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Sounds crazy right? Actually, the CACI treatment I received at Edvard & Pink was quiet a relaxing experience. CACI a.k.a the Non Surgical Facelift uses a computer aided cosmetology instrument to stimulate and uplift the facial muscles back to where they started before the dreaded aging process worked it’s magic.

I was invited to Edvard & Pink to try out this treatment and review it for you guys, thanks for having me E&P!


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Can you believe you have 32 facial muscles?! As time goes by these muscles begin to slacken, loose density and sag (I hate that bloody word)! CACI will use cotton covered probes to penetrate micro currents deep into these facial muscles toning and lifting the area.

Depending on the treatment you choose you can achieve varied benefits including increased hydration, acne treatment, lymph drainage and even treatment of lines and wrinkles. All treatments though will boost collagen production, elastin and will rejuvenate the skin.

So does it hurt? I have to say I was surprised at how comfortable it was. The therapist will only work the muscle to the level that your face will allow. Around the mouth area I did get a taste of metal in my mouth because I have fillings. Around the eyes I did see little flashes of light. None of this felt uncomfortable to me and the therapist had warned this would happen before we started. The only area that was a tender for me was my forehead. Probably because we have alot less skin and fat there so it has less to grab on to.

Did I see results straight away? I definitely didn’t see any drastic results. I did notice my jaw line looked more toned and my brows look lifted but I didn’t feel like I had a new face afterwards. My skin also felt amazing, it felt smooth, calm and it was glowing. This feeling remained for several days.

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I think if you are really looking for long term, lasting results from this treatment you need to do a course of them. The therapist recommended 10 sessions over 4 to 6 weeks. I guess this is a commitment both financially and time wise. However it’s something that is a great alternative if you were considering surgery or if you had an area that you had real issues with. My main concern was my jaw line and so we concentrated on that more.

A CACI treatment costs 75 euro for a 60 minute treatment, you can concentrate on one area for 48 euro or add in some extra treats with face masks and anti aging treatments for 95euro to 125euro. The choice is yours.

I wouldn’t recommend going for one specific area to start with, its best to start with the full face and once you see results you can then concentrate on the problem area.

I have to say the treatment itself was top notch and the therapist was super. Although I don’t think I necessarily need a course of these treatments at the moment I would definitely consider it if my muscles loose tone in the future. I searched results on google and the pictures say it all. This treatment works!! If it’s good enough for J-Lo its good enough for us right?!

If lack of muscle tone and slackness is something you are concerned about I would highly recommend having a nosey at the CACI website. I also couldn’t fault Edvard&Pink. I will be back to them in the new year to try some of their other treatments.

Have you tried CACI or is this something you would be interested in? Let me know below.

Anita XX

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