It’s not long since we could not get our hands on Sleek MakeUP here in Ireland but I often ask myself, how did we ever live without it? A tad dramatic maybe? You get the idea. It’s a super brand that has so much to offer us makeup lovers and at very affordable prices.

What I love about Sleek is that they do trends so well and yet you never feel like you are being robbed with overpriced makeup. The Golden, Shimmering, Polished look is so on trend and especially with the silly season approaching we all want that party glow. Sleek definitely have us covered this year with some of their new launches.

One of the perks of being a beauty blogger is that I often get to see first hand the newest launches from brands and of course that information has to be relayed to you guys. Today I have some little gems to share with you all.

Sleek MakeUP have launched a new Limited Edition 24k Gold Collection. This consists of a whopper 6 shadow palette, a stunning highlight palette and three gorgeously glitterly glosses. I have the two palettes to show you….wait for it!!!

Sleek I Lust Palette Golden Standard

Sleek are well known for their  I-Divine 12 eyeshadow palettes and anyone that is willing to listen to me waffle about them knows how much I love them. However, this time they have launched a six shadow palette which has four silky shimmer powders and two rich creams. The I-Lust in “The Gold Standard” is the perfect companion for the party season.

Sleek I Lust Palette Golden Standard NamesFilled with gold, browns and coppers this is one that can be worn by us all and make those eyelids sparkle their way into the early hours of the morning. However, this palette doesn’t have to be only for nights on the tiles. The resident Sleek makeup artist told us at a recent dinner I attended that this is just as beautiful used for daytime wear and on all skin tones and eye colours. I have to agree. Universal is this baby’s middle name! Each of the shadows have been named after a famous designer. A nice little touch I think. There is something very elegant and sophisticated about the collection and the sleek black matte packaging with gold detailing adds an extra touch of class.

Sleek I Lust Palette Golden Standard Close Up

The quality and pigmentation of the shadows? Well, what do we expect from Sleek?! And we are not disappointed this time. They are as stunning as ever!

Sleek I Lust Palette Golden Standard Swatches

Starting from the left of the palette the shade Laurent is a beautiful rich brown with plum undertones, Coco is a warm copper shade, Margeila is a cream formula and is a bronzey gold shade. Vera is the perfect sparkly gold while Louis is similar but in a cream formula. That leaves Vivienne which is the beautiful champagne highlight shade that this palette would not have been complete without. For anyone wondering I would use the cream shadows as a base under shadows, on their own or even just popped over a powder shadow in the centre of the eye lid for that spotlight eye that is so on trend for the coming season. Are you impressed with this palette?

I suggest stocking up while they are still on the shelves. This palette is €8.99 and available from independent pharmacies nationwide.

Sleek Midas Touch Palette

Next up in this collection is the “Midas Touch” highlighting palette. Again this has similar packaging to the eyeshadow palette but this one contains four highlight shades consisting of three baked powders and one cream. I am not overly sure about the top left and bottom left shades in this palette.

Sleek Midas Touch Palette Names

I cannot think of much I would do with a silver and blue highlight except use them on the eyes maybe but the other two are Ab Fab! I guess Solitaire and Rhinestone could be used to jazz up an eye look whereas Tanzanite would be my choice for highlighting my cheek bones as the pinky peach tone would compliment most blush shades without taking away from the blush.

Sleek Midas Touch Palette Close up

Cubic Zirconia is a white champagne type shade which always looks good on the cupids bow, under the brow bone and in the tear duct.

Sleek Midas Touch Palette

This palette retails for €12.49. Considering it is for a Gold collection I do feel this palette lacks golden tones. Overall, the quality is good. Some of them are not super pigmented but that definitely can be a bonus when dealing with highlighters.

There are also three glitter glosses available in the collection. They come in shades, red, pink and nude and cost €7 a pop. These would be great for the party season to layer over lippie to jazz them up a tad. I think I need to get my hands on the nude one, just because!!!

Sleek Solstice Palette

Sleek MakeUp have launched a new highlight palette which will be part of the permanent collection and holy moly is she just amazing! I was going to hold off and do a separate post on it but I just couldn’t hold in the excitement.

Sleek Solstice Palette

The Highlight Palette is “Solstice” is a little beaut! Two baked powders, one cream and one shimmer powder and every single one of them are to die for. This for me is a palette worth having.Again, the quality is exceptional. The colours are bang on the money and the packaging is oh so special. It screams “I am the highlighting palette of all highlighting palettes”….yes, I am a sucker for gold, luxurious packaging! For €12.49 you are getting something that not only looks fab but it also feels like great quality on the skin. Sleek, you can do no wrong. One little comment. Although I LOVE the packaging, it is so hard to keep the finger smudges away which can be annoying at times!

Sleek Solstice Palette swatches

So you want to hear about the shades? Ecliptic is a cream product that is almost like a rose gold shade, Subsolar is a yellow based champagne highlight that is jammed with shimmer and a tad bit of glittler thrown in. The two baked colours are the show stoppers. Hemisphere is a pearly pink/lilac shade. This shade is seriously pigmented so you only need a smidgen. Simialrly with Equinox a little goes a long way but this time we are talking champagne peach on steroids. This palette definitely gives other high end lux brands a run for their money. When I first seen it it reminded me of an Hourglass equivalent but in fact it really isn’t like it. These highlighters are much more pigmented whereas Hourglass are all about the natural radiance their powders give to the skin. You certainly would not wear these Sleek ones all over the face. Save these for the high points of your face, lets say your cupids bow, tops of your cheek bones, tear duct, brow bone and so on.

This palette is my absolute favourite from what I spoke about here today and the good news is it is here to stay.

Sleek Barekissed Illuminator

Before I leave you go I have one more product to share with you. The Barekissed Illuminator’s are seriously special. These are basically a liquid highlighter that can be used on its own, under foundation, mix with foundation or just dotted over the high points of your face. They come in four shades, a peach (Cuba), a pink (Casablanca), a bronze (Pompeii) and the one I have which is Monaco, a light champagne shade.


These are really really pigmented. You only need the tinniest amount. Unfortunately though the pump does tend to dispense too much at one time so try be gentle if possible otherwise you will waste lots of product.

Barekissed Illuminator swatch

This gives my skin such a beautiful glow. It is beautiful all over the skin as a primer. The other shades are a tad bit more colourful so be careful not to overdo these. The pinks and peaches should be left to the cheeks whereas the bronze is perfect for enhancing a tan on the body and making your limbs look lush.

Barekissed Illuminator swatches 1

This little gem will set you back €11.50 for 30ml which is great value for money I think.

Will you be hitting your local sleek stand anytime soon? Remember the 24K Gold Collection is limited to the party season so grab it while you can.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed all the makeup loveliness I had to share with you.

Until next time. Big Kisses

Anita XXX