Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter right? I, for one, am obsessed!! Most sets of nails I do have glitter thrown in somewhere. Lately, I have started to really enjoy embedding my glitters and mixing different types of glitter together to make my own mixes!

Twinkle Tubes is an Irish based, online company and today I want to review some of their glitters for you all.

There are three types of glitters available from Twinkle Tubes. Metallic, Holographic and Iridescent and each glitter comes in a 5g or 10g size!  Fitting in nicely with the company name, the glitters are housed in cute little “test tube” like packaging. The 5g glitters cost €4 and the 10g are €5.50. I think this is seriously great value!

I want to show you four holographic glitters that I have been loving lately. I use these in three different ways:

-First I will add them on a finished, filed nail into a wet, tack free top coat and simply sprinkle the glitter on, tap off the excess and cure! This technique is the one I used on the 1st and 3rd (from the left) on both the above and below pictures.

-I will also rub this in to a tacky layer of gel polish. This burnishes the product into the gel and gives a smoother finish. This is the 2nd and 4th on each picture! You can see this method makes the sparkle come out even more than the above method!

-I also mix these glitters with chunkier glitters and embed them in gel to create a really unique, custom made design!

You can also get different effects by layering the glitters over different gel polishes or gels. For example, in the photo above I used Paparazzi into a non wipe top coat over The Manicure Company’s Pastel Perspective and then I burnished it into the sticky layer of The Manicure Company’s Periwinkle Portrait.

Then below I used Clueless into a wet top coat over The Manicure Company’s Demanding  and then burnished into Silk Sheets. Lastly I used Kandi over Demadning and also burnished it into On Top by The Manicure Company.

You can see when you put these glitters into the wet top coat that it doesn’t matter what colour you have underneath, whereas when you burnish it the colour underneath will show through.

The glitters work great whatever way I use them. I have had no issue with them loosing colour, or sparkle! They last well on the nails and look really well, even when the refills are due!

The only colour I am not too fond of from the four is Clueless! It is a mix of gold and red glitters and it looks a little dull and in my opinion very Christmasy looking! I will probably get more use from it in the Winter months.

Paparazzi is such a fab silver, it glows for days! Kandi is a mix of a dark and light rose toned glitter and Christian is the most stunning grey with speckles of blue throughout it. Christian is my favourite, particularly paired with navy or blue nails!

Which one is your favourite? Do you love Glitter as much as I do?????

You can visit the Twinkle Tubes website to see the full list of glitters and finishes available.

Just a little FYI! These are only designed for use on nails and not for use on skin, eyes etc.

Have you tried anything from the brand? What is your favourite nail glitter brand?

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy sparkling!