I went a little crazy in Makeup Forever and Mac recently, I had run out of alot of stuff so decided I would take advantage and go in and spoil myself. However, I just need you all to know that the stuff I bought in Makeup Forever was bought with vouchers I had got on Grabone.ie which was buy a 50euro voucher for 25euro so technically I got everything for half price!!! Well justified right?!!!

The majority of what I bought was replacements of stuff that had run out but some were new bits. I will give a mini review of each of the products I have used previously below. If you want more details on any of what I mention please let me know by sending me a mail or tweeting me @Adorn_ie.

So what did I buy?

My first stop was to Makeup Forever on Clarendon street. I originally trained as a makeup artist with Makeup Forever so it is a brand that is very close to my heart as it is where it all began for me. I also think they do very professional, results driven products so you know that what you buy is going to give you what you want in a product, something that does what it says on the tin….simple!

Haul MUFE Liquid Lift

I am a huge fan of their HD Foundation which I featured in my Favourite High End Foundation post awhile back but I wanted to try something different for a change so I decided to go for the Liquid lift Foundation. I used this in the past and love the glow it gave my skin so I am really looking forward to using this again to see how I get on with it this time round. This foundation is oil free with a medium coverage that gives the illusion of fresh, firmer and more youthful skin. I certainly could do with that at the moment!!

I am shade 4 in this foundation which is a beautiful warm shade. It is slightly darker than my skin but I got it mainly for when I am wearing some tan. I love it. The Liquid Lift foundation is €37 for 30ml bottle and it comes with a pump so no need to pay extra for this which is a big plus.

Haul MUFE Pro Finish

I do however remember that the Liquid Lift foundation does need to be powdered to keep it in place and shine free all day long. So of course my next purchase had to be a powder. I love a setting powder that gives that little bit of extra coverage without looking cakey. I had heard amazing things about the Pro Finish powder so I simply had to give it a go.

Haul MUFE Pro Finish Open

This is primarily a powder foundation but thanks to its breakthrough technology it can be used both wet and dry to create a customised complexion. Used wet it gives a sheer semi matte complexion while applying this dry leaves you with a full coverage matte finish. It can also be used lightly over foundation as a setting powder. So far I am in love with this foundation. It has serious staying power but looks super natural on the skin. Definitely a new favourite of mine I suspect. I am shade 127 in this powder. The powder costs €35 which is great value for such a multi use product.

Haul MUFE camoflague

I have quiet dark under eye circles so I tend to opt for a decent amount of coverage in that area. I had used the Makeup Forever camouflage creams on spots in the past but the lovely makeup artist Chris who served me said that this concealer is also great for concealing under eyes. So I thought I would give it a go and if it didn’t work out I could always use it to conceal areas of my face that needed extra coverage. He also told me to apply it with a fluffy eyeshadow brush as this avoids it sitting into the creases and accentuating those dreaded fine lines. I will DEFINITELY be giving this little trick a go.

Haul MUFE camoflague open

The concealer itself is very creamy to touch so does give a nice hefty coverage, however this can be a little much under my eyes but I am going to give it a go and see how I get on. He did say to make sure I set it with a powder. This little 7g pot costs €18 and I am shade 15. I suspect I will have this for a long time considering the tiniest amount goes the longest way.

Haul MUFE mat bronze

My next purchase was another repurchase but this time in a darker shade. I used the Mat Bronze powder in shade 20 in the past which is a beautiful golden shade but I wanted something a little darker to match my skintone better so I decided to opt for Shade 40, shade 30 is just too reddish looking for me. This bronzer is to die for. It is highly pigmented and as it is matte it creates a very natural and fresh look to the skin….with absolutely no shimmer, yayyyy! You will see from the swatch below that it looks very dark but I swatched this very heavily. It actually looks very pretty on the skin.

Haul MUFE mat bronze open

A little goes a very long way with this bronzer so be sure to use this sparingly and with a large powder brush for a lovely blended look. This could also be used as a contour shade but I love the golden undertones in these powders so I tend to only use these for bronzing my skin and use a grey toned powder to contour…but that is just a personal preference. This bronzer will set you back €35, definitely not the cheapest on the market but worth the money in my eyes.

