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Rimmel Foundations: The Lowdown

Rimmel Foundations: The Lowdown

One of the top questions people ask me as a blogger and makeup artist is “What foundation would you recommend for my skin type?”. Often people do not want to spend alot of money on foundations so if I am not telling them to buy L’oreal True Match (which is my favourite) then I normally...
Anita's Picks: Top Three "Drugstore" Concealers

Anita’s Picks: Top Three “Drugstore” Concealers

Concealers are something that are close to my heart…simply because, like most ladies I have areas I want to hide. My main concerns are very dark under eyes, pigmentation left behind after acne and the odd breakout here and there. I decided to do this post of my favourite and affordable concealers because I was...
Anita's July Beauty Favourites

Anita’s July Beauty Favourites

Do you change-up your beauty routine on a weekly/monthly basis or do you stick to the same products day in day out? I have to admit although I really should stick to what I know and love I cannot help myself from trying out new discoveries or new launches when I can or I simply...