October is probably my favourite month of the year. It is my birthday month and I always find that new and positive things happen for me around my birthday. This year is no different and I want to fill you all in what I have been up to and also what I will be getting up to over the coming months.

So, I am just back from an amazing holiday in Lanzarote where I celebrated my birthday and had some nice relaxing time. Definitely badly needed. Holiday’s give me time to refocus and put my life into perspective. This is something that I need at the moment because from this week I am starting my journey to become a qualified beauty therapist with Coogan Bergin. This college is renowned in the beauty industry in Ireland and I am so grateful and excited to have a place on the course. This will mean lots of study and college every Saturday but I have a plan in my head that will allow me to do all of this, still work full time and still have my blog…oh and still have time to have a life (if that is at all possible). It is a massively tall order but it is something I am very passionate about and have wanted to do for over 10 years.

Coogan Bergin

Why did I finally choose to do the course? Recently my Dad took very ill and seeing someone I love with all my heart suffering made me realise that life is just too short and something just “clicked”. This is my passion and why would I not follow it? Studying beauty will not only help me but I am hoping it will help my followers as I believe I will gain so much knowledge and information that I can share with you all. It will give me a huge understanding of the industry and the science behind the products and how they react with the skin. That can only be good right? I am literally so excited and cannot wait to get started. Oh and my Dad is recovering well which is a gift in itself. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages wishing us all well. It meant and means the world to me.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I just thought I needed to fill you all in as to why I have not had posts up in a few weeks. But going forward you will be seeing lots more of me.

To start off this months favourites I will start off with what I liked during the month….

Oct 15 Favourites Alfapark Leave in

I was sent two products from the ALFAPARF Milano Precious Nature Hair Menu range which is a 100% natural  haircare range, free from nasties such as sulphates, parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, allergans and synethetic dies. There are three different ranges. One for long and straight hair, curly hair and coloured hair. I was sent the Leave in Spray for Coloured Hair and an oil with grape and lavender for Curly hair. My favourite of the two would definitely be the leave in conditioner.

Oct 15 Favourites Alfapark Leave in back

I apply this to my damp hair before brushing through with a wet brush and I really find it makes my hair look shiny and healthy. It also smells amazing as it is made with almond and pistachio. This product also has UV filters which is great for protecting your hair and colour against external damage. This is tad bit expensive at €21.90 for 125ml but I would happily repurchase this as I have seen an obvious difference in my hair.

Oct 15 Favourites Alfapark curly hair oil

I did also like the oil for my curly hair. It was very lightweight and worked well when applied to damp hair but I did not like it when applied to dry hair as I found it made my hair fuzzy.

Oct 15 Favourites Alfapark curly hair oil back

It does say on the box it can be used on dry hair but it did not agree with me when used this way. But as I said, a nice product for controlling frizz and defining curls when used on damp hair. This too is €21.90 for 100ml. These products are available in salons nationwide which stock the ALFAPARF brand.

Oct 15 Favourites veeda

The next thing I liked this month is something a tad bit unusual to be talking about on a beauty blog but I guess us ladies all need them. Tampons!! No you have not read it wrong. I tried the Veeda tampons recently and I was surprised how different they were to my regular ones. They are 100% Natural cotton so again contain no chemicals ,synethetics or dyes which until trying these I never thought that any other ones would contain these things but in fact they do. Considering where we put a tampon I believe it is so important to ensure they are au naturel. Do you agree?

Oct 15 Favourites veeda open

I also felt they were very comfortable to apply and also very absorbant (sorry it had to be said) above some others I have tried. Overall, I have to say I am converted. These will be my new purchase for that time of the month from now on. They are available in Boots stores and online. The applicator free tampons cost €2.59 for 16 but there are also towels and liners available in the range. Will you be converting to the natural, eco friendly option? I already have! If you want to read more about the brand check out their website , I think you will be seriously impressed by this brand.

oct 15 favourites image prevention oil free

Now on to the items I loved during October. This will come with no surprise to you but I have two Image Skincare products that I am just loving at the moment. The first is the Prevention + Daily Matte Moisturizer with SPF 32+. This does exactly what it says! It is a daily moisturiser with SPF 32+ and is oil free. I don’t have oily skin, infact I would say I have dehydrated skin but this moisturiser is enough for me. It gives me all day hydration but leaves no residue on my skin. Image Skincare is one of the top in it’s game so you are guaranteed high quality products when you buy these.

oct 15 favourites image prevention oil free back

This also has UVA and UVB protection which is important to ensure your skin is always protected from the damaging sun and other external factors. I wore this on holidays and it worked perfectly as a sun factor but I also use it as my daily moisturiser every day and I love it for that too. It is very quickly absorbed so perfect for under makeup. See here for a full list of Image Skincare stockists.