Haul MUFE hd blsh

The HD range from Makeup Forever has become so popular over the last while and I have tried almost all of the products except for the blushes. When I saw the shade 215 which is the perfect peachy pink colour I knew I had to have it. These blushes are just so pretty. They look so natural on the skin but yet seem to last forever!!

Haul MUFE hd blsh open

The nice thing about these is that they can be applied over powder which is very unusual for a cream product. I personally love to set my foundation with powder as I like to have minimal shine but then to create a nice glow I love the look of cream blush on top of it. I have struggled to find a cream blush that allows me to do this without looking caked and just pure yuk. I think I may have found what I was looking for in this blush and if I have then it is quiet clear…I need one in every shade. These blushes cost €28, definitely worth a look.

Question! Have you seen the latest brush collection from Makeup Forever? Well if not prepare to be amazed. I really was. They are pure beauty.

Haul MUFE powder brush large 2

When I saw the number 128 Powder precision brush I knew it had to be mine. These brushes are like nothing I have seen before. The hairs of the brush are tapered in a way that they pick up just the right amount of product and blend it effortlessly into the skin. This is mainly for powder products which is what I got it for.

Haul MUFE powder brush large

The thing that really caught my eye about this brush range is the handles of the brush. They are dark wood which resembles an artists paint brush. I am sure this was the idea as the brand is very well known for their pro artist products.

Haul MUFE powder brush

I can genuinely say in all my brush collection I have never come across a brush so soft, so flexible and so hard working in my life. It is on the pricey side at €47 but believe me once you have this in your hand the price will not be a concern. Be warned!!

Haul MUFE  brush 3

My last purchase from Makeup Forever was another brush. This time it was the number 100 brush, the precision foundation brush. This caught my eye because it was so unique. I love using small brushes for my foundation as it allows me to get precise application in a very easy way. I am looking forward to giving this one a go.

Haul MUFE  brush

The pointed hairs will allow me to get right in around my nose, chin and under my eyes to ensure that my foundation and concealer is blended to perfection. I cannot wait to let you know how I get on with this one.

Haul MUFE  brush 2

These brushes cost €31, lets see if I get my moneys worth out of it. But I’m almost certain I will as after one application I can feel the obsession building.

My second and final stop on my makeup shopping spree was Mac. I didn’t get much here, I just topped up on some products that had run out.

I love the Fix+ and have used it alot before. I tend to use it before my foundation aswell as after to hydrate the skin and freshen it up before makeup application. I was looking to try the new Smashbox Primer Water but everywhere I go it seems to be sold out so I opted for this instead.

Haul Mac fix+

For anyone that hasn’t heard of Fix+ before well it is simply a hydrant that preps the skin before makeup. It is also used after makeup application to help set the makeup and keep it in place. It can be used during the day to refresh your skin aswell. My favorite thing about this product is that although I love powder I don’t like the look of it on the skin so this product takes that matte look away without taking away the longevity of the powder. This product is €20 for 100ml. This is a cult classic that really makes a difference to your makeup.

Haul Mac angel and rubywoo

My final two purchases are two lipsticks which I misplaced recently and knew I needed them back as they are my favourites. The first one is the infamous Ruby Woo which is probably the most unique shade Mac have to offer. It is a Retro Matte Red shade with blue undertones. This lippie has braced the lips of almost every celebrity and model worldwide and is regularly voted best lipstick. What more could we want right?

My other lipstick purchase is the complete opposite to Ruby Woo. Angel is another must have for me. I love this shade sooo much. It is the prettiest nudish pink shade ever! It is a frost finish lipstick which is a little scary as I associate frost finish lippies with the older generation so not my first pick but actually this lippie has converted me. If you love a natural look to the lips then you will not be disappointed with this. I know for sure this will be a staple in my collection for many a year. The Mac lippies cost €19.50 which I am very happy to spend my money on. Does anyone else just love the smell of Mac lippies?! Yummy.

Haul MUFE swatches

Left to Right: Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Bronzer, HD Blush, Ruby Woo and Angel.

I am so sorry for rambling on so much. I know what I bought above is a heck of a lot but it simply had to be done….for blog research purposes of course.

I really look forward to using these products loads and reviewing them for you all…please let me know if there is anything you would like to see a review of first.

Have a lovely day

Cuddles and Kisses

Anita XX