Summer skin for me should be glowing, radiant and luminous BUT……without looking like an oily mess. I love a full coverage foundation and don’t like to change this too much when the weather gets warmer so instead I tend to apply an illuminating base under my foundation or sometimes I even mix in some with my foundation for a more radiant look.

Iluminating basis main

Today I want to share with you my top illuminating products. Best of all, there is one to suit everyone’s budget.

Starting with the most luxurious of the three. Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow is at the higher end of the price spectrum at €49 for 40mls (€1.23 per ml). However, like a lot of Charlotte’s products this one has multi uses and multiple benefit which does slightly take the sting out of the price. For one, it is packed full of anti aging ingredients such as collagen boosting peptides and wrinkle fighting ingredients. These hard working ingredients combined with light reflecting particles makes this a great pick for anyone wanting that glow but with added skincare benefits.

Iluminating basis CT

Charlotte does say that this product will “Turn around Tired, Dull Skin in a Beauty Flash” and how it reflects light onto the skin is pretty groundbreaking if you ask me. This very smart little product has a fluorescent core which takes UV light from its surroundings and converts it to skin luminosity. Have you ever heard the likes of it?

The texture of this product is extremely lightweight so if you have oily skin and struggle to find a luminous base then I think this one will be right up your street. It doesn’t dry matte….of course it is a glowy product but the skin (even oily) does seem to soak this up nicely so producing excess oil throughout the day shouldn’t be an issue. Likewise, this is just as nice for dry skin as the skincare ingredients will make your skin look and feel nicely hydrated without any residue.

Iluminating basis CT 1

This does not give a very obvious glowiness to the skin. Instead it makes the skin look healthier, a little more perfected and plump. I don’t feel like this is an absolute game changer when applied under foundation but I do really like this mixed with my foundation especially if you have a heavy duty foundation. Colour wise I think it has a slight golden tan shade to it which is really pretty. It isn’t too obvious on the skin so pale girls should be ok to wear this but I would suggest testing it on counter first if you don’t want to add any extra colour to your skin.

Iluminating basis CT 2

As ever, the smell and packaging of this beauty are on point. They scream luxury which I am not going to lie, makes me feel very happy!! I know, I am so shallow!!

Next up is an offering from Mac Cosmetics. Their Strobe Cream is a cult classic at this point and I have to be honest and say I am not surprised. This product is a must have for me. This retails for €33.50 for a 50ml tube (€0.67 per ml) which makes it the middle of the road alternative when it comes to price range. A little hint for you all though. I buy the travel sizes as you get a 30ml for only €10 which is only €0.33 per ml, serious bargain. And I much prefer the packaging of the small ones as I find the larger ones difficult to squeeze when they come near the end. However, can I just add that it is by no means middle of the road when it comes to quality.

Iluminating basis mac

This too has skincare benefits. This is packed full of skin boosting botanicals which again, will waken tired, dull and lifeless skin with its light reflecting particles. It also contains green tea which is full of anti oxidants while giving it the most beautiful and refreshing smell. I tend to reach for this out of all of the three mentioned in this post simply because of the smell. Especially in the morning, I find it is a lovely pick me up which sets me on my way for the day.

Iluminating basis mac 1

Actually, there is another reason I tend to reach for this more than the others. I haven’t got the best skin in the world. I have some pigmentation and uneven colouring. I find out of the three this one actually disguises blemishes the best. It does have a white tinge to it and I feel that this allows it to blur imperfections which does me nicely. With that in mind the whitish colour does tend to stay on the skin after applied so I don’t like to use this on its own as I feel it creates a white cast on the skin. Applied under foundation though it definitely helps hide my problem areas while creating a beautiful glow that I am slowly becoming addicted to.

Iluminating basis mac 2

I do think this will is ok for most skin types. However, really oily gals or people that break out from strong ingredients might find this a tad bit too rich for them. I did slightly break out from it at first but my skin quickly settled down. This product would be the thickest consistency of the three which is nice for drier skins.

The last of the bunch is a nice purse friendly alternative. Boots Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm has been knocked about a fair bit on blogs and social media over the last number and weeks and it is for no other reason that it is a super little product that has a wee little price tag. We all love a bargain but most of all we love a bargain with benefits and this one definitely has loads.

Iluminating basis boots botanics

Normally, this retails for €7.99 for 50ml (€0.16 per ml) but latetly it has been on offer in Boots for €3.99. If you see it at this price grab it. Although it is well worth the money, even when it’s not on offer. I love the skincare benefits of this one. The Botanics range in general is a great budget buy brand and this product is definitely the star of the show. Like the other two it has lovely light reflecting bits and bobs to make the skin looks awakened and fresh. However, it also contains natural AHA’s which acts as a mild exfoliator to help leave your skin smoother and brighter. Remember, wear an SPF when using products with AHA’s in them as your skin is more prone to sun exposure when your skin is freshly exfoliated.

Iluminating basis boots botanics 1

Out of the three I think this one gives me the most obvious difference when I am not wearing it which shows that the skincare ingredients are working to gently remove dead skin cells leaving the skin radiant even when you are not wearing the product. A big bonus for me.

The packaging of this is nothing fancy when compared to the likes of Charlotte Tilbury but for the price it is perfect. The squeezy tube is great too as it makes your job easier.

Iluminating basis boots botanics 2

This is the lightest of the three textures. I love love love how this feels on the skin. It feels almost cooling and fresh when first applied. Oh and it smells lovely. Another amazing product.

I know, I know. You are probably seriously confused right now as to which one to buy. I love all three but I do think certain people will like certain ones.

If you are on a budget, definitely choose the Botanical one. If you want a mild exfoliator which will also leave your skin looking glowing after you remove the product, again the Botanics one is your girl. This one is my top picks for teenage skin.

If you have combination to drier skin type and have blemishes you want hidden then I recommend the Mac Strobe Cream. This for me gives the most obvious glow so if that’s what you are looking for then this is a good investment.

If you love luxurious products packed with anti aging ingredients and have any skin type then the Charlotte Tilbury one will be your new bestie. This one is my top picks for the more mature lady too.

Just a little note on all of these products. I tend to use these to replace my primer as there is no need to pack your skin with too much product. If I am mixing them with my foundation I will still use my normall primer.

I hope you found this post helpful. I would love to hear your feedback. Also let me know if you have tried any of the products yet or if you plan on purchasing them.

Have a great day

Love and Kisses

Anita XX