Carter Beauty Cherry Bomb Palette Review & Swatches

Mixed Face and Eye palettes have really become a thing lately. Lot’s of brands are giving us travel friendly options which is great for people who want fast, effective makeup, on the go. Today we are diving into the details of the latest palette launch from Carter Beauty. The Cherry Bomb Mixed Face and Eye Palette.

From the outset I want to say that this palette is a tricky one to review. There are some outstanding products in the palette and then some that I would say are definitely less than perfect. So getting an overall opinion on this palette has left me scratching my head!

Let’s start with the basics. We know this palette has a mix of face and eye products. It contains three face products which are a cool toned bronzer, a champagne highlight that has some beautiful pink undertones and a flushed matte pink blush shade.

It also contains 12 eyeshadows (6 mattes, 1 satin, 4 pressed pigments and 1 pressed glitter).

My Thoughts on this palette:

Let me break it down into three areas.

Face Products

Overall, the face products are really nice. The size of the pans are very small so it’s hard to get an average size face brush to work with them, particularly with the bronzer. The bronzer needs a bit of work to get good pigment from it while the blush and highlight are really pigmented and definitely pack a punch. The highlight is a pink based highlight which I personally LOVE!! The blush is really girly and gives a beautiful pinched look to the cheeks.

Matte Shadows

These are very hit and miss. I adore most of the shades but there are two that I get very little pigmentation from . These shadows are BUD and PETAL which are the two darkest in the palette. They really are not pigmented at all and make it very difficult to darken up an eye look with this palette.

The lighter shades like BLOOM and BLOSSOM are again, not massively pigmented but on the eyes they do build up well and last on the eyes. I do love the shade POLLEN for a matte highlight shade. Be sure to tap off the excess before applying all these shadows to the eye. They are slightly chalky. It actually sounds like I am not a fan of these shadows but in fact the lighter shades in the palette have become my go to shadows when I am looking to create a pink toned eye look. The darker one’s definitely disappoint.

Pressed Pigments

These are my favourite in the palette. The four pressed pigments are genuinely stunning. Like I mean, look at those swatches! These are super pigmented, last absolutely ages on the eyes and bring every eye look to life. When you first swatch these they have a layer that need to be removed to really get deep into the pigment so be sure to do that before you make up your mind on them.

As for the red shade TORPEDO!! This is literally a pressed glitter which I have absolutely no use for. I thought this was going to be an amazing red pigment but unfortunately this was a total let down. I can’t see myself ever reaching for this shade.


So there we have it. My honest review of the Carter Beauty Cherry Bomb Palette. Like I said, this has divided my opinion. When the products are good in this palette they are really something special but there are certain products (i.e TORPEDO, PETAL and BUD) which totally let the palette down!

Have you tried this palette? When I first tried it I loved it because I used SPARK, BLOOM and BLOSSOM but the more I delved into it the more I found some less effective products.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this palette and if you will be purchasing it.

This palette costs €14.95 and is available from Carter Beauty Stockists or online directly from Carter Beauty.

Also, Roches have this palette available here . If you would like to receive 15% off your order you can use code Adorn1 which as ever, is not an affiliate code.

If you want to hear my thoughts on more of the Carter Beauty range then you can check out my original review here.

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Anita x

PS. Roches did send this palette to me for consideration of review. As you can tell. It doesn’t make a difference to my opinion if I receive the product or buy it myself. The review will always be 100% honest.

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