We are half way through the year! Wow, can you believe that?! I am really looking forward to the coming month. Lots of new things planned for the blog and my personal life and I am really excited.

To start off the new month on a positive note today I want to share with you my favourites of the past month, oh and of course one or two things that just didn’t tickle my fancy too much.

Because I visited the states in May I do have lots of new goodies to share with you all. You can read all about them in my American Haul. Some of the bits I am featuring today I bought in America but they can be bought in Ireland and the UK too so you too can get your hands on them if you fancy a treat.

Little tip stay until the end of this post for a nice giveaway.

My first two products are both loves from this month. Both are from the brand Too Faced.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites too faced cocoa contour

The Too Faced Cocoa Contour kit is an absolute gem. It has everything you would want to create that perfect highlight and contour look without looking like you have drawn on your face with brown marker.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites too faced cocoa contour open

The powders blend effortlessly on the skin so the finished result is very natural and almost radiant. You can read my full review of this product here. As you can see the packaging is getting a little dirty since I first wrote my review, damn cardboard packaging.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites too faced better than sex

Next up is another Too Faced product and one that was recommended to me by many people. Their “Better than Sex” mascara is one of those mascaras you will either love or hate. I personally adore it. It gives you full on volume and length but it can look a little clumpy at times. I tend to like that clumpy look on myself so I am really loving the look this gives my lashes.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites too faced better than sex brush

The brush is very big which is why it gives so much volume to your lashes. However, this can be a little downfall as well as it is hard to get the bottom lashes without hitting off your skin. I know it sounds like this mascara is a little tricky to use and it definitely can be but to be honest the end result is so nice that I can get over any of the negatives. I also love the sleek packaging of the product. Another nice thing is that this is a really BLACK mascara and it lasts ages on the lashes with no fall down. It also holds a curl very well. A big thumbs up from me. This is €22.80 from Debenhams and can be bought here.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites makeup geek afterglow pigment

Now for something that unfortunately we cannot get in Ireland but it is well worth ordering online. I am a massive fan of Makeup Geek and love their shadows more than any other on the market. I have some of their pigments too. The stand out to me is their Afterglow pigment. Holy Crap!!!! Let me ask you? Do you like those shimmery, glowing, champagne type shades that just look amazing swept all over the lid for a natural look or for a more intense look paired with a smoky eye? I bet the answer is yes and if it is then this pigment is for you. This screams glowing goddess for me.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites makeup geek afterglow pigment swatch

I tend to not only use this on my lid but also as a highlight on the top of my cheek bones, on my cupids bow and in my tear duct. These do need an eyeshadow primer of some sort under them to up the staying power but other than that I have nothing negative to say about it. Perfection at it’s best! This pigment can be bought here and it costs $7.99 plus shipping (be sure to only order around €20-€25 of products at a time to avoid customs).

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites benefit puff off

My next product is a skincare one. Benefit’s Puff Off eye gel. Seriously, how cool is this packaging? Well it not only looks cool but it also does a super job too. The little ironer head is designed to fit neatly under the eyes and “irons” out any puffiness or fine lines you may have. I love this product as it is really hydrating for my crepey under eyes.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites benefit puff off iron

It is a very light weight product so perfect for using in the mornings under makeup (I tend to use a more hydrating cream at night). Also I find the formula is very cooling on the skin and the little ironer applicator is metal so this adds to the coolness. I love the Benefit range of products. They have such innovative and fun ideas but with products that actually work. The Benefit Puff Off Eyecream can be bought from Benefit counters nationwide and it costs €30.50 for a 10ml.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites montagne jeunesse masks

Another skincare item I was really loving in June is these great little masks from Montagne Jeunesse. I was sent these for review but obviously with no obligation to like them. Like everything else I review I want to give you my honest opinion on them. I get very bad breakouts and reactions to products so was sceptical to try these. I have to say I was really impressed. I tried the Black Seaweed Peel-Off and the Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque. The seaweed one is to help purify the skin while the mud mask is nourishing. I love both of them for different reasons. My skin looked and felt very fresh and clean after the seaweed mask. I love the fact that it is a peel off so it’s fun too. The mud mask really did hydrate my skin. I love that this is a sheet mask so it forces me to stay easy for 15 minutes while it works otherwise the sheet won’t stay on your face. And the smell is literally to die for!!

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites montagne jeunesse masks back

I got absolutely no breakout or reaction to these masks. In fact I got really super results. These masks are sooo inexpensive for the quality and are available in Penneys, Dunnes and leading pharmacies nationwide. I suggest giving them a go the next time you spot one in your local pharmacy. Definitely worth a go. These are great for holidays too as you can throw them in your bag without taking up any room. One little thing is they can be very messy to apply so just be sure to be near a sink when popping them on. Other than that I am one happy little blogger.

PS Stay tuned until the end of this post where I have a little Montagne Jeunesse giveaway for you all.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites barry m sharpener

A little tool I am loving this month is this cute sharpener from Barry M. This is great for sharpening my lip and eye pencils and because it has a big and a small sized sharpener I can use it for my chubby pencils too. The fact that it has a covering to trap the pairings is also very handy as you can have it in your makeup bag without worrying about it spilling. Plus it’s pink and only costs €2.99!!

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites wetnwild bare it all

Wet N Wild Megalast lippies are one of my favourites on the market. They are so inexpensive at only €2.99 a pop. I have so many shades that I adore so I will do a separate post to show you my top picks but in the meantime this month I have been loving the shade Bare It all. It is the perfect nude shade.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites wetnwild bare it all swatch

It is a pinkish brown nude so it is perfect for even people that feel washed out by nude lipstick. This one has enough pink in it to look well on even paler skin tones. It does tend to look a little browner on pale skins and more nude on darker skins. It is matte so it can be a tad drying on the lips but its actually not too bad compared to other more expensive alternatives. Definitely one to look out for the next time you pass a stand and it’s a great alternative to Mac’s Kinda Sexy and Honey Love.

June 2015 adorn.ie beauty favourites soap and glory

Sorry to end on a negative note but one product I just didn’t get on with this month was the Butter Yourself moisture lotion from Soap and Glory. It smells amazing, feels hydrating on the skin but I tend to get very itchy after using it. I am not sure if this is because some ingredients in it irritates me or because it just isn’t hydrating enough for my dry skin (even though it does feel like it is hydrating) but anyway I just don’t like it. I cannot use it at all because I get so itchy afterwards. I very rarely get this with a moisturiser. Has anyone else had this issue before?

There we have it. My June 2015 likes, loves and loathes? What are yours for the last month? Let me know below or if you have a blog be sure to leave the link to your favourites post in the comments.

Now for the giveaway. The lovely guys over at Montagne Jeunesse have given my followers a chance to win a face mask to try out. 30 of you will win one each. All you need to do is register your details below. Good luck!


I hope you enjoyed your stay and I will see you all very soon

Have a lovely day

Anita XX