I am a makeup brush fanatic. I have more than I wish to admit but that is all in the name of blogging and my slight obsession with everything to do with makeup!

From speaking with friends, followers and students over the past few months I have become so aware that most people really struggle to know what brushes to use for what and also which brushes are actually essential and which can they do without. This post is going to answer all of those questions!

Top 10 Essential Makeup Brush main

Today I want to share with you all the ten brushes which I think are essential if you want to be able to really achieve high quality and perfectly applied makeup. There is no doubt that decent tools do make applying makeup that bit easier so why not use them? I am going to keep this post as precise as possible for fear of overwhelming anyone but as ever if you have any questions please please feel free to contact me via any of my social media sites or under the contact me tab on my website. Enjoy…..

I didn’t have all the brushes to hand which I mention in the post. Some are in my kit which is not with me right now but I have linked everything for you.

Let’s start with the Face.

Top 10 Essential Makeup Brush Foundation

1)Foundation Brush- There are literally tonnes of these on the market from the good awl flat foundation brush to the Kabuki style brushes that we are all loving at the moment. To make it simple.

For natural coverage I would suggest a duo fibre brush such as the Sigma F50 (buy here €26.95) or The Jane brush by Nima Brush (buy here €16). These brushes really work product into the skin to create a natural, flawless finish.

For medium to full coverage I would suggest a Kabuki/Buffing brush like the Real Techniques buffing brush from their Core collection (buy here €28.99), I love these type brushes as they really pack on the product so you get a lot of coverage but they don’t leave streaks or marks on the face. You can buff the product in to the skin with these brushes or you can also dab the product on areas where you need extra coverage. Other popular brushes are the Sigma F80 which is €24.95 (buy here) or for a more rounded head I would chose the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush which is only €9.95 here. They all do pretty much the same job.

If you want a very heavy coverage or if you only want to build up coverage in a certain area then the good old retro classic that is the flat foundation brush is the one for you. I tend to only use this to build up coverage in areas but it is all down to personal preference. One that is easy to find and isn’t too expensive is the Real Techniques foundation brush available here for €12.99.

If I was to tell you to get one foundation brush it would have to be a Kabuki/Buffing brush as you can use these to get a lighter or heavier coverage depending on how much product you apply. They are also very comfortable to use and you don’t tend to over use products when you use these as a little goes a long way. See a previous post I did explaining my top foundation brushes here.

Top 10 Essential Makeup Brush Powder, Blush, Highlight

2)Powder Brush- A good powder brush is definitely a must have. This will allow you to perfectly set your foundation in place for the day while also being great for applying bronzers all over the face. I have to tell you my favourite brush for this is the Real Techniques Blush brush. This is way too big in my eyes for blush but perfect for packing on powder all over your face and also as it is tapered it allows you to apply bronzer in the contours of the face. And it is only €12.99 from Boots.

3)Blush Brush- Like the powder brush mentioned above some blush brushes are angeled and so are great dual purpose brushes. The Blankcanvas F04 is ideal for this. It applies blush brilliantly but the angel allows you to use it for contouring also. This is €14.99 and available here. Another alternative is The Tara from Nima which I have not tried yet but I love all of this brands brushes so I am sure this one is no different. This can be purchased here.

4)Highlight brush- Last in the face category is a highlight brush. This is not essential but I feel like it is the finishing step to any makeup look so I tend not to go without it. My absolute favourite for this is The Wendy again from Nima brush (buy here €16). This is a smaller tapered brush than the powder brush I spoke about above so this is perfect for applying highlight to the tops of your cheek bones, between your brows and on your cupids bow. I also like to use this brush for contouring as it will get right into the hollows of the cheeks and down the nose very easily. Best of all it blends the products as you go so you are not worried about trying to blend afterwards.

You can see from the above that a lot of brushes on the market do several things so these ones are the brushes I would recommend you get as it might save you a few bob.

Now on to the eyes….

