I have heard so many mixed reviews about the Inglot YSM Cream Foundation. I wanted to write this post as I think a lot of the time this product is misunderstood and not used in the correct way.  Believe me, when it is used correctly it is a super foundation.

Inglot YSM Cream Foundation

This is the foundation I use in the student kits when I teach. There are many reasons for me choosing this foundation. Let me explain why….

-It has buildable coverage depending on the brush you choose to apply it with. If you want a light coverage I would suggest using a duo fibre brush. This will buff the product into the skin leaving a flawless finish but with some of the natural skin showing through. If you use a flat foundation brush or a kabuki style brush you will get a much fuller coverage. It all depends on what type of look you are trying to achieve. I also like to use a small flat concealer brush to apply the foundation in areas where I need extra coverage for example around the nose or to cover a spot. If you are confused as to what brush does what please feel free to take a look at my recent post on my top foundation brush picks. This will explain in detail what you need to know.

-It has a demi matte finish which means that it is matte but with a glowing finish if that makes sense. I love this type finish in a foundation. I think it suits a lot of different skin types and doesn’t get oily too quickly.

Inglot YSM Cream Foundation 2

– It is very long lasting on the skin once set with powder

-It is perfect for photographic work as once blended well it looks flawless on camera and as it contains no SPF you don’t get that horrible white Casper face in pictures.

-There are a decent amount of shades in the range and the colours mix well together.

Inglot YSM Cream Foundation 3

Can you see why I like this for students? I would also recommend it for makeup artists kits as it is a really versatile product. The packaging, although it isn’t fancy it is easy to keep clean and easy to transport so great for travel and for mobile makeup artists.

There are some trouble shooting areas that I want to cover off on though because they need to be addressed if you are going to get great results from this foundation.

– People often mention that they cannot get a full coverage from this. If you have or are working on someone that has a lot of freckles this will not completely cover them all but I do have a trick for it to cover most of them… Apply a light layer of foundation, leave it to settle into the skin and then with a flat foundation brush apply a thicker layer. Leave it again to settle on the skin and then set with a full coverage powder  like Mac Studio Fix Powder. This will definitely do the trick.

Inglot YSM Cream Foundation 4

-Likewise people say it is too matte and too full coverage for them when their preference is fresh, dewy skin. If this is the look I want I tend to use an illuminating base under the foundation (check out my top picks here) or even mix a small amount with the foundation. Then as mentioned above I buff the product on to the skin and set with a lightweight powder.

-It does have a tendency to set into fine lines on the face. Again, apply the foundation, let it settle and then before powdering it down lightly buff the areas where it has settled and immediately lock it in with powder. This will definitely help with this problem.

Below is a picture of shade 49 applied very lightly. Doesn’t it give great coverage?

Jade After

Just a little note. I tend to recommend two shades to people if they want to use them with and without tan. I like shade 49 and 45. One is light and one is dark and they can be mixed together to get pretty much any shade up to quiet a tanned skin. These are great for anyone wanting them for their kits also as they are very versatile shades.

So have I convinced you yet? I am definitely not telling you to go out and buy yet another foundation but I wanted to do this post because I know a lot of people that have this foundation sitting in the back of their makeup drawers not getting the use it deserves. I also think that if you are the type of person that likes natural makeup for day and full coverage for night then this is a great option as it can be changed up in so many ways to suit the look you are going for. That way you don’t need two different foundations for day and night.

These foundations are €20 for 30ml and available at any Inglot counter.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you found this interesting.

Anita xx