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It’s kind of hard to believe I am writing this. For years I have stuck to one brand of nail files and wouldn’t change from them for anything. However, I was recently introduced to Aba Group nail files and buffers and although I wasn’t too sure at the beginning I pretty much haven’t looked back.

New to Ireland, this company offer inexpensive, high quality nail files. When I first used them I was unsure because they felt cheaper and lighter than I was use to. I expected them to last no length of time and to break as they do feel a little like cardboard when initially used. How wrong was I?!!

These files are the business. They definitely do not wear down easily so you will get lots of use from them. I use a file per client, but I will use the same file on the same client for a few appointments (I sanitize in between of course, but that’s a whole other topic for another blog post). Depending on the grit of the file and the amount of filing to be done I will get around 5-7 sets from each file. Not bad right?

They are very light compared to others. This did take some getting use to but now I’m really enjoying the lightness. They almost do feel like cardboard and maybe even a little flimsy but this definitely isn’t reflected in the durability of these. The company even says they are unbreakable. I’m not sure on this one as I haven’t tried to break one!

There is a huge range of grits and different shape nail files available. Everything from a 240 grit to an 80 grit and from a straight to a diamond shape file. There is something to suit all preferences. There are also two types of buffers available.

I’m sure most if you know this already but the higher the number grit, the softer the file. For example 240 grit is much less aggressive than an 80 grit.  I use no more than a 240 or 180 on the natural nails and anything lower is only used on acrylic or gel.

I don’t feel they have replaced my favourite nail files just yet (they could do in the future though) but they are most definitely a good, cheaper alternative. These get a 4 hearts out of 5 rating from me.

I have actually had clients notice the difference in the files saying they feel a lot less aggressive than normal. Even though the client feels this they do not perform any less than other brands.

Did I mention these files are really inexpensive? And to make them even more affordable Aba Group Ireland are offering all my followers a 30% discount on files and buffers when you use the code ADORN . Seriously, what a bargain!

You can buy these files and anything else from the Aba Group online here. You can also check out their Facebook page here.

They also offer personalised nail files. You can place your logo or company name on them. Pretty cute right?

What are your favourite nail files? Don’t forget to rate and leave a comment below if you have used these files.

Happy nailing

Anita xxx

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    September 28, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Hi Anita.
    Can I get a link to order files from Aba group in Ireland? Thanks

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