyes unless it was for a festival! The ball shaped nib made getting a straight line almost impossible and a wing was a no go area for me when using this liner. I also found it was very badly pigmented and watery (see how it has bled in the above picture) A big no no for eyeliners in my opinion. These are €3.10 each if you would like to try them out for yourself.

rock’n’doll crazy XXXL volume mascara


Claims: The specially shaped asymmetric brush with shorter and longer fibers covers each individual lash to ensure xl volume!


Verdict: I definitely like this mascara. It adds obvious drama and volume to the lashes and can be layered to create whatever look you wish. I like the wand as the bristles seem to cling on to even the shortest of eyelashes. If I had one criticism it would be that the formulation seems very wet and the brush loads up with a little too much product so it can be slightly messy to apply. I would imagine this is the type of formulation that gets better as it dries out. But I am a fan and will continue to use this. The €3.50 tag really doesn’t resemble the quality. It rivals some more expensive mascaras that’s for sure.

the false lashes mascara dramatic volume unlimited

Claims: The deep black texture and the conic shape of the fiber brush creates dramatic volume for a gorgeous false lash effect.


Verdict: Looking at the wand on this mascara I wasn’t expecting much. It looked like something that would separate and lengthen the lashes without volume but it actually does a great job of plumping my lashes. I would say this gives less volume than the rock’n’doll mascara but I prefer the formulation of this one as it is a little drier. It also gives more length than the rock’n’doll but they are both great mascaras and worth the €3.50 price tag.


BB beauty balm lipgloss


Claims: BB for lips. The beauty balms nourish the lips with shea butter and vitamin E to make them feel soft and supple. In addition to the care factor, the light texture also provides a gorgeous shine with subtle colour-dispersion. Thanks to the slanted applicator, the balmy lipgloss is quick and easy to apply.


Verdict: These are very wearable and comfortable on the lips. The texture is not too tacky and so are a nice alternative to the usual sticky lipgloss. They give a decent colour pay off which can be built up if you prefer a more intense colour. I would recommend this for everyday use as opposed to for a night out as they have a more natural, subtle finish. The one I have is 05 heartbreaker which is a bright red. I would like to try the nude shades as these would be more my style. At €2.50 I will definitely buy some for on the go during the day. They do need some regular top ups but this is normally the price you have to pay for a less sticky formula.

2in1 matt lipstick & liner


Claims: Matt duet. Lipstick and liner in one – now also available with a matt finish! For defined lip contours and rich colour.


Verdict: I was pleasantly surprised by this one. They are so soft and very comfortable to wear. They are also so easy to apply and give lovely colour to the lips. I do think they are best used as a lipstick though as once the pointed nib rounds off a bit then this will be a little difficult to line the lips with. The finish is demi matte but it doesn’t have a dry feeling which is a huge plus for me. These are €3.10 and available in three shades, one of which is the on trend brown lips for A/W ’16. The shade pictured above is 02 make some noise!

matt matt matt lipgloss


Claims: The creamy mousse texture of the new lipgloss range provides long-lasting colour with a high coverage and a velvety-matt finish.


Verdict: These are not at all what I expected. I thought these would resemble a liquid lipstick because they are described as a matt lipgloss. However, they are definitely not that. I would describe these as a mousse textured lip cream with a satin finish. I don’t think these are matte at all. Saying that though, I do love them. They are really pigmented, very comfortable to wear and so easy to apply. You do need a mirror to apply these ones though because, as with all highly pigmented lippies precision is key.


These are available in five shades and I have two, one is 01 La Vie Est Belle which is a pale cool toned pink and 03 Girl of today which is a very on trend mauvey mid pink shade. I love the heart shade of the applicator. It makes them easy to apply precisely and I also like that they slightly stain the lips so they stick around for a decent time. Definitely a favourite of mine from the range. These are only €2.90 for a 50ml tube. A word of warning though, these have a very strong sweet smell, just incase that isn’t your thing!

matt matt matt lipstick 


Claims:  The light, creamy texture of the new lipstick range unites a high colour-dispersion with a matt finish.


Verdict: Again, I wouldn’t say these have a matte finish. I think they are more of a demi matte which means they still have a sheen off them which I would actually prefer to a matte finish personally. They are highly pigmented, very comfortable on the lips and have pretty decent staying power. They are definitely much better quality than their €2.90 price tag would suggest. I am really impressed with these and because they are so darn pretty I am happy to have them pride of place in my makeup stash. Of course my favourite of the two shades is the nude shade which is 02 Perfect Match. The other shade I have is 07 Purple Power which is again, a very on trend mauve purple shade which will bring you right up to date for the colder months ahead. These are available in seven shades in total.


camouflage 2in1 make-up & concealer


Claims: The texture offers long-lasting, high coverage to hide all skin imperfections and provides a matt and flawless finish – without a mask-like effect.