Top 10 Essential Makeup Brush Blending eyeshadow brushes

5&6)Blending brushes- There are two types of blending brushes and I suggest you get both as they both are used for different things and are essential for perfectly blended shadows.

First up is a larger less dense blending brush. This is the type of brush I would use first on the eyes to apply my transition shade into and above the crease. This is also perfect for blending out any shadows at the end of each eye look to make sure there are no harsh lines. My favourite and the one I would recommend over any other brush is the Inglot 6SS. This is super soft and easy to use, you aren’t going to go too far wrong with this. You can buy this here or from any Inglot counter. It will be the best €20 you will ever spend. This brush can also be used to contour the nose as it is just the right size

The next blending brush is much more dense which is perfect for applying shadow into the crease while still blending it. This brush gives a much less blurred look than the one mentioned above but is perfect for getting colour into the crease and making sure that the colour still looks obvious but with no harsh lines. Some of you may know the Mac 217. Well this is the brush I am talking about. However Blank Canvas Cosmetics have a cheaper alternative which can be purchased here. The E26 is only €7.99.

Top 10 Essential Makeup Brush eye brushes

7)Flat Eyeshadow Brush-  Another essential brush for me. Basically this is a flat small natural haired brush that allows you to pack the eyeshadows and pigments onto your eye lid. This is it’s only real purpose. It is a great brush to have though as it allows you to precisely place the shadows on the lid ensuring that they look neat and tidy. Picking up the product on one side of the brush and tapping off excess will also ensure that the shadow does not fall down onto the face creating a big awl mess. The E24 from Black Canvas is my top pick at only €6.99 (you can buy this here).

8)Pencil Brush- I absolutely love these brushes for eyes as they have so many uses. I love them for applying eyeshadow under the eye. They are also great when you are doing a deep gradient smoky eye and only want the darker shades in the outer V of the eye. This allows you to apply it just there and then blend it with the E26 blending brush. This gives the perfect gradient effect. Another use for this is applying highlight in the tear duct or under the brow bones. I recommend the E23 from Blank Canvas and at only €7.99 this is a must have for a nice eye look. You can buy this here.

A little penny saver for you. Blank Canvas do some dual ended brushes and they have one for €10.99 which has the E23 (pencil) and E24 (flat) on either end. If this is something you are into then this is a great pick. Take a look here.

9)Angeled brush-  The last of the eye brushes is an angeled brush and I am going to be cheeky and say that I think you need two of these brushes. Why? Well one is for applying gel eyeliner. I like the feeling of using an angeled brush for this and I find I get a better flick with these type of brushes. Secondly we all need one of these for our brows. These allow you to define under the brows and fill in the brows all with the one brush and a little eyeshadow or brow powder. I love The Danielle from Nima brush for this. These brushes are €12 here. A synthetic brush is important especially for applying gel liner as the product will destroy natural hair otherwise.

The last area we need to concentrate on is the lips.

10)Lip Brush- I am actually not too fussy on lip brushes. Just make sure that they are firm and have a nice sharp angel so you can get a nice precise line and also have no stray hairs otherwise your lippie will go everywhere. My top pick here again would be from Real Techniques. Their retractable lip brush is great as it is small enough to get nice definition to the lips and as it has a lid it is perfect for in your makeup bag. This is €9.99 and available from Boots again.

Wow I am so sorry if I have overwhelmed you all. I know there is a lot to take in but I hope I cleared up a few questions you may have had.

Just a little note. I promise I am not associated in any way with any of the brands I mentioned above. I chose these brushes because I love them and find them great value for money. The brands actually have no idea I am even doing this post.

As you can see I have three firm brush brand favourites. Nima brush, Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Real Techniques. I think you cannot go too far wrong if you choose from one of these brands. Oh no! I have the urge to go makeup brush shopping again. Hide the credit card!!

Have a nice day everyone and Remember!! Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions you might have.

Anita XX