5 Ways to ‘Switch Off’

Where has that Friday Feeling gone Huh? These simple steps will surely help you to switch off from the day/week and move forward to enjoying a more fulfilling, less ‘groundhog’ like weekend or evening.

We are all spending more time at home than before. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of positives to gain from this (more on that later) but I’ve no doubt we have all struggled to know what day it is from time to time. For some of us our kitchen tables have become or work desk as well as the kids learning center while still maintaining its original purpose of the place where we eat (that’s getting your monies worth right?!).

I get it! It has its challenges. But I am hopefully here to help.

After months of trying to perfect this for myself I have come up with 5 simple but effective ways to ‘switch off’ from the week gone and focus on down time.

You might think this is only relevant while the big C is in town but this is universal and something I plan on using for many years to come whatever my living/work situation is.

1. Let’s Start with Reflection

I am an advocate of regular reflection. Checking in on what worked and didn’t work is a vital step in firstly resetting where you are at but secondly to allow growth after this reset.

How do I suggest we do this?

The most vital part of this is having a set time, at the end of the week/day to allow for this reflection to happen. Block out time in your calendar, set reminders, whatever you need to do to alert you that it’s time to reset. I love this at 3pm on a Friday for me but obviously that depends on your own situation. This can all be done daly if it make sense.

Questions I ask myself (and I am spreading this to members of my work team also) are:

  • What did I do well this week ?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • Lessons I learnt from the above?
  • What achievement am I most proud of this week?
  • What do I want more of as I move into next week?
  • Extra knowledge I have gained from this week?
  • How can I use this in my week next week?
  • What is my non negotiable moments for the weekend/evening?

2. Make a plan

This is a two step process. At the end of each week I make a list of what I want to get done next week. In the past I tried to not think of next week until it happened but I found it ended up creeping in over the weekend and consuming my mind. Making a quick list removed this for me and allowed me to go into the next week knowing what I want to achieve. Double win right there!!

The second step in this process is to make a plan for the weekend ahead. Sounds too structured? I get it but it works!!! Making a list of what you want to do for the weekend ahead (even if that means sitting on the coach) means you will feel a sense of accomplishment going into the following week because you spent your weekend wisely and you won’t feel that you have wasted your weekend. I hate that bloody feeling!!

3. Clean your space

This is something I really find helpful particularly since working from home more. Before I leave my desk on a Friday I clear it. I put everything away in its rightful place. This really helps me ‘switch off’ and I am only delighted with myself when I come back to it on Monday morning and its clean and tidy. Not a bad start to the week.

I expand this to my whole house now. A quick tidy or a deep clean, it doesn’t matter. The fact is in your mind you know that when you have cleaned the house at the weekend you have reset yourself and eased your way in to weekend mode. Then, you can go about your weekend without the dread of the dirty house/room on your mind. I do this on a Saturday morning but thinking Friday would be even better.

4. Find a Ritual

I love this bit and have heard so many great ritual ideas over the last number of months but this one is totally personal to each individual.

This is all about finding something that you in the doing of this ritual the mind knows this is a signal to ‘switch off’. This might be turning off a laptop or changing clothes, logging off, putting away school books, a few deep breaths, a cleansing shower or even a quick grounding meditation. Whatever this might be for you this is so powerful and really does work. Give it a go and let me know.

5. Leave the house

I love getting out of the house and there is nothing more grounding than connecting with Mother Earth. Go on a walk, sit by the local river, even stand outside and take a few deep breaths. Whatever works for you. It makes a world of a difference. Moving from the space you have been in all week is a great way to switch off. We do this daily instead of weekly but again its totally up to you.

Phew, I feel more relaxed already !!

5 simple steps is all we need. You can use these daily or weekly. You decide.

Let me know down below what works for you. Is there anything else you do that works?? I am always looking for new ideas.

For more simple self development content and ideas of how to live you best life you can check out lots of my other content here.

Thanks for stopping by

Happy Switch Off

Love Anita xxx

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