oct 15 favourites image vitalc mask

I went for an Image Facial in Femme Fatale in Lucan recently and I was given some samples to take home with me and one of them was the Vital C hydrating enzyme masque. This is hands down my favourite mask ever. I am yet to find anything that will ever come close to it. I have used this in the past and felt the same then. This mask works to gently exfoliate dull skin and because it is packed with Vitamin A, C and E your skin become healthier, more radiant and youthful looking. Sounds too good to be true but genuinely it isn’t.

oct 15 favourites image vitalc mask back

Honestly, after using this my skin looks fresher, I have rosier cheeks and my fine lines on my forehead are a lot less obvious. Now all I need to do is treat myself to a large size. Maybe one for my Santa list?!

My next few items are makeup related, two are high end (I am sorry) and one is so inexpensive. I will start with the more expensive.

Oct 15 Favourites Hourglass ambient lighting powder diffused light

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders are a cult classic at this point. Every Makeup Artist, Blogger and Beauty lover has at least one in their stash. I currently have 4 of the powders and 4 of the blushes. The one I am loving most at the moment is my first purchase from the brand. The Diffused Light powder. Since getting this I used this just to set my under eye concealer and it does this well but this month I am using it all over my face as a setting powder.

Oct 15 Favourites Hourglass ambient lighting powder diffused light back

At first I was unsure if it would work well like this because it looks very pale but it works perfectly. The colour is translucent and all you are left with is a beautiful radiant finish to the skin. These powders are designed to give the areas they are applied to the look that they are in certain lights and this one definitely does that. My imperfections look less obvious and my skin tone looks more perfected. Almost like I am in “diffused light”. Do you get the drift? These are very highly priced at around €45 and available from Space NK which have a shop on Grafton Street or are available online. You can also check out my comparison post between this and a Bourjois alternative if you don’t fancy the splurge.

Oct 15 Favourites Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

Next up is from another high end but fabulous brand. Charlotte Tilbury does some super lippies. My favourite nude lipstick EVER is Nude Kate (read about it here) but this month I have fallen for another one and this time it is called “Bitch Perfect”. This lippie is absolutely perfect and when you wear it you feel like a sexy bitch!! That’s my interpretation of the name anyway!! Why do I love it so much? The colour, the texture, the longevity, the packaging. Do I need to go on?!! No…I probably don’t but I will anyway.

Oct 15 Favourites Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect swatch

The colour is the perfect warm nudey pink. I believe this is the perfect lippie for anyone. If you have paler skin it will come off stronger on you and for darker skins it is the perfect, everyday wearably nude pink. When I wear it it does something to my face that I cannot explain. I guess it brightens up my complexion and makes me look more polished without adding too much colour. The texture is creamy smooth with no stickiness and it feels so moisturising on the lips. It also lasts really well for such a hydrating lippie but I guess it should at €30 a pop. The packaging is my favourite. The rose gold, metal finish screams luxury and that is exactly what we want from a higher end brand. Definitely one for the wish list!

Oct 15 Favourites NYC Sunny bronzer

The last of the loves for this month is something a lot less expensive. I have spoken time and time again about the NYC (New York Color) Smooth Skin Bronzer in the shade Sunny and I am still raving about it. For €2.99 this is such a high quality and luxurious feeling product.

Oct 15 Favourites NYC Sunny bronzer open

The powder itself is easy to blend and gives the skin such a natural glow. The colour is perfect for anyone with light to medium skin as it is not too orange or too cool either. It is just the perfect shade. I don’t only use this to bronze but also to contour and as it has no shimmer in it it does the job perfectly.

Oct 15 Favourites NYC Sunny bronzer back

This brand is available in Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide. If you happen to come across the brand be sure to pick this product up. You won’t be disappointed.

Oct 15 Favourites Revlon Photoready

Lastly for today is something I really did not like. The Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect foundation was such a disappointment for me. I expected to have flawless skin afterwards as it gives claims similar to a HD foundtion. Flawless, perfected and invisible under any light. However, all I found was that it was very tricky to apply, did not last on my skin even when set with powder and highlighted my pores and fine lines. This is definitely one that I will not be using again and it is disappointing to say the least as Revlon is a brand in general that I am fond of. This is €18.99 and available from all Revlon stands, although the packaging has slightly changed from the one I have.

So there we go. What I Liked, Loved and Loathed during October. I know this was a long winded post but I hope you found it informative and interesting and it was also great to fill you guys in on what I will have been and will be getting up to over the next year or so.

Will you be heading out to buy anything I mentioned above or will you be adding any of them to your lust list? What products are you loving at the moment? I would love some new suggestions for stuff to try so feel free to leave any comments below filling me in on your latest loves, or loathes.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by.

Anita XX