5 Changes for a Happier You

I think we all have it figured out by now! Life can be pretty overwhelming and let’s face it, pretty sh!t at times. I know we all feel like we are destined for better things. New Job, More Money, More Friends?! Heck, I convince myself on the daily that certain aspects of my life are only temporary and the universe has something better in store for me. Which, if I live my life right is probably true BUT, why not enjoy the ride now instead of wishing for something more? That’s where I come in! It’s time to make changes.

I was that girl who almost enjoyed misery. I was the one who pretended to be so happy and content that people really believed I had it all. Sure, I even had myself convinced at times. It wasn’t until I made (harsh) decisions to change my life and hit rock bottom that I started to grow. I trained myself to be happier, less negative, less angry and just simply let go of certain situations.

It isn’t easy to break the negative habits. I have to remind myself to get back on track at times. But it is necessary and works wonders when trying to create a happier, more positive life.

Today, I want to share with you, the top 5 changes I made to my life that have made such an impact on my outlook, my mindset and my overall health.

Practice Gratitude Daily

Being grateful and taking note of what you are grateful is life changing. I practice this daily and if I don’t, I feel the difference. The best thing is, it’s simple, quick and free. All you need to do is, each morning or evening take note of something you are grateful for. It can be something as small as being thankful for a fresh cup of coffee or a good book. Or it can be much more like feeling grateful for your loved ones or your health. You get the idea!

Whatever it is, simply taking note has such a positive impact on your outlook. The MOST important thing is to practice this, even on the bad days. Search deep for something you are grateful for even if you think there is nothing. Or, trawl back through the last few weeks gratitude journal and check and see , in this (not so great) moment are you still grateful for all those things.

The benefits of practicing gratitude are huge. The universe will repay you with better relationships, health, better self-esteem, less anxiety. The list is honestly endless.

Daily affirmations

I swear by daily affirmations. For anyone that is not familiar with them let me explain. Affirmations are positive statements where you declare a specific goal or desire. The trick is to phrase them in a way that you believe they are already happening. If you believe they are already part of your life, then they are true and you will eventually begin to live this truth.

For example, “I love and approve of myself now” is an excellent one to gain self esteem. I advise people to find some they like and repeat them 10 times daily. Try to say them aloud and in a mirror as much as you can but if not any way you can will still be effective.

I have genuinely seen massive results from these affirmations. My mind is clearer, my body feels more relaxed, my attitude is different, I am more focused. And like gratitude, the universe will repay you for your positive energy.

I share daily affirmations on my Instagram stories if you would like to follow along. Just search Adorn.ie

Document your achievements

Similar to the practice of gratitude, this time I want to talk about achievements. I am now in a habit of documenting my achievements daily. If I meet a deadline in work I document it. When I go the gym but I really didn’t want to, I document it. If I do something nice for someone, I document it.

Life can be so challenging and we are so bloody hard on ourselves that we often forget to praise ourselves. By taking note you can look back on these achievements. This is bound to make you feel super, particularly on the less than perfect days.

Grab a notebook (it can even be holographic if you please) and get writing. You will be surprised how awesome you are in just one day.

Daily Meditation

Practicing daily meditation is something that takes practice. At first it can be difficult to get comfortable or to not think about what you need to do that day. Crazy thoughts enter your mind when you start to meditate. I’ve even had a fit of the giggles from time to time. But, over time it becomes easier. You learn to bring yourself back to the moment and be more present. Believe me, you become aware of how beneficial it is for us to meditate that you will force yourself to concentrate.

You don’t have to do it for a very long time. Start off with short intervals and build up as you become accustomed to it.

I use the App Insight Timer which I find is brilliant. If you struggle to meditate on your own I would recommend joining a meditation circle for a period of time. You will become more familiar with the meditation practice before you go it alone. The energy in meditation groups is electric at times so you will feel even more benefits by doing it this way. Zen Wellness facilitates meditation circles if you are interested in trying one.

The benefits of practicing meditation are endless. The main benefits I found are stress relief, more grounded and overall just totally zen. But they also have both physical and mental health benefits.

Move More every day

Don’t worry! I am not going to ask you to run a marathon, nor am I even asking you to join a gym. All I am asking is that every day, you commit a few minutes to move more. Go for a walk, practice yoga, dance. Whatever it is that you enjoy is good enough. If you enjoy the gym or lifting weights then go with that. It’s totally up to you.

Exercise is great for mind clarity, body confidence and overall boost in our happy hormones. You will never regret moving more.

I do honestly believe that eating a balanced and nutritious diet is essential but for today I wanted to touch on the ones I found helped me the most.

Did you notice anything about all of the above? Yes, they all require you to practice them daily. Practicing each day will ensure these become part of your normal routine which will only benefit you. Actually, the results can be quite remarkable.

If I could give one bit of advice it would be to push yourself to practice these daily. If you veer off track, force yourself back on. Consistency is key here.

They also cost nothing!

In total you can have them done in maximum an hour a day if needs be. And please don’t tell me you cannot dedicate an hour to yourself every day. It’s not a nice to have, it’s a necessity for a healthy, happy and peaceful life.

So, do you practice any of the above? Will you be making any of the above changes after reading my post? Let me know your favourite one below.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you enjoyed this type of post and I will be sure to do more.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me, feel free to check out my post “The Girl Behind Adorn.ie” here.

Happy Zening

Anita… xxxx

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