I have been MIA for a while now, but only because I was off finishing my beauty therapy exams. I am finally free and so delighted to be back on the beauty blogging bandwagon. Although I was studying (ALOT) I did still manage to beautify myself and I have some good products I want to tell you about. What better way than in a favourites post….so here we go!!

2016 July Favourites Adorn.ie Pukka Turmeric

Starting with something a little less pretty but actually quiet brilliant!! I was sent the Pukka Wholistic Turmeric capsules to try and although I only used them for a few weeks I found that  I had more energy and I noticed my skin, nails and hair were in better condition.

2016 July Favourites Adorn.ie Pukka Turmeric ingredients

Pukka say it so well. Turmeric is used “for centuries to help keep the skin pure, the blood clean and the life long.” It is also know for reducing inflammation in the body, aiding joint pain, improving circulation, improving liver detoxification and lots lots more. It really is an all rounder and I did notice benefits in a very short period of time!

These are available to purchase in health food stores around the country and I also noticed them on FeelUnique for just over €20.

2016 July Favourites Adorn.ie Bellamianta Rapid Mousse

Another favourite of mine this month is definitely one that you all need to add to your shopping list. The Bellamianta Rapid Mousse is my new favourite. I did review the lotion here which I liked, but I have to say I MUCH prefer the mousse.

2016 July Favourites Adorn.ie Bellamianta Rapid Mousse benefits

I guess this depends on your skin type and your preference of applying tan but I found the mousse went on much quicker and easier and I actually think it lasts that little bit longer on me. I don’t have dry skin but anyone that does may prefer the lotion. I am addicted to this tan and cannot get enough. I only leave it on for 2 hours for a natural tan but it can be left on for an hour or two longer to intensify the tan a little more.

2016 July Favourites Adorn.ie Bellamianta Rapid Mousse instructions

This is around €25 and available in lots of pharmacies nationwide. It can also be bought online here and you can see the full range of products and full stockist list there too.

2016 June 2016 St Moriz Moisturising Tan enhancer

To keep fake tan in place for longer and also to prep the skin pre tan I cannot recommend an oil free moisturiser enough. Oils will break down your tan and make it fade so much quicker. I have used lots in the past and lately I have discovered one that I would class as one of the best I have tried.

2016 June 2016 St Moriz Moisturising Tan enhancer instruction

The St Moriz Moisturising Tan Enhancer is so lightweight, fresh and very hydrating on the skin and I can genuinely stand over the fact that it does prolong your tan. I also love the scent of this product. It has a very fresh smell which I like for disguising that nasty fake tan linger!! This can be bought in some pharmacies and it is also available on Feelunique and Penneys. I did hope it would be in my local Boots too but I cannot seem to find it. Best of all it’s only €6.59 for a 200ml bottle. Score!!!

2016 June 2016 Herbalife SKIN soothing aloe cleanser

A friend of mine gave me a trial kit from Herbalife SKIN. Within the kit there was a cleanser, two moisturisers and a sachet of eye cream. The absolute stand out product for me is the Soothing Aloe Cleanser. I used this as a second cleanser after taking off my makeup with a Micellar water and I am so impressed.

2016 June 2016 Herbalife SKIN soothing aloe cleanser back

I could see a visible difference in my skin, it looked brighter and felt much softer and I also noticed that this product actually took lots of my makeup residue off. Normally I would need to cleanse three times to remove everything! I am delighted I got to try this out! This can be bought from Herbalife distributors and costs €25 for 150ml.

2016 June 2016 Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

I have had ups and downs with Dermalogica skincare products but I genuinely found one latetly that is right up my street. The Solar Defense booster SPF 50 is a lightweight sun factor that can be added to any moisturiser or foundation  to give you protection. Genius idea if you ask me.

2016 June 2016 Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50 details

Now we can use any product we want and still know we have broad spectrum protection.  This retails for around €47 for 50ml and is available online or in lots of salons nationwide.  I get my dermalogica from Millies.ie. It is actually so much cheaper to buy from them.

2016 June 2016 favourites mac springsheen

Now on to some makeup favourites (this is the best part!!). I have fallen back in love with Mac’s Springsheen blush. Think pinky-peach with a golden glow!! This gives most skintones a pretty flush while at the same time giving it a beautifully subtle glow!

