I was recently invited along to River Medical on Baggot Street to try out their Vit-Illume Skin Illuminating Treatment.

I read on their website that this treatment deeply cleanses and exfoliates, super-hydrates and revitalises the skin. This sounded right up my street. My skin type would be quiet normal now. I had very oily, acne prone skin in the past but in the last number of years it has definitely normalised and also become very dehydrated, no matter what I seem to do. I do still have some blackheads on my nose and chin area and because I wear fake tan my skin needs a deep clean every now and then to remove all the excess tan (YUK). This treatment was a great option for me because it gave me that deep clean but hydrated at the same time.

So how is this magic achieved? Firstly, let me point out that a nurse will carry out the treatment on you, so you are most definitely in safe hands. It is also a non invasive treatment but it is carried out in the clinic so there is a medical feel off the treatment. It isn’t necessarily like going to a spa for a facial, it is not as relaxing but as you read on you will see it is a lot more effective and results driven than a typical facial.


The treatment begins with a cleanse and exfoliation, then next the nurse will use a peel which will loosen the skin of any dirt and grime while prepping the skin for the next step, which is my favourite part.

The nurse then uses a very gentle suction to clear and extract all the grime from the pores. This is actually quiet relaxing to have done and the effects are unbelievable.

Afterwards, your skin is treated to a deep boost of hydration with the use of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

The treatment in total takes around 45 minutes and your nurse will be happy to talk to you about your skin and recommended future treatments throughout the time on the bed.


The Vit-Illume Skin treatment appealed to me most because of its promise for zero down time. I have had facial peels in the past and although they work wonders I was really bothered by the fact that my skin would peel for up to a week afterwards.

After my treatment my skin was slightly pink, nothing to worry about though. The next day was really when I seen the difference. To be honest, I couldn’t actually believe it. Before I went in for the treatment I had lots of congestion on my nose and chin and honestly every single one of my blackheads were gone the next day. It was insane!! My skin also looked completely hydrated and glowing and my makeup even sat so much better, best of all, without any downtime.

I was so happy with the results but I do have to say that I would say a course of these treatments would work absolute wonders for anyone that suffers from acne or bad congestions and blackheads. It really clears your skin while adding hydration which is a very rare thing. People with acne and blackheads spend their lives stripping the skin with harsh chemicals and yes, it does clear up the issue eventually but as a result your skins hydration levels plummet. With this treatment you can get rid of all the nasties while giving your skin back the moisture that it needs to look and be healthy.


I cannot recommend this treatment enough, especially if you have a special occasion coming up and really want a fresh, clear complexion. Just bare in mind though, you may need a course of them depending on your skin concerns. I did see obvious results after one treatment but I could probably do with getting another one soon.

Will you be booking yourself in for a free consultation today? Have you ever tried this treatment before? You can read any further info on this treatment or any other treatment from River Medical here.

This is a pricey treatment at €150 a pop but I think it is definitely worth investing in if you are having problems with your skin. You just simply cannot beat naturally healthy, glowing skin.

Thank you guys for having me in the clinic and I hope to see you all again soon

Anita xx

Note: All pictures taken from www.rivermedical.ie