Bellamianta Skin Perfecting Illuminating Bronzing Powder

Bellamianta is definitely one of my favourite false tan brands. I am literally obsessed with both their Liquid Gold and Instant Tan. Both work so well for me and are my go to when I want something I can rely on. You can read my review of some of the tanning range here.

The minute I seen their new Illuminating Bronzing Powder I was intrigued to see the results. I have to say, this product has surpassed all expectations. It is genuinely incredible.

This product claims to:
  • A Golden Bronzing Powder
  • Highlights/ Reflects Light
  • Adds a subtle coverage
  • Adds a natural golden glow
  • Ultra Fine, Lightweight Pigment
  • Enhances skins natural undertones
  • Suitable for face and body
  • Medium to Dark shade
So what do I think?

I am totally obsessed with this product and here is why!

  • This gives the most beautiful, healthy glow to the skin
  • It looks very natural
  • Can be worn over tan to enhance the look of the skin or on its own for a more subtle glow and to take the paleness away
  • This definitely does add some coverage
  • Also adds some colour
  • Its stunning used as eyeshadow
  • I look more toned when using this. Extra brownie points for sure!!
  • So lightweight on the skin
  • Doesn't wear off easily
  • Stunning on the cheeks for an extra glow. Be careful using this if you are very oily as I did tend to get slightly more glowy as the day went on
  • Great for evening out tan
  • There is no trace of glitter in this product which I love. There is nothing worse than loads of glitter in a product, it just doesn't look flattering.

I honestly struggle to say anything bad about this product. You get a very decent size (20g) for £19.99. I bought mine direct from the Bellamianta website and used a discount code to get 20% off.

I do love the packaging but I think for travelling a smaller package would work better. That's really my only complaint but I have to be honest, I would make room for this in my case! It's too good to leave behind.

I am hoping at some stage Bellamianta bring this product out in liquid form because this has quickly become my to every day, wether I'm wearing tan or not!! I actually look forward to using this daily, that must say something right?!

So, have you tried this product yet? What are your thoughts on it? I bet if you haven't tried it yet you want to now right? It's just too nice...

Thanks for stopping by. Happy glowing babe.

Anita xxx

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