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Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Anita and I am the makeup obsessed, beauty fanatic and self-confessed crazy girl behind Adorn.ie.

I am a huge lover of all things beauty! Having spent many years training in different areas of the industry I tend to know a thing or two but don’t claim to know it all. The best thing about this industry is there is always something new to learn. I am a qualified beauty therapist, makeup artist, nail tech and educator and love to share my knowledge and experience with anyone that will listen.

I am a fan of anything creative so blogging is the perfect outlet for me. Pretty makeup, creative content topped off with some fab photography makes me one very happy lady.

My aim for Adorn.ie is to create a community where everyone feels at home.  A place where we can all share our opinions on the latest trends, check out the must have beauty products and learn a few great tips along the way. Don’t be shy. We all share a common interest and what better way to enjoy your stay than to rate your favourite product or tell us how something just didn’t work for you.We can all learn from each other.

If there is something you would like featured on Adorn.ie, if you have any questions for me or even if you just want to say Hi please feel free to use the ‘Ask Anita’ feature on the Home page. I am always happy to chat to you guys.

From one beauty lover to another.


Anyone that knows me knows that I cannot be anything but honest (too honest at times) so please know that all content on this blog is 100% real, honest and my own opinion. I am here to share my thoughts on products and not to lead you astray or in any particular direction. If I receive products as PR samples I will be sure to include it in my blog post but this won’t change my opinion on the product. This gal don’t play like that!

All images on this website (unless stated otherwise) are my own content. For this reason I would ask that you do not use any of my images, unless permission is granted and full credit is given to Adorn.ie.