Anita’s Picks: Top Twenty Inglot Eyeshadows

You will all know by now that I am a huge Inglot fan. I love the majority of their products and myself and Gemma have blogged about some of their products before. You can read my Top 5 Inglot blush post here while Gemma’s post about their gel liners can be found right here.

inglotTheir eye shadows are second to none. They are really great quality and rival all the higher end, higher priced alternatives out there in the beautysphere. When I was trying to build my makeup artist kit I found these were the best out there. Because they were reasonably priced I could build up my collection quickly and cheaply without sacrificing on quality.

I have alot of Inglot shadows but this post is all about my top picks. I have varied the shades to include as many different shades as possible but I will split them into more neutral shades and more colourful shades so if you are not into one shade range you can skip straight to the ones you want to see.

First up I will begin with the more neutral shades, there are so many of these that I am a big fan of and use regularly in my everyday makeup…..

Inglot eyeshadows first 10

Inglot eyeshadow swatches first 10

I actually have three highlight shades that I cannot choose between so please forgive me….but they all have a different job and are used to achieve different looks.

The first one is No 30, this is a champagne highlight shade that has lots of shimmer and some glitter. I love this as a highlight under the brow bone and in the tear duct. It is also lovely all over the lid with a deeper shade in the crease to smoke out the look. When used like this with winged liner it can look very 1950’s. I tend to use this as my highlight when I am using browns on the eyes as it compliments the shades very well.

My second highlight shade is No 453 which is a shimmery white shade. I use this mainly if I am doing a really extreme smokey eye or if I want the highlight to really stand out. This is stunning used as the highlight for a coloured smoky eye or a matte smoky eye as it creates a beautiful contrast and makes your eyebrows look really high and arched.

The last of the fave highlight shades is probably my favourite. It is shade 467 which is a creamy peachy shade that again is shimmery. You all probably know by now that I love coppery toned shadows and this shade really compliments this type of look. It honestly is stunning and blends so easily.

Moving on to more earthy brown tones here are my top picks:

No 407: This is peachy shimmery shade with some golden undertones that look beautiful on most skin and eye colours but especially used as a base for a smokey eye on blue eyes. It just makes them pop.

No 406: Is a warm brown with golden undertones. This is super shimmery and blends like a dream. This eyeshadow reminds me of Mac woodwinked a little which is one of my favourite mac shades.

JK Bridesmaids

This eye look was created using shade 404

No 404: Is a beautiful medium golden shade with yellow undertones. It is the perfect colour for creating any golden smokey eye as the colour is intense enough but still has a depth to it to keep the eye look looking smokey and dark. This is fab on all eye colours in my opinion. I love yellowish golds on everyone so this is a great option for any makeup lover.

No 12: Is a medium coppery shade, again with shimmer and this one has some glitter in it too. I am a massive fan of coppery eyeshadows as you all know and this one would be one of my favourites. It goes on like butter and lasts really well.

No 378: Is a matte dark cool toned brown that almost has a slight burgundy tone to it. This is my favourite shade for smoking out any brown eye look. It blends really easily in the crease and intensifies a look without over doing it. I also use this as an alternative to gel liner. If you wet a liner brush this will last just as long as a gel liner and looks less intense.

No 414: This is a absolutely fab colour. It is a really dark teal green with a brown/black undertone. I adore this on both the upper and lower lash lines as an alterative to liner and I also love to use it in the crease as an alternative to a brown or black crease colour. Because it has that dark base it works very well at smoking out an eye look.

Moving on to more colourful shadows here are my top picks from the Inglot range:

No 48: I love this shade. It is a medium pink shade with tonnes of shimmer. This is my go to shade for almost everyone. People often say to avoid pink tones as they make your eyes look tired but this shade doesn’t do that for me. I use this on almost every mother of the bride I have ever made up. It goes really well on more mature skintones and adds some colour without looking too intense. But equally I love it on younger skins too as the colour can be intensified with a white eye primer underneath and two layers of shadow patted on over the eye base. If you want to try a pink shadow but are afraid that you will look tired then trycreating a distance between your eye and the shadow, so for example add an intense liner with it to break the pink colour or add another colour in the socket to alter the shade slightly.

Inglot eyeshadows second 10

Inglot eyeshadow swatches second 10

No 450: This is not for the faint hearted but bare with me. The best way to describe this is a dupe for Mac’s cranberry which I think you all probably know by now. For me both these shades are almost like a very dark raspberry colour with some black undertones. I love this shade all over the lid and on the lower lash line or I also love to use it to blend out a purple smokey eye for some added dimension to the eyes. It is seriously fab and you will definitely become addicted once you give it a go.

No 439: This is one of the nicest purple shadows EVER in my opinion. It is a violet purple shade that almost has a two toned jewel effect to it. Again like almost all of the shades in this post it has some shimmer but this one has no glitter. I love this for a purple smokey eye blended out with a grey or black.It is absolutely stunning and looks great on so many people.

No 14: This is a medium pinky lilac shade that is gorgeous again on so many skin and eye colours. I have blue eyes and love this but I also adore it on brown eyes too. It’s an all rounder.

No 426: This colour is super cool. It is a medium toned blue shimmery shade that is gorgeous on the lid for a smokey eye or with a brown smokey eye and this shade on the lower lash line for some contrast. I love this for both summer and winter time as I think blue can never look bad if applied right. It doesn’t always have to look like you got hit with the Aunt Sally stick 🙂

No 428: This is probably one of my all time favourite shades. It is a dark, almost navy blue shade that has a two toned effect off it so it is amazing for an all over dark smokey eye look. For anyone that likes a really intense eye look I would suggest this shade. I often layer it over a dark brown or black cream eye base to really add intensity to the eyes. It is absolutely beautiful!


This eye look was created usig shade 428

No 504: Oh wow what can I say about this shade? It is a medium turquoise blue shade with both sparkle and shimmer in it. It is stunning on the lower lash line but also as beautiful all over the lid with very light browns in the crease to add definition. This eyeshadow makes a statement but it is definitely one that can be pulled off by most people if worn right. Another favourite of mine.

No 345: This is a pale aqua minty type blue colour which is completely matte. This is a fab colour all over the lid and is very appropriate for Spring and summer. To get a good intensity of this colour you need to build it up but once it is intensified it is to die for.

No 448: This shade is the making of a stunning silver smokey eye. It is a light silver shade that borders on being metallic and looks so intense on the eye especially when blended out with a black in the crease. I love an intense silver eye and this is the shadow I always reach for when trying to create that look.

No 348: This is a little bit more boring that the others previously mentioned but none the less it is an essential in my eyes. It is a dark matte grey shadow that I use as an alternative to browns or blacks as my socket colour in a smokey eye. This blends effortlessly and as it is matte it is perfect for the crease shade.

No 65: Lastly is another favourite of mine and this time it is a deep black shade that has shimmer and some teal coloured flecks running through it. Inglot do a lovely matte black but I just like this one better. The sparkle isn’t over obvious on the eye but this in my eyes is the perfect black as the shimmer allows it to blend effortlessly and looks amazing on the eyes. Word of warning though do only use a very small amount as it can be very intense. Build it up little by little and you can’t go too far wrong.

So that is all of the shades explained. So what do you think? What ones will you be adding to your collection and let me know in the comments below if you have other favourites as although I do have alot of Inglot shadows it is always nice to hear what you love.

Inglot eyeshadows can be bought as part of their Freedom System which has all different sized palettes allowing you to create your own

Thanks for reading this post and sorry for blabbing on but it has to be said I do love me some Inglot eyeshadows!!

Have a good day

Anita XXXX


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