LA Girl is a brand that is new to me. For a long time us Irish girls were not able to get our hands on the brand unless we got it from the states. However, we now have two stockists available to us that both ship to Ireland. Beauty Bay stock this but even better our very own home grown TRND beauty have some of the products from this brand which is just super!


When I seen TRND beauty had the latest launch from the brand in stock I knew I had to give it a go. The LA Girl Pro Coverage High Definition Long Wear Illuminating Foundation (wow that’s some name!!) claims to give us a flawless looking, full coverage. It is also said to be a lightweight formula that is comfortable to wear all day long and it’s free from parabens with added antioxidants to help hydrate and improve the skin’s appearance.

The first thing I noticed when I seen this product for the first time was that it looks very similar to the Makeup Forever (MUFE) HD foundation. The packaging, although not as luxurious as the MUFE one, has a very similar look to it. This packaging is definitely more lightweight and plastic in feel to the MUFE but I have to tell you I prefer the pump on the LA girl one. Its very easy to use and dispense the product perfectly with no mess.


The formulation is pretty great too. It is quiet runny, again similar to MUFE. It is very easy to blend on the skin and gives a lovely luminosity and brightness to the skin on application. I also find that it glides over pores and hides them pretty well.

This does say that it is full coverage on the website but the bottle states medium to full coverage which I would agree with more. I don’t actually find this to be full coverage. It can be built up to slightly more than a medium coverage but it most definitely isn’t full coverage when compared to something like Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I have to build this up more on my cheek areas to cover some pigmentation I have. A damp makeup sponge will sheer this product out so if you want a heavier coverage I would use a dense kabuki style makeup brush. However, I have noticed that a kabuki brush can be less smoothing on the skin so I tend to apply with the brush and slightly blend it out with my makeup sponge. This works great.


I love how this foundation looks when first applied. It sets very well on my normal, dehydrated skin and lasts perfectly for approximately 5 hours. After this time I notice time and time again that this foundation separates on my chin and around my nose. I have tried several different primers and setting powders but each time it separates which is a disappointment because up to that point everything is pretty much perfect with this product. If anyone found a way to avoid this from happening please feel free to comment below because I would love to find a way around this problem!

The breaking up of the foundation seems to happen in drier areas for me but I have seen that this can happen for oilier areas too. This isn’t something that would stop me using this foundation though. Instead I would reapply powder during the day. This isn’t ideal because I don’t have to do this with other foundations but I do like the finish of the product so I am willing to top it up to keep it looking good.

On this note I have to say that I think this foundation is great for everyday makeup. The medium coverage and radiant finish makes it a fab everyday alternative. I would personally avoid this for longer days and when you know you need your foundation to look immaculate for a long period of time and topping up powder isn’t an option.

There is a pretty decent colour range available with 11 of them available on TRND beauty and Beauty Bay. I think most people are guaranteed to find a shade suitable to them within this range. There is also a pure white foundation available which will lighten the colour of any foundation. This is just brilliant in my opinion. Paler girls can rejoyce knowing they have no problem colour matching anymore while my drawer full of impulse buy foundations that are shades too dark for me can now get some use. Great idea LA Girl!!


TRND beauty have a section on their website where they compare these foundations to Mac foundation shades. This helped me immensely when choosing a shade. I chose shade Natural which is for NW25-30 however I would say that this foundation is more yellow toned than the NW range in Mac so I would put this in the NX category as opposed to NW. But I do think they were spot on with the 25-30 shade comparison!

The price point for me is the best part of this product. It is only €10.95 for 28ml which is an absolute bargain. You really are getting a very decent product for this price. Yes, it doesn’t last all day on me without topping up but for this price it is definitely one that is worth giving a go if you are looking for a luminous, medium but buildable coverage. Anyone with oilier skins might not love this foundation as much as i do as I am sure it would break up on them much quicker than on me but if you have normal to dry skin you will be fine with this. Just make sure you prime and set well with a powder.

I also bought the Pro Concealers to try and my next purchases will be a powder and the white foundation. I also might try the Fair shade in this foundation to see how it looks on my skin.

Have you tried this foundation yet? Will you be buying this after reading my review? Let me know your experience with this product or any other LA girl products below.

I would give this foundation a 4/5 rating. It falls down only on the wear time of the product. Otherwise, it is pretty much perfect.

Thanks for stopping by and Have a lovely day

Anita XXX