Perfect brows are something we all strive for right? But achieving them at home can be difficult. Today I have my favourite brow products which I use to achieve nice sculpted but natural looking brows.

I wrote a post previously about the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade which I love and it is a product that I use on my brows but lately the below products have taken it’s place. There are a lot more steps to follow below but I am loving the effect I am getting with them.

Brows Eylure permanent tint

I think the main thing for me is to make sure that my brows are tinted regularly. This is a treatment that can be done in a salon of course but I tend to do mine at home. I use the Eylure Permanent Tint For Brows in Mid Brown on my brows. This little kit is amazing. You get everything you need to tint your brows and the step by step instructions make it a doddle to do on yourself. I find when I tint my brows that firstly I look better without makeup and secondly when I fill in my brows they look much better and even sometimes can look like HD brows if I give them enough attention. These little kits are €13.95 and available from Boots and selected pharmacies. I get two uses out of the one pack so it’s not too expensive at all. I usually get around 3 weeks out of a tint. It does say up to 6 weeks but I have never got this length from a tint no matter what products I used.

When I tint my brows I will also pluck the stray hairs myself to make sure my brows remain as clean as possible all the time. I don’t have a strong hair growth so I don’t need to wax or thread that much but if you do I would recommend allowing an expert to do them as they will know exactly what shape suits you etc.

Depending on the look I want I can either use a brow pencil or a brow powder to fill in my brows. Actually, I can often use a mix of the two depending on how long I have.

Brows Wet N Wild coloricon brow pencil

The Wet N Wild Coloricon Brow Pencils are by far my favourite brow pencils ever. They are less than €3 each and they come with a spooly on one end which is actually a really good one and on the other end you have a pencil. The pencil is waxy but easy to use. We want a brow pencil to be waxy because we need it to stay on the brows but I hate when they are too waxy because they hurt to apply and just sit on the skin and look so unnatural. These Wet N Wild ones have the perfect consistency.  They glide on but stay in place.

Brows Wet N Wild coloricon brow pencil blonde moments and brunettes do it better

I use these pencils in two different ways. On natural makeup days I use it to lightly fill in my complete brows and then if I want a more defined look I use the pencil to outline my brows and I will then fill it in with powder later on. If an area of my brow has an obvious gap in it I will use this pencil to fill it in. There are two shades available. For lighter hair Blonde Moments(top above) is a great choice whereas for Brunettes the shade Brunettes do it better(bottom above) is a beautiful shade. Definitely one that I would recommend to try out. May 2015 Favs Eylure Brow PaletteTo fill in my brows on days I am wearing a decent amount of makeup I tend to use a brow powder after outlining with the pencil. I found it difficult to get a good quality brow powder and so I tended to use eyeshadows in the past but then I came across the Eylure Brow palette . I am really into this palette lately. It contains three products. A brow wax, a dark powder and a light highlight powder. I don’t use the wax but I use the powder and an angled brush simply to fill in the bulk of my brows and I use the highlight shade under my brows as a highlight shade. For me this kit gives my brows a HD look. It is the icing on the cake that makes my brows look a million times better than they have in the past. Although this is a powder product I find it doesn’t look powdery at all. It has a glossy look off it which makes my brows look very natural. These again can be bought in Boots and cost less than €15. I use the shade Dark Brown.

Brows Makeup Forever Concealer and Nima brush

I am nearly at the end of my brow routine but one little tip I love is to outline your brows with a concealer and a flat angled brush or a brush with a sharp edge. This will do two things. It will clean up any mistakes you may have made on your brows and it will also highlight the area making your brows look much more defined and perfected. I love how this makes your brows pop and look so professionally done. Choosing a shade of concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin will add to the highlight effect. Also using a thicker consistency as opposed to a light concealer will work best.

brow sleek

My final step is to set my brows in place with a brow gel. I use a variety of different ones but I love the Sleek Brow perfectors. The tiny brush head allows you to get each hair and even in the thinnest of areas. I use the one in Dark Brown and I love that it adds some extra colour and gloss to my brows but they are also available in clear if that is something you prefer. These cost €6.49 and are available from Boots and selected pharmacies nationwide.

So there you go. My top picks for beautiful, natural looking brows. I don’t like my brows to be too dramatic but instead I like them to look precise, clean and well maintained and the above products allow me to achieve this look.

What are your favourite brow products? Have you ever tried any of the above? I bet you would like to……

Thanks for stopping by and Have a lovely day