Verdict: Another product that totally took me by surprise. This foundation gives a very decent coverage, it blends effortlessly on the skin has exceptionally good staying power. It isn’t matte though. It actually leaves the skin looking flawless but with a demi matte finish leaving the skin looking more natural than a matte foundation would. This foundation gets a thumbs up from me and I would definitely recommend it for anyone that likes decent medium/buildable to full coverage foundation that lasts well on the skin. The €4.90 for 30ml price tag makes this foundation one that fits everyone’s budget. I think this will be a big seller for essence! Available in three shades. The shade I have is 10 Ivory Beige which I do not think is light enough for the palest of skins, they could do with expanding the shade range I think.

get picture ready! long-lasting compact make-up


Claims: The new compact make-up provides an instantly flawless and even finish. thanks to the integrated sponge and mirror, the cream to powder texture can easily be applied and blended when you’re on the go.


Verdict: I have to be honest and say this is a complete fail for me. Although the claims really sounding promising and the compact with mirror and hidden sponge applicator really ticked all the boxes for a perfect on the go foundation this just didn’t perform. The coverage is decent it must be said but this is so oily on the skin and definitely doesn’t dry to a powder finish.


It doesn’t actually set at all on the face, unlike the one above which  sets on the skin really well to the point that it doesn’t necessarily need a powder. Because it remains greasy anything that is applied over it cakes and goes muddy. I have to give this a big thumbs down unfortunately. This is €4.95 for 9g and available in four shades. I have this in shade 10 matt ivory.

get picture ready! brightening concealer


Claims: The high-coverage texture with light-reflecting pigments makes dark shadows under the eyes disappear – for instantly flawless results! Easy to apply thanks to the ball-shaped sponge applicator.


Verdict: Ok I have to admit I am not a fan of the sponge applicators on concealers because I just feel they are so unhygienic. But I tried this one out and I have to say I was so underwhelmed. The applicator was stiff and actually hurt my under-eye when I applied it. Leaving this aside I decided to squeeze some out and use it the way I would normally apply concealer, with a makeup sponge. This didn’t give me much coverage, my dark circles were still visible and it did creased a little even when set with powder. I would use this concealer if I was having a “no makeup” day but it wouldn’t be one I would reach for in times when high coverage in a necessity. I like the idea of this for teens as it is very natural looking on the skin. This is only available in two shades and costs €3.80 for 8ml.

light up face luminizer palette


Claims:  Applied individually or in combination on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose or below the lips, these three highlighter powders with light-reflecting pigments accentuate the features with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish.


Verdict: These powders are buttery soft. The palette comes with three shades which can be used mixed together and separately depending on your desired look. The first shade is a very light tan shade which can be used as a contour shade on paler skins or to brighten the under-eye subtly for darker skins. The second shade is a beautiful highlight shade. It gives a natural glow but still makes an impact and the final shade is a golden iridescent shade that I would use all over the cheeks to add a bronzed glow. The powders are not super pigmented but they do their job well and add some beautiful dimensions to the skin. Another favourite from the collection. It is only available in one shade which is a bit disappointing but I think this would suit most light/medium skin tones. This palette is a bargain at €4.95.

satin touch blush


Claims: The silky-soft powder blush instantly provides the cheeks with fresh colour reflections in rosewood, coral or a bronzer shade – all with a light pearl effect.


Verdict: Oh yaaasss, this blush was made for me. Coral perfection that blends effortlessly and adds that beautiful warmth to even the palest of skins. The formulation and staying power of these gets a big thumbs up from me. These blushes come highly recommended from moi. They are only €3.10 and available in three shades.


I was also sent some nail products which I have not tried all of but I will show you them anyway

the gel look polish


Claims: The special nail polish formula provides nails with an incredibly long-lasting manicure and an amazing gel shine. The innovative colour technology offers intensive colour combined with perfect coverage.


Verdict: I really enjoy these polishes. They are so easy to apply, have a super high gloss finish, are so pigmented and last a few days on the nails. I was sent these four fab shades which are sure to give us Autumnal nails in an instant. Big thumbs up for these.


The other nail releases from essence are Ultra Gloss Nail shine, All in One complete care and XXL nail thickener which is meant to be used as a base coat to thicken the nails with acrylic and prep them for any polish that goes on pop. Unfortunately I have gels on at the moment so cannot say how these perform but I did use the Ultra Gloss on my toes and it has worn really well and kept its shine.

So there you go, the latest releases from essence cosmetics for the colder months ahead. I have to say that although some of the products were fails for me, some of the other products took me completely by surprise. At times I had to double check the price as the quality and packaging certainly didn’t reflect the low price.

I love brands like this because you can get to try new trends or new colours without breaking the bank. essence definitely brings us the latest trends and keeps us up to date at a fraction of the cost.

My star picks from all of the above would have to be The camouflage foundation, satin blush, Light up your face palette, the mascaras, the matte lipsticks and glosses and the extreme lasting eye pencil.

What are your favourites from the range? Are any of these going to be added to your shopping list for the next time you pass an essence stand? The best thing is essence is available nationwide in pharmacies and Penneys so picking up your new favourites wont be an issue

Thank you for stopping by and for sticking it out to the very end

Anita XXX