Ouch, how do you bare the pain?? That is usually the first question I am asked by friends when I tell them that I get a full Hollywood wax on a regular basis! The truth is I do have a pretty decent pain threshold but I’m not going to lie waxing does tend to hurt when it gets to certain sensitive areas (if you get my drift).

I had heard so much about the new Waxperts wax and how amazing it was and how it was so much less painful than other forms of waxing ! I must admit I didn’t believe it was completely true because I have never experienced any form of hair removal that wasn’t painful and uncomfortable.

zinc main

So anyway. I was invited along by the lovely owner of Zinc Hair and Beauty in Kilmainham to give the treatment a go. She had told me before how amazing the wax was and I honestly trust her opinion so I was only delighted to take her up on the offer.

I love the Zinc salon and the staff there are so helpful and experienced so I knew I would be in good hands. I was booked in with Stacey who made me feel comfortable from the word go…..it can tend to get a little awkward when the therapist is looking at your girly bits but Stacey was so lovely and professional that I didn’t feel a bit uncomfortable.

zinc treatment room

I was lead into a beautiful cozy room where the treatment would take place. The minute I entered the room I could get the gorgeous smell of the wax, it is such a pretty smell that actually adds to the experience, strangely enough. Oh and it’s purple wax so that can’t hurt right? Stacey explained what clothes I needed to remove and that I should put on disposable undies too, this was a lovely little touch I thought, at least some dignity was maintained 🙂 . From word go it was explained exactly how she would conduct the treatment and what products she would use on me.

zinc wax baby wipes

I was even supplied with baby wipes to freshen up! A lovely little touch!

Firstly the area was cleansed and then Stacey explained that she was covering the area with an oil which will stop the wax sticking to the skin and so the hair is removed without any aggression to the skin. This is definitely the saving grace of this treatment as it makes the experience a hell of alot less painful. Then a test strip of wax is applied to test the temperature of the wax on your skin. Stacey constantly asked during the treatment was the temperature still OK which for me is a must because the wax can tend to get pretty hot at times. Once the test strip was removed (by the way I didn’t even know she had removed it because I didn’t feel a thing) we moved on to the rest of the treatment. After each wax strip was pulled Stacey would cool down the area by applying a cotton pad soaked in cleanser. This really helped to ease any pain, not that there was much of it!

zinc waxperts

Waxperts Wax. Another Irish brand to be truly proud of!

A big plus for me with this treatment was that there was no double dipping of spatulas at all. So once the spatula was used to apply wax to me then it was binned and another one was used for the next application of wax. This is so important I think to avoid cross contamination and I have noticed in salons that I visit that there is alot of awareness in the beauty industry about this now and it is definitely badly needed!

The treatment took no time at all and I can honestly say that I have never had such a pleasurable waxing experience in my life. Instead of worrying about how painful the next strip would be I was more interested in talking to Stacey and having a girly natter. We actually had a laugh about how shocked I was that it didn’t hurt me much at all and I kept thinking the hair wasn’t removed because I didn’t experience that dreaded dragging feel, you ladies that wax know what I am talking about!

Once all the hair was removed Stacey applied an after wax oil to the area and then left me to get dressed. She did ask me to make sure I was happy with the job and if I wasn’t that she would fix any areas she missed but it was absolutely perfect so I was delighted with myself. She also gave me an aftercare leaflet which advised the do’s and don’ts for the next 24hours or so, seriously could they do anymore? The main thing I noticed while getting dressed was that I wasn’t in the slightest bit sticky and I wasn’t very red at all. I was slightly pink if I have to be honest but this was gone after about two hours.


While I was being waxed I was telling Stacey that sometimes I suffer from ingrown hairs and she was recommended that I try the Waxperts Ingrown Hair removal pads which you use daily after a shower to help prevent and treat ingrown hairs. I was all over these as there is nothing worse than those horrible red lumps after being waxed. You went to the bother of removing the hair so you want it to look as pretty as possible 😉 And best of all they retail for only €7.99 so why would we not want to give them a go?!

Overall, I cannot fault my waxing experience at all. Stacey was amazing and I would recommend her to anyone but also the Waxperts Wax is by far the best wax I have ever tried out. For me now waxing feels like a treatment rather than a chore and you are left with smooth and beautiful skin instead of not being able to sit for a few hours after and being sticky until you have a shower next, and sometimes after that. Why would you want to wax with anything else if there is a product out there that makes waxing painfree and a nice experience?!

zinc relax

For all the salons out there if you haven’t already tried this wax please do your clients a favour and give this a go and for all the waxees out there I would highly recommend giving this a go the next time you need your fussy bits attended to, you won’t be disappointed. Finally, we can now call waxing a treatment instead of something we dread and have to syke ourselves up for.

I cannot thank the Zinc girlies enough for making my visit such a nice one and as ever I would highly recommend giving them a visit for any hair and beauty needs.

The prices at Zinc for waxing with Waxperts can be found here.

Have any of you tried Waxperts wax before? What did you think? Would love to hear your comments.

Thanks for reading and hope my girly bits didn’t scare you too much.

Big Kisses

Anita XXX