I have been using Nima brushes foe a long time now and am a huge fan. But when I first seen the Artistic Collection I knew I needed to have them all in my life. They are so pretty and yet such good quality brushes. Reaching for these brushes makes my everyday makeup routine so much more enjoyable if I am honest.


Today I want to share with you some of my top picks from the range. I love them all but these brushes just hold a special place in my makeup bag as I find them so comfortable to use and they make applying my makeup so much easier.

The owner of Nima Brush, Niamh (a sweetheart by the way) describes the Artistic Collection as a “range of brushes designed for the professional artist in mind, using precisely shaped brush heads and the softest fibres, but which are also suitable for the everyday wearer with step by step instructions on how to use each brush.”

The handle of the brushes are a lovely duck egg colour with a velvet, rubber like feel and a gold ferrule. Bare in mind, the handles on these brushes can be difficult to keep clean and they need a good scrubbing with warm water and baby shampoo to get them clean. But boy are they pretty when you do clean them!!

Nima Brush Artistic Collection Main

There are 20 brushes in the collection. You can buy them in customisable sets or you can buy them individually. Prices range from €10-€22. You can shop this collection or any other collection from Nima Brush on www.nimabrush.com. Each brush has it’s own unique name which are named after influential women in Niamh’s life. How cute is that??

Anyway, enough of me rambling….here are my top picks.

With this collection I was looking for some unique brushes that were quite different to what I have tried before. I have to say I was not disappointed.

Nima Brush Artistic Collection Top Three Andie Main

So let me start with my favourite of all my brushes which is the “Andie”. I knew this brush was one I had to own as I loved the shape of it and I love that it is so versatile. I use this for contouring my cheek bones. I love that it is not too small so it gives a nice blended contour look for everyday wear when you don’t want to look too sculpted.

Nima Brush Artistic Collection Top Three Andie 2

This brush has so many other uses though. It is great for blush, face powder and bronzer. It is definitely a good all rounder face brush that is one that comes highly recommended. The “Andie” retails for €16 but PS…..currently, at the time of writing this post this brush is only €8, check it out here.

Nima Brush Artistic Collection Jane Main

The “Jane” brush is a lovely brush too which I have grown very fond of. It is a duo fibre brush which I have so many uses for. I love this for blending out any harsh lines I might have after contouring or bronzing. I also use this type of brush for topping up powder during the day. By using a brush like this it doesn’t over powder your face and gives you just the right amount of powder where you want it most. I also love this for lightly bronzing the face. Everything looks blurred and perfectly blended when “Jane” is around. Again this retails for €16 here.

Nima Brush Artistic Collection Top Three Wendy

The next face brush I am in love with from The Artistic Collection is “Wendy”. Like the “Blaithin” this is a tappered brush but I feel this one is less dense that the “Blaithin” so I would not use this for contouring. Instead I simply use this for one thing and love it. I use it for powder highlight as my final step in my makeup routine.

Nima Brush Artistic Collection Top Three Wendy 2It picks up just the right amount of product and applies it like a dream. I love that it is pointed at the end as I use this to apply a small amount of highlighter, I hate brushes that make you look like you just bathed in highlighter!!

Nima Brush Artistic Collection Georgie MainThe last of the face brushes and the one that I find the most unusual is the “Georgie”. This is an angled synthetic brush which I find great for use with cream contour products. Because of it’s shape it fits into the hollows of your cheeks nicely and gives you a sculpted look in no time. I also use this to contour around my forehead and on my nose. This can be used with powder products also but I tend to just hold it for creams. This is €16 here. There are very few brushes like this on the market so I am only too happy to have this in my life.

Nima Brush Artistic Collection DanielleNow on to some nice little eye brushes. First up is the “Danielle”. This is a small angled brush that can be used for gel liner or for your brows. I have used it for both and am very happy with the results it gives me. I love using it for winged liner as the brush is so dense that it allows you to create a lovely flick. It is also great for perfecting the tail of your brows if you are looking for a really sculpted look. You may say there is nothing extra special about this brush and yes there are alot of them on the market but it is definitely one of the better that I have tried. This costs only €12 which is a bargain for such a high quality brush.

My final pick is another firm favourite of mine. The “Lady” is a real gem. This brush is like a small pencil brush but not so tapered at the end. I am obsessed with this brush and have used it so much since I bought it. I use this to smoke out my lower lash line to create a gorgeous smoky eye. I apply the colour under the eye with a small flat brush and then blend blend blend with “Lady”. It allows me to achieve a very beautiful smoky lower lash with minimal effort. Another great pick for your collection and at only €12 you can’t go too far wrong.


So there you have it my favourite brushes from Nima’s Artistic Collection. Have you fallen in love yet?? I definitely have found a new love for this range and still need to finish off my collection which I plan on doing very soon.

I also reviewed the 5 piece eye detail set here which is from the elite range by Nima Brush.

Have you tried this range yet? What are your favourite brushes?

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time…

Anita XX