I am a self obsessed fake tan addict. I wear fake tan almost on a daily basis and feel like I am not fully dressed without having a golden glow. However, I am not into the whole “you’ve been tangoed” look. I love a natural looking golden colour that just makes my skin look healthy looking. Ever since I used Cocoa Brown 1 Hour tan for the first time I have loved it and used it religiously. As a beauty blogger I am always on the search for new tans to try but I always seem to come back to this tan time and time again as I know I can rely on it to achieve the tan I want.

Cocoa Brown in general is one of my favourite brands…and to make it even better it is Irish….Whoop Whoop. I feel Marissa Carter delivers seriously high quality products without over pricing them and as they are available nationwide it takes the hassle out of buying them.

This Spring Cocoa Brown launched a new range of products which I was so happy to receive as I have not yet been dissapointed with any of the other ones I have tried from the range. One that I wanted to try for ages but never got the chance to because I wasn’t wearing the right clothes on nights out (i.e skirts or shorts) was the Lovely Legs Spray…..I actually cannot believe it took me so long to use this because now I am trying to find every excuse to wear a skirt so I can show off how amazing this baby is.

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs

Lovely Legs is basically a tanning makeup for your legs….so a similar idea to the infamous Sally Hansen Airbrush legs. It claims to:

  • Instantly give your legs a natual, bronzed tan
  • Be water resistant so it won’t streak if you get caught in the rain
  • Give you confidence that your skin imperfections appear smoother and less visible.

So..does it stand up to it’s claims? Absolutely!! Let me explain.

As far as giving a bronzed look to your legs goes it really does what it says on the tin. I wore this last weekend over the 1 Hour Tan and my legs looked super bronzed but without looking orange or unnatural. When I first applied it I was worried that it looked too orange but as I buffed it into my skin it definitely looked better. It also gave a lovely sheen to my legs which I wasn’t expecting. For me this subtle sheen is so important as it makes the legs look elongated and so more sexy which is always a big plus.

It is also water proof. I stupidly spilled some drink over my legs when I was a little tipsy and dancing the night away and it was only afterwards when I went to the ladies that I was surprised that it hadn’t taken any of the tan off. Another great thing about this tan. Even though it is waterproof it is easily washed off with a shower puff and some warm soapy water so great if you only want that bronzed glow for a night out. It does mention on the packaging that this could transfer to lighter clothing but I didn’t experience this even though I wore light coloured PJ’s going to be after wearing this all night.

But my favourite thing about this tan has to be the fact that it is a makeup for your legs. Like most women I definitely have less than perfect legs. I have the odd vein on the backs of my legs and I bruise like no ones business so I am guaranteed to have a bruise or ten that I want to cover up for nights out. This little beauty covers up so much of my imperfections and gives my skin an even flawless look. I did have a really bad bruise and it didn’t completely cover up this but it definitely lessened the look of it to the point that you couldn’t see it unless you looked really closely at it. I loved how this product made my legs look.

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs pale

Before application of Lovely Legs Spray…No Fake tan on at all (obviously!!!)

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs after

After a light quick application of Lovely Legs Spray….The colour can be built up to a darker tan and if applied over fake tan it looks even better. I just wanted to show how it looked on my super pale skin!

I cannot say enough about this tan. It is beautiful applied over fake tan and I think it would equally be stunning over a natural tan on holidays or on summer days. Most people tan less on their legs than the rest of their body so this is a great way to even out your tan without having to apply fake tan and wait for it to develop.

So how do I apply the Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs spray? Preferably make sure you have exfoliated for the few days leading up to your night out but most people would do this if they were applying fake tan anyway. Then about an hour or two before going out I have a shower and buff my legs with a shower puff and after the shower I moisturise my skin really well concentrating especially on my knees and ankles. Then just before I get dressed I apply this product. The instructions on the can are exactly what I do….I give the can a really good shake. Then spray the tan onto a tanning mitt and just buff the product into my legs making sure that my legs are dry and that all the moisturiser has soaked in. You are guaranteed a flawless application each time as this product blends effortlessly.

The product itself has the usual Cocoa Brown scent which is the beautiful Tahitian Gardenia. This is packaged in an aerosol can of 75ml which I would imagine will last you a very long time as you really only need a few sprays for each leg. This will set you back €7.99 which is a seriously reasonable price for this amazing, results driven product. Again Cocoa Brown have hit it out of the park.

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs 2

There isn’t really anything bad that I could say about this product but I would like to see it in more colours for paler and darker skin tones than mine. But on the current Lovely legs can it does say “Medium Bronze” as the colour so I am thinking that we might get lucky soon and see a launch of a Light Bronze and Dark Bronze version from Cocoa Brown.

When I mention this product to people they always ask does it compare to Sally Hansen’s Airbrushes legs and in my opinion it is better than this for a few reasons:

  • Even though there is only one shade in the range I do think this gives my legs a more natural bronzed look
  • It is more reasonably priced. Sally Hansen is around €13-€14 so Cocoa Brown is almost half price.
  • I find the Cocoa Brown to be a thinner consistency but still covers as much as Sally Hansen.

Don’t get me wrong Sally Hansen has been a favourite of mine for many years but I think I will be reaching for Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs alot more now as it delivers as good if not slightly better results for half the price. Definitely a no brainer for me.

So that is really all I have to say about this tan. Have you tried it yet? How do you think it compares to Sally Hansen’s version?

Thanks for stopping by and Have a lovely day

Lots of Hug and Cuddles

Anita XXX