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WetnWild Megaglo Contour Palette

WetnWild Megaglo Contour Palette

When it’s good, it’s good and the price tag doesn’t change my mind one bit. But, what if I told you that one of my all time favourite contour palettes was less than €6?!! The Wet n Wild Megaglo Contour palette quickly became my go to contour shade and I haven’t looked back since. I genuinely have very little...
#2016BestNine - Beauty Products

#2016BestNine – Beauty Products

Today I decided to take inspiration from Instagram’s #2016BestNine and put a little twist of my own on it. Day in, day out we see new beauty products launching and to be honest sometimes it can get a little hectic, even for a beauty lover like me. This post is going to strip it back and...