Isn’t it amazing how a fragrance can bring you back to a certain time in your life with just one sniff? Well that is exactly what the So…? range of perfumes did for me when I recently got our hands on them. I used these back in the 90’s and after one sniff I felt that I was 13 again…ah to be 13 again…

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I have three different scents of the So…? perfumes and this little post is going to fill you all in on which scents I liked most and overall how I feel about these nostalgic perfumes.

First up is the sweetest scent of the bunch. So..? Eternal is definitely a very girly and young fragrance. It has touches of citrus, sandalwood and amber which makes for a really beautiful, uplifting fragrance. This is definitely a day time fragrance as it is fresh, sweet and invigorating. The cute packaging has definitely more of a youthful feel.

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Next, we have the original So… fragrance, which is one that adorned my bathroom shelf for many a year. This is probably the most sophisticated of the three we own with hints of vanilla. orange blossom and tangerine. It is the type of scent that people stop to ask you what you are wearing because it is quiet a unique blend.

so fragrance original

The last of the three is one that I had never tried before but it happens to be my favourite of the lot. So…? Sexy is the most grown up scent. It is musky with sandalwood being an obvious ingredient but also with some fresh notes which makes it appealing to almost everyone we would imagine. This for me is a night time fragrance and will definitely get the men a knocking…..:P

so fragrance sexy

So…? Fragrance is predominately a brand that is marketed towards teens and with such a low price point (less that €15 for a 50ml from Penneys, Boots, Superdrug and other store nationwide). With youthful, uplifting scents it is definitely perfect for the younger generation. However, I was massively impressed with the perfumes and have worn them a fair bit since receiving them. As they are so inexpensive they are a great everyday perfume and one to have on the go for freshening up. I would imagine that a teen would be delighted to receive these as a gift so definitely a great option if you are looking to treat your teen or are in fact a teen and looking to treat themselves. Equally they are as nice for us ladies who still like a fresh and youthful fragrance at any age!

These are Eau de Toilette so won’t last as long on the skin as Eau De Parfum but they do last reasonably long and as they are cheap and cheerful you don’t mind squirting on a bit more in the mornings. The packing is simple and cute and the bottle is easy to throw in the handbag for on the go.

Overall, I am delighted with these perfumes and think they are a great little treat for anyone looking for an everyday perfume but don’t want to break the bank.

Have you tried any So…? fragrances before? What is your favourite scent?

Have a lovely day everyone and thanks for stopping by.

Anita xxx