For anyone out there who loves a little bit of luxury in their makeup bag, well this post is for you. I love both high end and drugstore products equally. For me it is about the performance of the product, not about the price.

After the launch of Charlotte Tilbury into Brown Thomas last year my love for the brand has grown as has my collection . Besides the lippies and the eye palettes, the one product that really stands out for me amongst the bunch is Charlotte’s Magic Cream. On first glance it just looks like another moisturiser in pretty packaging but believe me…it is a heck of alot more than that!! Let me explain!

Charlottes Magic Cream Review 2

Charlotte herself has made up the faces of models and celebs for decades. She says that she always searched for the perfect moisturiser to prep the skin before makeup application but she never found one that ticked all the boxes so she decided to make her own. The more she used this on her clients, the more they fell in love and it soon became known as Charlotte’s Magic Cream. Finally Charlotte bottled the magic potion and it is now available worldwide for us all to enjoy.

So what makes this so special I am sure you ask? Well, it’s simply down to the ingredients.

*BioNymph Peptide Complex: This is a serious anti aging ingredient that accordng to the Brown Thomas website “stimulates collagen production and cell energy and fights free radicals, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooths the skin

*Hyaluronic Acid: Sounds scary? Well don’t worry this ingredient gives your skin a serious injection of moisture which will plump the skin and make it looks fresh and awake

*Rose Hip Oil: This is a great ingredient to help rejuvenate the skin cells and improve the overall condition of your skin

*Vitamin E: A well known and hard working skincare ingredient that protects and repairs the skin.

*SPF and UVA Protection: An SPF 15 to help protect your skin all year round. I much prefer SPF’s higher than 30 for the face so I still layer a stronger SPF over this when I use it.

Charlottes Magic Cream Review

So now that you know all the science behind it let me tell you what I think of the cream, I have some good and bad points to share with you all. Let’s start with the good:

*I love the texture of this moisturiser. It is very rich but does not sit on the skin. It soaks in really well and just leaves a really lovely glow to the skin.

*It has the most beautiful scent that really tickles my senses.

*The packaging is very luxe and as it is a jar it means you can get every last drop of the product.

*After using this my face “glows” like never before. I genuinely look like I have just removed a hydrating face mask or  better yet just had a facial. I call it my facial in a bottle.

*It is a lovely primer for makeup. It isn’t marketed as a specific primer but it certainly creates a beautiful smooth canvas.

*It is not greasy or oily so it can be used for all skin types. Drier skins will absolutely love this.

*A little amount of the product goes a really long way.

Charlottes Magic Cream Review 3

Now for the not so good stuff

*The price. At €90 for a 50ml tub it is a very hefty purchase. If I am honest I think it is alot of money and it is hard to  justify. It is one of the products that it will annoy you to hand over the cash for but once you get it home and try it  out then you won’t think of the money as the results are very impressive. I just wish it was cheaper so that everyone  could afford it.

*I mentioned above that it is very rich but can be used by all skin types. This is definitely true. However, if your skin  tends to break out or is very oily I would say to only use this on special occassions and not as your daily moisturiser.  This is what I do and I love it for this as if I over use this it is just too rich and my skin breaks out.

*I would have loved to see a higher SPF in the Magic Cream as I think it is essential to have an SPF of 30+on the face  daily to prevent aging. I do understand however that a higher SPF may cause flashback when photgraphed and as the  brand is predominately a makeup brand then this would definitely be a concern for them if using it under makeup  that will be photographed. I am sure there is a valid reason for the low SPF.

The question on everyone’s lips is always “Is it worth the hype and the money?” If I am to answer the questions separately. Is it worth the hype? Most definitely!! This cream is one of a kind and it definitely transforms the skin into a fresh and glowing base for makeup. Is it worth the money? If you have the money to spend on it then I really believe you won’t be disappointed. However, I do think it is a serious amount of money and I know a lot of people would not be able to justify spending it. You do get a very beautiful product that definitely delivers great results but I do think it would sit in a lot more people’s makeup bags if it costs even two thirds of the price.

So there you have it, my very honest review of a cult classic that we have all lusted over for a while now.

Have you tried this cream? Do you think it is worth the hype and the money? I would love to know your views so leave them in the comment box below.

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