BPerfect MMMMitchell Subzero Highlight Palette – Review & Swatches

You can never have too many highlighters right?! When I seen that MMMMitchell had collabed with BPerfect on a highlight palette I knew I needed it, right there!  Instagram worthy highlight here we come:

So, what do I like about this palette?

  • It’s cruelty free
  • The mix of shades makes the palette very versatile
  • Highly pigmented –  apply with a light hand!!
  • Good quality product
  • Fab Packaging
  • Great choice for Makeup Artists as you have highlights for all skin tones
  • Some many uses for the palette including highlighter, eye shadow, shimmering bronzer (for face and body) and blush toppers

So, what don’t I enjoy so much?

  • If you use a heavy hand on application they can look a tad bit choppy. Use a fluffy/fan brush to apply
  • Some of the tones are quite white based so can give off a very strong look- again use a light hand
  • Some of the shades are very dark so paler skins may not be able to use them as a highlighter (see above for suggestions on how to use the darker shades)

I have found the best way to apply these highlights to make them look subtle is to apply them first and then top with a blush. It blends much better but the highlight still shows through. If you want that blinding insta highlight for sure apply after blush.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk shades!

Here are the seven shades in the palette along with what I use them for:

  • MMMM is a blue based highlight. I am not a fan of these type of shades. However, they can be stunning as an inner corner highlight to compliment a cool toned eye look. MMMMitchell uses this over eyeliner to add a pop of glimmer.
  • IN BLANKETS is a pinky peach highlight and one of my faves to use in the inner corners and on the tip of my nose and cupids bow. Love this shade.
  • MADE IT is an icy gold shade. This is one I found a little choppy but it’s not too bad if applied under blush
  • BAEBLY is a champagne, peach shade and my favourite in the palette for a cheek bone highlight
  • LIFESTYLE is a medium golden bronze shade. Fab for tanned skins or as a highlight on the collar bone on paler skins. Also works well as an eye shadow.
  • BODI-ODI-ODI is a chocolate bronze shade that is perfect for darker skins. I like this as an eye shadow too on paler skins. MMMMitchell uses this BEFORE foundation as an illuminator. It’s a tad dark for my skin to use this way but it might look better on tanned skins. He also uses this mixed with regular bronzer to add an extra dimension to the skin.
  • OTT is a golden highlight ‘topper’. I tend to use this after blush to add a nice sheen to the cheeks. Be careful with this technique if you have larger pores. It can emphasises them! MMMMitchell loves to use this as an inner corner highlight, it is pretty fab this way!

Like what you see? Well, it will set you back €32.99 (€37 in some places). You can get your hands on this palette from the BPerfect Website or check out the list of stockists here. I was kindly gifted this by Roches Pharmacy who have also give a 15% discount code if you use Adorn1.

A few people have commented that this palette seems over priced. I did think the same initially but when you look at how many shades you get in it, it isn’t bad at all (less than €5 a shade). I do think though, if you don’t think you will use all the shades then maybe it isn’t the best option for you. Athough I have found uses for most of the shades. This palette is definitely unique and very versatile for makeup artists or anyone that wants to mess around with new techniques.

Have you tried this palette or would you like to? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it below. And if you have tried it, be sure to rate it below. I give this a 4 out of 5 Adorn hearts, loosing a point for the choppiness of some of the shades.

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Anita xxx


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