For Spring and Summer I love bright and colourful nails. Anyone that knows me also knows how much I like to use dots to create some pretty and simple nail designs. For today’s post I decided to do a very simple nail art tutorial for you all to create at home yourself while at the same time combining two of my nail loves….Colour and Dots…..Enjoy!

What you will need:
-A nail file
-A base coat (I use OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. Its a great base coat but adds strength to the nails too).
-A colour of your choice or if you prefer a colour for each nail. I have choosen 4 different shades (I only did 4 nails). I choose Dare to Wear nail polish in “Old New Borrowed Blue”, “First Love”, “Moon River” and “Butterflies”. These polishes are available from ASU Nail and Beauty. Their website stocks the full range too.
-A white nail polish
-A hard surface to place the white nail polish onto
-A dotting tool
-A top coat. Here I used Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat but we all know by now that I adore the CND Vinylux weekly topcoat.

So lets get started:

STEP ONE: File nails to your preferred shape and choose your favourite nail colours.

Polka Dots 1

STEP TWO: Apply one coat of the base coat to all nails.

Polka Dots 2STEP THREE: Apply two coats of your chosen nail polish to each nail and leave to dry in between each coat.

Polka Dots 3

STEP FOUR: Apply some of the white polish to a hard surface. This is to allow you to pick up the white polish easily with the dotting tool

Polka Dots 4

STEP FIVE: Pick up a small amount of the white varnish on the dotting tool and apply two small dots to the top of your first nail. Then apply three dots in between the two dots that you just applied, then two dots, then three until you reach the end of your nail. Using this method gives a much more even application and looks much more professional. The dots don’t have to be exactly the same size but it looks better if they are similar.

Polka Dots 5STEP SIX: Finally apply a coat of the fast drying top coat and allow to dry. Enjoy your new design.

Polika Dots 6

So that’s it ladies, seems simple and it really is when you get used to it but it can take practice. Let me know if you like these type of posts and I will be sure to do more for you in the future.

If you happen to recreate this look be sure to tag me on any of my social media sites so I can admire your handy work.

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