I recently attended a So…? Fragrance event in House on Leeson Street where we got to sample some of the latest launches from the brand as well as some of the older products including some of my favourites. I used this brand throughout my teens but have fallen back in love with it in the last while. I previously did a post on some of their classic fragrances which you can read here.

so couture 2

Today I want to share with you the stand out products from the event. The latest launch, their So…? Couture range of body fragrances and eau de toilettes.

There are four different scents in the range and they all represent the style of a certain city. Giving you the confidence you deserve to allow the streets to be your catwalk. As the lovely people in So…? tell us.

so couture 6

First up is Paris which as you can imagine is a very stylish and elegant scent. For me this is the more classic and sophisticated scent from the range. It is the type of scent that you can imagine on someone who is effortlessly stylish and put together. So…? explains the notes in this perfume as contrasting between the delicacy of plum and rose with mysterious tonalities or Vetyver and Patchouli.

NYC is a much fresher scent. This is definitely one of my favourites from the range. It is quiet fruity but still vibrant enough to wear at night if you wish. The notes in this fragrance are described as opening with a fizzy burst of lychee and peach, followed by an aromatic floral heart, wrapped in a creamy background of patchouli and praline. Giving us the perfect blend of sweetness and sexiness.

The London scent can only be described as edgy and stylish, just like London itself. It has a very distinctive smell that will have people wanting to know more. It is modern and empowering but with a twist of prettiness and femininity. The notes in this beaut are grapefruit, mandarin and apricot so again a fresh scent but with some more musky notes such as sandalwood and vanilla. You get the idea!

Lastly is Rio which for me is a daytime perfume. It is described as an exotic scent and it is just that. It’s zesty notes of pineapple, mango and melon paired with hibiscus make this fragrance truly vibrant and fresh.

so couture 1

All of the above are available in Eau De Toilettes and Body Fragrances. The packaging of these beauties really caught my eye when I walked into the event. Just like the scents they are bright, vibrant and So…? couture….Excuse the pun!!

so couture 7

I love the So…? range as it appeals to people of all ages. I have a very special little lady in my life who is only 11 years old and she loves these scents just as much as I do. I have said this before but they are such a lovely gift for a girls stocking at Christmas or for teens to buy each other for birthday pressies or even if you want to treat yourself while out shopping. I have one in my locker in work and two on my dressing table and because they are so inexpensive it doesn’t break the bank to always have a pretty smell with you anywhere you go.

All of the scents and any other product from the range are available in Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide.

The Eau De Toilette scents are a very reasonable €5.99 for a 50ml bottle while the Body Fragrances are only €1.99 for 75ml.

so couture 3

Oh and there are also some really great Dry Shampoos now available from So…? too.  Definitely check these out.

Will you be checking the new range out the next time you are out and about? Which scent appeals to you most? I think NYC is my favourite!!

Thanks a mill for stopping by and have a good day