The No7 Total Renew Micro Dermabrasion Exfoliator is no joke. This most definitely isn’t your normal face scrub.

This product claims to give you instantly fresher, clearer, younger looking skin. No7 say that although the results are instant there are longer term benefits too. Within 4 uses the skin will renew itself and as a result will work to fight against fine lines and uneven skin tone to leave you with clear, refined and softer skin.


So how does it work? It contains Aluminium-Oxide Micro Crystals which are used in actual salon micro-dermabrasion treatments so the results, if used correctly are very impressive.

Does it work? I would have to say on an overall level the answer would have to be Yes. There are some concerns I have about this product but on a whole I think it works well.

It is very easy to use. I love that there is no fuss when using this. The packaging keeps the product air tight and dispenses just the right amount allowing you to control the amount you put on your skin. Its simple, all you do is rub the product into your skin in upwards movements for one minute. I would recommend starting off using this once a week and then building up to twice a week. Its important your skin gets used to this type of exfoliator before you include it as a regular in your routine.

This is a mechanical exfoliator so once you stop scrubbing the product no longer works. The crystals are ultra fine so it feels very comfortable on the skin but at the same time it really feels like your skin is getting a decent exfoliation.

There is a lot of discussions around the use of aluminium in products. I am not going to claim to be an expert on the subject and please feel free to leave more info below if you have any more to add but for the most part there is a concern over the use of it in general.


In beauty products, aluminium is said to cause “oxidative stress” on the body which can break down DNA and hense speed up the aging process. There are also huge discussions around anti-perspirants containing aluminium. They basically stop the body from sweating which as a result can stop the body releasing sufficient hormones. This is then said to increase your risk of breast cancer.

I am not trying to scare you of course but I just wanted to point out the discussion that happens regularly. Although we will use this product in small quantities and not every day I would still be aware of the potential side effects. If we follow the below points then I am sure we will reduce any risk associated with aluminium in this product. I just want to point out I have had zero adverse reactions to this product. I have not even had redness after use and I can have sensitive cheeks.  I am using this exfoliator for over three months now.

-Always make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions. Do not over use this product

-Avoid the eye area completely. The crystals are so small they could cause damage if they get into your eye

-Ensure the product is thoroughly rinsed off after every use

-If you have ever had an allergic reaction to anti-perspirants avoid this product

-Do not over work the product as this will cause skin irritation and could eventually cause small spider veins, especially on cheeks and around the nose area

-Obviously never ingest this product

-Apply SPF daily after use

If you follow these steps I am sure you wont have any issue. I personally think it is a really fab product. It really has improved my skin a lot and once I am conscious of the risk associated with the ingredients then I can manage my application to avoid any issues. I use mine in the shower for some added benefits.


I definitely think it is worth checking out. It gives a really great exfoliation that wont be achieved with a normal scrub. Say hello to beautiful, radiant skin. Are you in?

This is available from No7 counters in Boots stores nationwide and online here. It will set you back €15 for a 75ml tube.

I hope you found this review informative. Have you tried this product yet? What are your thoughts on it?

Anita XX