I was not blessed with perfect skin. I suffered from acne as a teen and then again in my twenties. Thankfully I was not left with any indentations in the skin but I was left with some obvious pigmentation spots on my cheeks, jaw and chin area.

I was very unsure what way to treat these. I had heard of bleaching and lightening products but they sounded pretty scary to me. I did my research and heard great things about Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright. It was available in my local Boots so I decided to give it a go. To be honest I didn’t expect too much because I didn’t think anything would cure my skin but OH was I wrong…this little tube is nothing short of a miracle product!!!!

Indeed Labs Pepta-bright

Indeed Labs state that this cream-serum will:

-even skin tone

-reduce and lighten hyper-pigmentation

-prevent, treat and diminish dark spots

-restore luminosity and radiance to the skin

-prevent the formation of dark spots

-stimulate cell turnover

-maintain skin hydration

Indeed Labs Pepta-bright 2

So….does it stand up to the claims? Simply the answer is YES!! My skin has transformed drastically since using this and it didn’t take long for it to change either. Usually products like this take months but I seen an obvious difference after 3 weeks. My skin is definitely clearer, more radiant and my pigmentation has lightened a fair bit.  The below picture shows a before picture and a picture after 3 weeks use. I took the below pictures in different lighting so don’t be alarmed by the change in skin colour, it’s just the lighting! I was scared of the idea of a lightening product as I felt it would bleach my skin but I have not seen any change in colour of my overall skin, just my skin is brighter and my pigmentation is faded!! The picture was taken around 3 years ago so please ignore the state of it and the terrible quality!! But you get my drift right?!
 pepti results

This product is marketed as a cream-serum. I tend to use it as a serum under my moisturiser at night. When my pigmentation was really bad I used it twice daily (morning and night). One word of warning though it is strongly advised that if you are using this serum during the day (no matter what time of the year) that you wear an SPF on your face to avoid any sun damage to the skin. I only use this at night but I still wear an SPF of 30+ every day. Firstly, to be sure that my skin is protected overall but also because my skin is definitely more sensitive to the sun when using this.

I literally love almost everything about this product. The only negative I would say is that it claims to maintain skin hydration whereas I have found that my skin is tighter and drier when using this but I really don’t mind as the results are amazing otherwise and the dryness is nothing that a good moisturiser won’t fix.

Indeed Labs Pepta-bright 3

This product isn’t for everyone I must add. If your skin is perfect, bright and has no pigmentation then you won’t see a drastic change from using this but if you are someone who has suffered from acne in the past and is scarred or has worshiped the sun for far too long and can see the impact on your skin then this will be your new best friend!!!!

I didn’t expect this product to work on anyone with active acne but my cousin who did have active acne could see a considerable change in her skin while using this.  So this product actually seems to do even more than it claims to which is always a nice extra!! It was also rated “Best Wrinkle Smoothing Serum” by the Daily Mail!!! Can this product do any wrong?!

I have used this product for around 3 years. When I first used it my scarring was exceptionally bad (see earlier before and after picture) and I seen drastic changes. 3 years on I do still have some pigmentation (see below for a bare faced current picture. YIKKESS) but nothing like it was before and I genuinely believe this product made these improvements.  I can still see improvements in my skin while using this.My skincare routine doesn’t feel the same without it!!
Indeed Labs Pepta-bright 4
Just a side note. My cheeks are very sensitive to product but this does not irritate them in any way. I have had no issues at all with reaction to this product even on first use. It is also very lightweight and absorbs great into the skin. I believe all skin types would be ok to use this, even really oily and really dry as it doesn’t seem to aggravate either.

I am massively impressed by the fact that Indeed Labs have actually left out some ingredients which are harmful and damaging to the skin such as mercury, parabens, kojic acid (a skin bleach) and hydroquinone (which I believe was or still is banned in the EU!!!).

Pepta-bright can be purchased online at www.boots.ie or in some Boots stores (Liffey Valley have it) for €39.99 for 30ml. Yes it is expensive but worth every cent and as you know boots always has amazing offers on skincare so keep your eyes peeled for these!

If you have fretted over your skin like I have for far too long then I honestly think this product is your answer. I am no longer embarrassed to leave the house without makeup. My skin is not 100% perfect by any means but finally I can see results and feel more confident as a result.Have a wonderful day everyone and here’s to a brighter, happier face for the future!!!

Anita XX