Considering this is a foundation I use a fair amount of the time I cannot believe I have not reviewed it before now. L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation dare I say it….is by far my all time favourite foundation.

It is said to be a dupe for another favourite of mine, the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation which I reviewed here and although I can see it does have a lot of similarities it isn’t he exact same. I would say if you have wanted to try the Armani foundation but cannot justify the price then L’Oreal True Match is definitely the place to look. I have both foundations but because the price point is a major difference between the two I use L’Oreal True Match daily and keep the Armani one for nights out and special occasions.

Loreal True Match foundation review 1So what is this foundation all about?!………..

Well L’Oreal states that this is “a completely natural and complexion-perfecting finish, enhancing every woman’s natural beauty. True Match super-bendable foundation perfectly matches the skin’s unique tone and texture.” Do I agree with their claims? Not exactly but let me explain….

The first part I can definitely justify. This foundation gives the skin a beautifully natural and perfected look which doesn’t look caked with foundation or mask like in any way.

The second part is a little hit or miss for me for a few reasons. Firstly, although there are a lot of shades in the range some people have found it very difficult to find the exact shade match for them which can be very irritating. I also know some people have had to buy two shades and mix them together to find their perfect shade. Luckily, the majority of the time my skin matches to the shade N5 so I only need the one shade.

Loreal True Match foundation review colourRegarding matching the texture of the skin I am not sure this is something I want in a foundation and thankfully I am not sure that this foundation stands up to this claim. If my foundation was to match the texture of my skin I would have a few lumps and bumps here and there as I have some acne scarring. So…with that in mind I am thankful that it doesn’t do this. I think most of us will agree that we all want our foundation to even out the texture of our skin as opposed to mimicking it. Thankful this offering from L’Oreal does just what we want.

I feel like I haven’t said a lot of good about this foundation so far and considering I made the bold statement in the first paragraph that it was my all time favourite foundation, maybe it isn’t stacking up for you just yet!!

Although this foundation doesn’t live up to some of it’s claims it still is one one of the best foundations on the market in my option. Here is the reasons why I adore this product so much.

-Although some people find it tough to get their perfect shade in this foundation there is a huge shades variety available. There are shades ranging from the very light to dark and tones from cool, to warm, to neutral so in theory there should be a shade to suit us all.

Loreal True Match foundation review shade n5

Shade N5

-This foundation is so lightweight on the skin. When you first pump out some of the product it has a medium, light creamy texture but it feels extremely comfortable once applied and buffed into the skin.

-It has a light/medium buildable coverage that can be built up in areas if extra coverage is needed. I don’t feel you will get a full coverage from this foundation so if that is what you are looking for then this one is not for you but it does give a decent coverage that still looks natural on the skin.

-The finish is demi matte which means that it is a matte finish (moreso than it’s Armani dupe) that still has a lovely glow and radiance to it. For me this is the perfect finish in a foundation The best thing is, if you like a more glowing complexion you can mix this foundation with a nice luminating cream product or for a more matte finish simply top it with a mattifying powder. Three looks in one…Perfection!!

-It has an SPF of  17 which is pretty decent for a foundation. Not high enough for me for daily use but it is good for anyone that doesn’t tend to wear SPF. At least it will give you daily protection.

Loreal True Match foundation review pump

-The bottle of this is so convenient and pretty. It is a 30ml glass bottle with a very convenient pump which dispenses a small amount so you are sure not to waste any of it. And best of all I have never seen the pump block which is a big bonus for me.

– At €14.99 I think this is an absolute bargain. This foundation is soooo high quality. The low price tag really doesn’t resemble the quality, that’s for sure.

-It is oil free and although it is slightly matte it still works for most skin types. Except for you ladies that have really dry skin.

-It doesn’t get oily on my skin throughout the day. I feel, apart from it slightly settling into laughter lines after a few hours wear this foundation stays is pretty much the same for around 8 hours as it did when I first applied it.

-Best of all it is available nationwide in pharmacies and department stores so it is very easy to get your hands on it.

Seriously, can you ask for any more in a foundation? I think this is the perfect one!

Loreal True Match foundation review with brushBy the way…my favourite foundation brush to use with this is the F22 by Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I find the round top is great for buffing the product comfortably into the skin and it can also be used to dab the foundation onto areas where you need extra coverage. You can buy this brush here.

To round it up, L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation is a lightweight, medium coverage foundation that gives the skin and a perfected and demi matte finish. Although the shade range can be a little hit or miss this is definitely compensated by its super high quality formula with a  low price tag. So are you sold yet? I know what will be in your shopping basket the next time you visit a L’Oreal stand.

Loreal True MatchI am a huge fan of all of the L’Oreal True Match range. I have previously reviewed the concealer here and stay tuned for a review of the powder coming very soon.

Me Loreal True Match

Have a lovely day people and Be Happy

Anita XXX