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favourite foundation brushes

Who remembers the day when the only thing we used to apply our foundation was our hands or those disgusting little makeup sponges from the pound shop?  Oh how time has moved on. Nowadays we are spoilt for choice with some really high quality and multi tasking face brushes. Today this post will explore my top brushes for applying my foundation and why I like each one. Let me begin:

favourite foundation brushes rt buffing

My all time favourite brush would have to be the Real Techniques Buffing Brush from the Core Collection. This is a  synthetic kabuki style brush that is dense so definitely gives great coverage but not too dense that it is hard to use or leaves streaks on your face, I find this gives a beautiful coverage while still looking natural. To begin I put some foundation on the back of my hand, dip this brush into the product and buff it into my skin. Once this is done I check where I need extra coverage and I then apply some more foundation in a stippling motion with this brush and it builds up the cover in that area. I have this brush a good year or so now and it is still in perfect condition, even though I wash it on a daily basis. Best thing is these brushes are available from Boots and are €28.99 for the full set. Unfortunately this brush isn’t available alone but the other brushes are amazing too so you won’t be disappointed with the full set.

favourite foundation brushes zoeva silk finish

Another brush that I love is the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Face Brush. Again, like the Buffing brush above this is a synthetic brush so perfect for cream or liquid products. This brush is more rounded than the buffing brush which I find is very comfortable to use on the face. It is rounded and so is great for getting in around the nose and chin area. Zoeva brushes are excellent quality and so reasonably priced and this is definitely one I would recommend you get your hands on. This brush gives great coverage and really does make achieving a full coverage flawless face a doddle. Best of all this brush is only €10.50 and is available here.

favourite foundation brushes sigma duo fibre

If  I want a really light coverage I love to use a Duo Fibre brush which only applies a small amount of foundation but really works it into the skin to create a very natural, healthy, airbrused look to the skin. I often apply a seocond layer of foundation over a layer applied with a kabuki style brush with this type of brush if I want to have a nice glow to the skin but with some coverage. These type of brushes are also great for applying powder foundation as they buff the product into the skin evenly. My favourite pick here would have to be the Sigma Duo Fibre F50 brush which is available here for €21.95. This blue and pink brush is from the Sigma Mrs Bunny collection which can only be bought as a set.

favourite foundation brushes face2 flat jpg

My last favourite foundation brush is a little retro. I love me a good flat foundation brush. I would very rarely use this all over my face as I feel it leaves streaks in the foundation but I do love it for adding an extra layer of foundation and to add really high coverage. So the way I use this is after I have applied one layer with one of the above brushes I then leave that to soak into the skin, go off and do my eye makeup and then I come back and use the flat foundation brush to apply extra foundation in areas where I need that extra bit of coverage. My favourite flat foundation brush would be the Face2  Pro Foundation which is available from Makeup Forever on Clarendon Street . This is a really high quality brush which is very important especially for a brush that could potentially make your foundation streak. The better the quality the softer the bristles and the more even the coverage. It doesn’t have to be this brush you buy but I would recommend getting a good quality brush as it will last years and does a much better job than a cheaper alternative.

I deep wash these types of brushes once a week with a shampoo but on a daily basis I will use Inglot’s brush cleanser to get rid of any nasty bacteria that sit in the bristles. This is an essential step if you want to keep your skin spot and bacteria free.

So there you have it, my top foundation brush picks. What are your favourite foundation brushes? Leave a comment below.

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