2016 June 2016 favourites mac springsheen 2

If you are not a fan off heavy highlighting then skip using any highlight on top of this one as it does give a decent glow on it’s own. I do prefer this when I am on the slightly tanner side but it is equally as pretty on paler skins, maybe just be light handed with it to avoid looking like Aunt Sally.

2016 June Favourites Mac Springsheen swatch blush

These blushes retail for €26.50 and are available at all Mac counters.

2016 June Favourites Code VLM mascara

I tried the Code Beautiful VLM mascara recently and was really impressed. VLM stands for Volume, Length Mascara. This gives lots of length to my lashes. As far as volume goes it does do a good job but I do have other mascaras I prefer for volume. However, the best thing for me about this mascara is once you curl your lashes and set it with this mascara the curl will remain for the day. It really does lift your lashes and I love this added bonus.

2016 June Favourites Code VLM mascara open

When I first used this I wasn’t so sure if I liked it as it was very wet which can be awkward to apply but as I used it more I changed my mind completely and now love it for this reason. It allows for you to build and build your lashes until you are happy with the result. It also has added vitamins and waxes to help with healthy lashes. Also, one last thing. I got into the shower with it on by mistake and it didn’t run down my face! The downside to this is that it needs a good makeup remover to get rid of it at night. I think you might just love this latest mascara find though. It is available in a mini and large version and they can be bought here with free shipping.

2016 June 2016 Favourites Billion Dollar Brows

Since trying the Billion Dollar Brow products my brow game has changed completely. When I attended an event a while back we were given the Best Sellers kit which contained a brow pencil (which I love), a brush, a brow gel and a highlight and concealer dual ended pencil. I spoke about the brow pencil before but in the last few months I have fallen in love with both the dual ended concealer/highlighter pencil and the brow gel!

2016 June 2016 Favourites Billion Dollar Brows highlight and concealer penciljpg

I don’t use the highlighter end of the pencil much but I use the concealer end to draw around my brows. This firstly gives the skin around the area a subtle highlight and it also can be used to even out the brows and gives them a very defined look. I use the brush then to smudge out any harsh concealer lines.

2016 June 2016 Favourites Billion Dollar Brows brow gel

Once my brows are complete I use the brow gel to set everything in place. I also find that by brushing through with gel makes the product look less powdery and more natural looking. Genuinely, the best brow products I have ever used. I did notice that this kit is on sale on the BillionDollarBrows UK website at the moment. It might be worth checking it out.

2016 June 2016 Joico Moisture Co+Wash

Last for my likes and loves this month is a Conditioning Shampoo from Joico. The Moisture Co+Wash from Joico is a Whipped Cleansing Conditioner. I had never seen anything like this so was really intrigued. Basically you apply this to damp hair, lather up and leave for 5 minutes and then rinse. You don’t need a sepertae conditioner with this.

2016 June 2016 Joico Moisture Co+Wash whipped cleansing conditioner

I was so sceptical of this as I hate 2 in 1 shampoos and conditioners but this really works at conditioning my dry, coarse curls. I was so happy with the outcome and I felt my curls were nice and defined and bouncey after using it. Word of warning though, make sure to rinse this well as it can leave a residue. Also choose one to suit your hair type as the Moisture one may be too heavy for already greasy hair. This is available in Joico Hairsalon’s and retails for €18.95. For more info on this fab range click here.

2016 June Favourites Organic Surge Daily Care Refreshing face wash

Lastly for this months post I want to tell you about a product that I really did not get on with. The Organic Surge Daily Care refreshing face wash really dried my skin out for some reason. I couldn’t figure out why as the ingredients don’t tend to be really drying but it definitely does. My skin feels very tight and it dehydrated my skin. I also do not like the smell of it. However, I have been using it to clean my makeup brushes and it works great for that. This can be bought in pharmacies and it costs just over €9.

So there we have it! A little round up of what I liked, loved and loathed for the past few months. Let me know if these posts are something you are interested in and I will definitely do them on monthly basis if you guys would be interested! Have a great day everyone

Big Kisses

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