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Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Anita and I am a multi passionate individual.

I am a Coach with a huge love for all things wellness. I believe that true happiness begins within and I work daily with myself towards this. Some days are easier than others right?!

I believe in true self care. I believe in investing in yourself and taking the time to truly understand your true being, however uncomfortable that may be.

I am a yogi in training, a lover of mindfulness with a huge respect for holistic therapies.

I created Adorn.ie originally to share my love for all things beauty related. I am a qualified beauty therapist, makeup artist, nail tech and educator and love to share my knowledge and experience with anyone that will listen.

In recent times my love for beauty has expanded to a deeper level.

I see beauty and self-care as an inside out approach. This is where the two phrases ‘Adorning from the insight out’ and ‘Adorn your soul’ came from. Beauty Products are my weakness! I will never stop loving them. But what if we could have both? What if we could look amazing while feeling internally satisfied, content and fulfilled.

That is my goal for Adorn.ie. To support you to find and BE with your true self.

I hope you enjoy the journey.




Anyone that knows me knows that I cannot be anything but honest (too honest at times) so please know that all content on this blog is 100% real, honest and my own opinion. If at times I share my thoughts and opinions of products, treatments etc rest assured I will not lead you astray or in any particular direction. If I receive products as PR samples I will be sure to include it in my blog post but this won’t change my opinion on the product. This gal don’t play like that!

All images on this website (unless stated otherwise) are my own content. For this reason I would ask that you do not use any of my images, unless permission is granted and full credit is given to Adorn.ie.