The original Makeup Forever HD foundation is one of my all time favourites and has been since I trained with them many moons ago. When I seen that they had a new Ultra version on the market I was intrigued but then when I seen it in a stick formula I was all over it!!

MUFE HD Stick Foundation


I always like to start my reviews with what the product claims to do because I believe that it is super important that a product delivers what it claims to do. After all, these are the reasons we buy it in the first place right?

MUFE HD Stick Foundation Claims

This foundation claims to

-Be invisible under high spec HD cameras (4k cameras to be exact) as well as being completely invisible to the naked eye

-Feel like a second skin

-Have a medium to full coverage while still looking natural and flawless

MUFE HD Stick Foundation Open

-Have a creamy texture that glides on and makes skin look even toned and moisturised

-Blend effortlessly to conceal imperfections

-Have a satin finish

-Be great for all skin types, even dry

MUFE HD Stick Foundation close up

From the offset I need to tell you that I am a huge fan of this foundation. It has so many good points but there is no point in saying it is 100% perfect. There are definitely areas in which it could be improved. Let’s start with the positives.

-This foundation is so luxurious. It feels so creamy and hydrating when you first apply it.

MUFE HD Stick Foundation swatch

-It has really decent coverage. It is medium coverage but can definitely be built up to a relatively high coverage with little effort

-It does definitely feel very lightweight and “like a second skin” even though it has serious coverage power

-It has a lovely finish. I would say “satin” is a great description. It is not very dewy but not matte either. Satin, yes it’s like satin on the skin

-It does work well on all skin types but beware oily skin needs to be powdered well after you apply and dry skin hydrated well before application.

-Apart from a few points I mention below about the longevity of this product I do feel it lasts really well on the skin. You can see below the picture of it on my skin after 10-12 hours wear with absolutely no top up. It has worn in places (which it does after about 2 hours) but it stays put in most areas throughout the whole day

MUFE HD Stick Foundation Shade Y315 125

And now for some points I noted during my few months using these. These aren’t actually negative things more just work arounds I would say.

-Although it does blend very well I always feel it needs a little help when blending. To do this I either use a wet beauty blender or I spray my buffing foundation brush with a little bit of Mac Fix+ and it blends a lot better for me this way.

MUFE HD Stick Foundation After

-Although it does say it is ok for even dry skins I find it does tend to cling to drier areas if the area is not perfectly primed before application. I need to make sure to use a really hydrating moisturiser and primer before using this and my skin isn’t the driest, it would be more dehydrated than anything. Once I follow these steps though it does tend to cling less to the areas. Above is my skin just after application without any powder.

MUFE HD Stick Foundation Close up after 10 hours Adorn.ie2

-Unfortunately no matter what I do the product seems to almost separate on my chin area. I would have very slightly oily skin here but nothing too severe. I have not found a way around this, even with a  mattifying primer and powder. If anyone has found a way to avoid this please let me know!

-I do not feel it is completely invisible to the naked eye. In fairness I don’t know any product that would be. It definitely isn’t super obvious on the skin but you would definitely not get away with saying you had no foundation on. It is pretty impressive under a HD camera though. Flawless and Fabulous are the words I would choose to describe the effect it gives!!

So there you go. To be honest I don’t have anything really negative to say about this product. It is pretty great apart from it wearing off on my chin. It gives me super coverage that looks natural and flawless. What more could a gal want?

MUFE HD Stick Foundation Before and After

Above is a picture of one side of my face with and one without the foundation. I literally applied one stroke to one side of my face to achieve this coverage. Pretty impressive right?

This foundation can be bought from Makeup Forever on Clarendon Street Dublin or it can be bought online at and it is €39 for 30ml. It is priced on the high end but honestly you are getting a very high quality, professional foundation that is one of the best on the market I believe.

Have you tried this foundation or any others from the Makeup Forever HD range? What is your favourite? Will this one be added to your shopping list?

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Anita XXX