Ok, so I have to say from the word go that I was blessed with lots of hair. My hair, although there is lots of it, is pretty fine and it can take a fair while to grow. Because I have curly hair if I get a bad cut or my hair decides to “spring” more than normal it takes what feels like a lifetime for it to grow again.


I was sent the Viviscal Hair Growth range to try out. To be honest at first I wasn’t sure what way this was going to work with my hair firstly because I am very skeptical of these types of products and secondly I was afraid that they wouldn’t suit my curly hair and I would end up having frizzy, poodle like hair every time I used these. Let me tell you, I was absolutely wrong in both areas and I am so glad I was.

I use the Densifying Shampoo, Conditoner and Elixir every time I wash my hair. I also do take the growth supplements (2 a day) but I am not going to lie, I did miss a few days and still seen results!

Here is why I adore these products:

-The Shampoo and Conditioner are such great quality. I feel they thoroughly cleanse my hair and leave it feeling perfectly clean and nourished.

-After use I have no doubt that my hair is shinier, less frizzy and softer.

-I also noticed my hair had lots of volume after using these especially around the roots. I didn’t expect this from these products so this is an added bonus for me.

-The products are very lightweight and don’t weigh my hair down which is so important for thinner hair.

-The scent is so nice. It is described as a botanical scent but to me they have a medicinal smell but I actually love it.

-My hair has noticeably grown since using this range. I actually couldn’t believe the results.

If I had one negative thing to say about these products it would be the packaging. Although they are very easy on the eye the shampoo and conditioner is too hard to dispense from the tubes because of the tough material they are made from.  They definitely are not easy to squeeze as you get to the end of the bottles. The elixir comes in a pump bottle which is so easy to use.

So lets talk the sciency bit. How do these actually work? Well, the supplements contain marine protein complex AminoMar C, plus Biotin and Zinc which will nourish the hair follicles to maintain healthy hair from within and promote growth.

The rest of the range includes Biotin, Keratin, Zinc and their latest ingredient Ana:Tel complex to promote the appearance of healthy hair.

I do have to say though. If you have thinning hair I don’t think this range is your best choice. If you have slow growth or hair in a bad condition or even if you just want a really great product range for your hair then this is most definitely a range to try out. I am over the moon with the results.

The shampoo and conditioner cost €11.95 each, the serum is €24.95 and a months supply of the supplements are €49.95. The supplements are a tad bit on the pricey side I have to say but I am a big fan and I would buy the products again. I am not sure I would fork out €50 for the supplements unless I really needed them. They definitely do work though so if you struggle with hair growth these are a nice addition to your routine.

Can you tell I am a huge fan? After trying this range I have no doubt now why the supplements are No1 hair growth supplement in the US. If you struggle for your hair to grow then I know you will get results with these.

Best of all it is Irish made, do I need to say any more?

Will you be giving this a go or have you tried it already? Let me know your experiences with these products below. I would love to know.

For more information on the range you can visit their website where you can buy online.

I rate these 4/5, loosing half a mark for the packaging and half a mark for the high price tag.

Anita xxx